Yali - Edutainment

Adventures of Yali
An Action Packed Animated Series for all ages, which encapsulates a perfect dose of entertainment and educational content. Watch the enthralling series available exclusively on Youtube and follow the page for more exciting content which captures the imagination of the young minds.
Yalistore - An E-commerce Platform
Yalistore is our exclusive online platform where we sell our unique merchandise and educational resources.
GREEN GUARDIAN - The Face of Sustainability
The Green Guardian avatar of Yali is here to serve a purpose. An emphasis on ‘ Let's Love Nature and Live with Nature’ the Green Guardian vows to make the world a better place by nurturing a Green Guardian Force which takes up Sustainable Development Initiatives.
Moral Curriculum - Social Emotional Learning (SEL)
Yali assumes the role of a guardian angel for young students, fostering Social Emotional Learning practices integrated in its curriculum and guiding them to the path of righteousness through the Moral tales.