Workshops & Online Events

Vatsalyam – 2022

The premier national-level parenting conference Vatsalyam 2022 on ‘How to help children reacclimate to social settings and academic rigor’ was held on on 4 December 2022. Mr. I. J Mittal, Master Trainer, Department of Personnel and Training, delivered the keynote address on parenting in a post-pandemic world. The motivating special address at the virtual event was given by Dr. Manjula Pooja Shroff, MD and CEO-Kalorex Group. She talked about teaching the children about dealing with failures, setbacks, frustrations and doubts which will enable them to learn, face and walk in each and every sphere of their lives. Ms. Anuradha Arun, Associate Professor, Jindal Institute of Behaviourial Science, Dr Tithi Batnagar and Life Coach and Corporate Behaviour Change Expert, Ms. Meena Jain who focused specifically on topics like how to address the adverse impact on the physical, mental and emotional health of impressionable young children, resulting in an addiction to electronic devices and an irritable behavioural pattern. The session was moderated by Ms. Uzma Aamir, Sr. GM Academics, Kalorex group.

eKal Unifair – 2022

eKal Academy, the digital learning initiative of Kalorex Group organized eKal UniFair 2022, on 18 and 19 November. The students and parents availed themselves a unique opportunity to interact with admission officers of 40+ top universities. More than 2250 students and parents registered for eKal UniFair, for the live online interactive sessions with delegates from universities across the globe, making it a huge success. eKal UniFair aimed at simplifying the entire process of college admission, starting from shortlisting academic institutes to interacting with college representatives and finally booking a seat at one’s institute of choice. It was a tremendous opportunity for students to get insider information on scholarships and financial aid, course requirements, living costs, and visa processes from university experts on a virtual platform.

International National Pre School conference

This conference was aimed for teachers towards addressing pre school needs for classroom engagements strategies for toddlers as well as understanding how the entire pre school segment coped during the pandemic time to cope with engaging parents and students in the home schooling mod. Hybrid modes of schooling as a new age mode was also a major topic of discussion.

National Career Conclave

The objective for the Conclave was to help students and parents make informed decisions about future career options. Experts with a variety of experience from various professions were invited to guide students and parents through interactive sessions about their chosen field of work.

National HR Conclave

Addressed the Concern Areas of Impact/ New environment of the new Hybrid Work Culture which has sprouted due to the pandemic but here to stay and evolve as a way of working across sectors. It took into cognizance the learnings and borrowings from IT sector and other sectors which are already working in this mode, successfully and discussions on new IT policy.

Vatsalyam – 2021

A Parenting Conference was held with a key note addresses on Parenting styles and importance of good parenting followed one one counselling offered through expert counselors to the parents through interactive sessions.

Workshop on Time Management

The workshop was conducted on Time Management by Ms Meghashri Halder Director academic at Vimukti Sansthan(NGO)for their Teachers. Kalorex Future School management team offers it's expertise and reaches out to it's neighborhood schools for capacity building workshop for teachers.

Student Safety and Crisis Management

Kalorex Group conducts ongoing training for all Academic, Admin and Support staff across all its Projects. This training is organized regularly to ensure each and every staff member is trained and aware of the mandates for Student Safety and Crisis Management measures.

Teachers Workshop – How to make Social Studies interesting

An Academic Department in collaboration with Kalorex Future School, Ghatlodia had arranged an interesting workshop for our group's Social Studies teachers of Grade 6-10 (History – Grade 11- 12) at Kalorex House. The facilitator Mr. Jitu Mishra is an Archaeologist who is involved with Heritage Management. He conducts interactive workshops for school teachers on how to make Social Studies interesting.

Workshop on 'Every School Succeeding' delivered by Jacinta Webb from Queensland Department of Education.

Jacinta Webb, Director – Business Improvement, Department of Education International Queensland, Australia, was the facilitator of this workshop. The participants of this workshop, held at Kalorex House, highlighted the best practice strategies for continuous improvement; inclusive education; student safety; professional standards and capacity building for school leaders.

Interactive Session on 'Building a Sports Culture in Schools' by Dr. Melissa Arkinstall

A wonderful interactive session was conducted on 'Building a Sports Culture in Schools' by Dr. Melissa Arkinstall (B. App. Sci. Human Movement, Ph.D. Exercise Physiology), Managing Director, Exercise Research Australia. Dr. Manjula Pooja Shroff, MD & CEO of Kalorex & Dr. Jatin Soni, Vice-Chancellor of Swarnim Gujarat Sports University, discussed with Dr. Melissa about developing a Sports Culture while visiting he various sports facilities at Delhi Public School – Bopal, Ahmedabad. The Sports & Physical Education teachers from Kalorex projects participated & benefited hugely from this session which focused on the importance of physical activity to a student’s physical, social and emotional health and well-being. An overview of evidence-based practice within the Australian education system was presented in relation to primary, elementary and secondary years.

Finnish Phenomenon : Early Childhood Education Training Program

Kalorex, in collaboration with FINPEDA, organized a 2 day Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) Workshop for Principals, Teachers & Administrators, on Finnish Education, demonstrating Innovative Pedagogical Methods and Classroom Processes. Mr. Pasi Mattila and his team facilitated this workshop at Calorx Olive International School, Ahmedabad.