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Global Learning Program (Nepal) – 2023-24

A virtual exchange program was conducted between Vijaya Samudayik Siksha Sadan and Narmada Calorx Public School, Bharuch on 31st July & 1st August 2023. Grade 7 & 8 student participated enthusiasticaly. The Program Coordinators were Ms. Naina & Ms. Jancy. The topic for the exchange program was based on Mathematics. Students prepared a ppt on Data Handling under Utility Bills and Body Mass Index. Both schools had a splendid performance over sharing their respective content showcasing their confidence level.

Nepal – 2023-24

Kalorex Future School Mundra with Partner school From Nepal is having collaborative learning events on SDGs, Cultural Exchange and Education system of both the schools. 85 Students of Kalorex future School Mundra are enthusiastically participating in the exchange events. The students are developing digital learning skills, communication skills and striving towards Glocal Learning through these Programs.

Ecuador – 2022-23

Exchange Program was conducted between Kalorex Future Schools and ISM International Academy, Ecuador which offered broad benefits and outcomes for students who were keen to embark on this international endeavor. A total of 200 students met online and shared their views on SDGs, Quality Education, Reduced inequalities and Life on land, so important for the current and the next generation. The online exchange program spanned over a period of four months, where students from both schools engaged in various activities and collaborative projects. Through the use of video conferencing tools and online platforms, participants were able to communicate effectively and learn about each other’s cultures.

Nepal – 2022-23

About 100 students from Kalorex Future School and VSSS-Vijaya Samudayik Shiksha Sadan, Nepal exchanged their ideas on Biomass. The power point presentations were organized, where students shared information about their countries.

Queensland Australia – 2022-23

International collaboration event between the Calorx Public school ,Mundra and the school of Queensland Australia for grade 8 and grade 9 was organized where students exchanged their Investigatory information about their respective countries. Total 85 students participated in exchange event with zeel and enthusiasm.

The Salient features are:
100% participation of the class.
Students are became tech-savvy.
Confidence level of the students is enhanced.

Ecuador – 2022-23

Global Learning Program was organized between Kalorex Public School Mubdra with the students of Ecuador (a country in South America). The highlighting learning events were the language classes where the Indian students taught the Ecuador students Hindi and Ecuador students taught Spanish to Indian students. SDGs, Quality Education, Reduced inequalities and Life on land, were some investigation based topic were discussed through the online exchange program for spanned over a period of four months, where students from both schools engaged in various activities and collaborative projects. Total 20 students from grade 5 to 9 participated in the event and it was a joyful learning experience for our students.

Global Learning Program (Queensland Australia) – 2022-23

Global Learning Project offers a way for the students to see the world from many different perspectives, work with other students from all over the globe and tackle some of the most important challenges facing our planet today. In doing so, learners gain valuable skills such as problem-solving, teamwork, creative thinking and communication. Learners from Marsden State High School , Australia had an Interaction with Narmada Calorx Public School, Bharuch, India on Culture and History of both the nations. Ms Sony Garg was the Program Coordinator. Students from Grade 8 & 9 participated. The exchange program was from 24th August 2022 to 23rd November 2022.This was a rich experience and everlasting memory for both the schools.