Kalorex Core Values

Academic Excellence

Relentless Repeatability


My Kalorex, Organization First


Accountable Staff


“Dynamic & Evolving"

Living in the Gap

Continuous Learning Mode

Raison d'etre – Humanistic Approach

Shaping Glocal Learners & Citizens

X Factor – Speed with Accuracy

Simple Ideas, Superb Implementation

Kalorex USPs

  • Glocal Learning Environment
  • Technology Centric Learning
  • Holistic Development
  • Emphasis on value-based schooling
  • Research based Pedagogy

Service Promise

We promise to serve you with a smile

We can’t always promise you a sunny weather but we promise to hold an umbrella over your head if it rains.

K-12 Taxonomy

The 4 Theories of Learning – Constructivism, Behaviorism, Cognitivism and Connectivism form the basis of Instructional delivery.

The theories are beautifully woven into the curricula with different approaches like- Conventional, Interdisciplinary, Active and Blended Learning.

The Kalorex Taxonomy beautifully adapts itself to all the new features, compliances and mandates brought out through the National Education Policy (NEP) – 2020.

Within the framework of WORLD

W – Workshops and Trainings for Parents, Students & Teachers

O – Overall Development – Balance between Academic Performing & Non Performing Arts

R – Role of Mentor – Reaching to each child

L – Life Skills – Inculcating human Values & innovation Skills

D – Doing vs. Rote Learning – Individual Learning Style

and 2i, 2t, [2i– innovation and inquiry, 2t– teachers and technology] the student develops People Skills and Goal Setting Skills and adapts to the 21st Century world.

Pre School

ECFS Curriculum

ECFS curriculum is designed to fit into the Indian classroom environment with a global touch of curriculum. Mainly – EYFS. Our Curriculum is based upon the national Curriculum of England and is adapted to maximize opportunities which exist in India for an Indian child.

Our Focus: Happy Confident Social Child

Yali - The Kalorex Mascot

  • Quick and flexible like a snake
  • Smart and sharp like a cat
  • Friendly and intelligent like an elephant
  • Confident and independent like a lion