Social Emotional Learning (SEL)

Yali, the Life coach and Mascot of Kalorex for several years, is an indomitable combination of 4 animals. Yali is the living embodiment of every value that Kalorex stands for.

As Kalorex matured, so did Yali, becoming a part of the student's day-to-day life rather than just an inspirational ideal.

Yali continues to shape the future for many, by adapting its ways to breakthrough into the digital and new age learning landscapes.

There’s an urgent need to invest in training our kids to

  • manage Adversity,
  • regulate their Emotions,
  • handle Stress & Conflicts,
  • support Self and Society

Yali aims to foster Social Emotional Learning skills in school curriculum.

Early Childhood

Ages 3-6

  • Animated stories
  • Moral Tales
  • Activity/Game based Learnings
  • DIY kits
  • Primary Years

    Ages 6-10

  • Interactive Assignments
  • Moral Tales
  • Care of Nature programs
  • Immersive Experience Zones
  • Middle Years

    Ages 11-14

  • Live & Self paced Sessions
  • Moral tales through Animated stories
  • Yali clubs for Social cause
  • The Moral Tales series are meant to grow with the children in school.

    The comic style narration designed for each age group captivates the minds of the children while instilling moral values in them for a lifetime.


      The children are involved in further activities like –

    • Group Discussions
    • Comprehensions
    • Think and Answer Games
    • Parent Child Activities