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Calorx Champion School

Introduction: Calorx Champion School

In this highly competitive world, aspirations of students and expectations of the parents are persistently increasing. There is an ever increasing demand for right academic guidance, mentoring and support. Students of grade XII in the final year of schooling are at the crossroads as they need to choose their career and have to face the dual challenge of excelling in board and competitive exams, conducted by National and State level bodies / Institutions.

Kalorex – a pioneer in education with more than 40+ Institutions, operating in the field of K-12 education, has come up with a special initiative of supplementary education.

The Calorx Champion School is a special initiative of Calorx to impart high quality supplementary education to students for CBSE / ICSE / State Board / International Boards, who are desirous of appearing for National level competitive examinations like IIT-JEE (Main & Advanced), AIPMT, AIIMS, GUJCET, Olympiads, NTSE, KVPY, etc.

Programmes offered by Calorx Champion School

  • SAMUTKARSHA – IIT JEE Main & Advance, AIPMT & GUJCET for Std. XI & XII (MCRP)
  • SAADHARA – IIT JEE / AIPMT & Foundation for Std. IX, X, XI & XII (ECRP)
  • SAMANVAYA – Olympiads, NTSE, KVPY & IIT Pre Foundation for Std. VII & VIII (ECRP)

Advantages of Calorx Champion School

  • Strengthens Mental Ability & Mathematical skills
  • Improves logical thinking and analytical skills
  • Prepares students for any kind of competitive exam
  • Dedicated and experienced faculty
  • Nurtures creative thinking and scientific skills
  • Well tested learning methodology
  • Result oriented course structure
  • Well researched study materials for core subjects and regular tests
  • Stress free environment for students
  • Overall Personality & Career development leading to Holistic development of the child
  • More study hours at school to strengthen learning of concepts
  • Personalized attention to students & counselling for better performance

To know more on the program in Calorx Champion School, and for admission related enquiries, please feel free to call us or visit our admission office in Vastrapur from 9:30 AM to 6:00 PM.


Information Desk:

Calorx Admission Office, Opp. Sunrise Park Society, Nr. Sanjivani Hospital, Vastrapur Lake, Ahmedabad-380054.

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news and announcements

7thMarch, 2017.
Celebrating “RED DAY” @ DPS E Pre-School

Tiny tots looked lovely dressed up in RED colour and also enjoyed fresh red fruits and veggies in their lunch time. Children were thrilled to play "Corner Game" based on the theme of colours. They also developed their skill of identification and classification in a playful way.

6thMarch, 2017.
Celebrating “Colour Week” @ DPS E Pre-School

DPS east pre-school has celebrated "GREEN DAY". All children dressed up in green colour and brought green colour fruit or vegetable in their lunch boxes. Kids also understood the importance of Green plants by having a nature walk and sprinkling water on plants. Today a nice message of "GROW MORE PLANTS" is delivered by the tiny tots.

6thMarch, 2017.
Visitor a Week – Mr. Kedar Chauhan @ DPS Bopal

Mr Kedar Chauhan visited DPS Bopal as the visitor of the week on 2nd March 2017. Mr Chauhan is an advertising creative professional, currently the co-founder and creative head of Left and Right Creative agency. After a warm welcome, he was taken for a tour of the school campus. Mr Chauhan interacted with the students and shared some creative ideas. He also interacted with the Headmistress, Sr. vice Principal and the Principal and received a Yali mug along with a card as a token of remembrance.

4thMarch, 2017.
Graduation Day 2017 @ DPS East

Education is the key to unlock the world’s passport to freedom. We have arrived at the time of year when graduation caps and gowns (robes) graced the students of Sr. K.G. Graduation is an important milestone in any student’s learning journey. Today D.P.S. East campus witnessed Sr. K. G. students at their moving up ceremony, felicitated by respected Principal Sir Mr. Hitesh Puri and Primary Head Ms. Kajal Puri.

4thMarch, 2017.
“Kids – O – Vaganza” Sr.KG student’s annual Dance performance @ DPS Bopal

Pushpanjali- A Tribute to Goddess Saraswati The program commenced with the age old tradition of the lighting of the lamp by the dignitaries present to pay tribute to goddess Saraswati the goddess of knowledge and arts. Welcome Address by our respected Principal Mr. Surender Sachdeva Sir. He welcomed the parents and the grandparents and requested them to take a pledge to be concerned about the growth of each and every child of the country and help them to grow up to be well defined individuals. He compared their dance steps as their steps of growth and welcomed the students to the Bopal Campus. Ganesh Panchratnam - A Prayer Dance An artistic and spiritual mood was observed as the devotees chantedshlokas and skillfullyperformed on thali and created a divine atmosphere. Assam Calling - Bihu Dance It was a royal feast to the eyes and treat to the ears as the students performed a Bihu folk dance from one of the most beautiful states of India Assam. Yoga Trance - Dance with Yoga A combination of Yoga and dance was witnessed on an electrifyingsong Shivay… as the students created awareness of Yoga with dance. Address by Chief Guest Ms. Janki Mistry told the children to keep the faith and encouraged them to follow their dreams and become the future Kalpana Chawlas and Tendulkars. She applauded the parents and teachers for instilling talent and values in the little ones through the music and creativity and not restricting them to books alone. Koli Troop – A Folk Dance The Koli troop presented a wonderful folk dance which was a blend of cosmic tune and marvelous music to create a delightful atmosphere as they paid tribute to their goddess with their amazing dance performance. Satyamev Jayate – A Patriotic Dance The echo of Satyamev jayate or the victory of the truth filled the atmosphere with colours of patriotism, courage, aspiration, and pride. The patriots danced to celebrate the spirit of rising India. Arabic Mania - An International Dance The scintillating and mesmerizing music along with the dazzling dance performance took everyone to the land of the Arabs. Vote of Thanks by our Headmistress Ms. Sabina Sawhney. She praised and applauded the performances of the Nanhe Parinde for their scintillating performances and thanked the Chief Guest and parents for their overwhelming presence. She also acknowledged the undeterred support of the educators, volunteers and the various departments.

3rdMarch, 2017.
Primary Activities: Checkmate - Grade 1 & 2 @ DPS Bopal

Our Students from grade VI-X participated in the Marrs International Spelling Bee competition. After clearing the State round in which there were over 300 participants from around 70 different schools of various states of Gujarat they reached the National round in which over 500 participants from different states took part. Our students qualified these rounds and reached the International written and National round (2015-16) held at Ernakulum on 11th and 12th February 2017.Meerav G Shah,Kayshav Sharma and Varun D Mahantha ( of grade VI (academic year 2015-16)), Astha M. Trivedi and Shrey Shrivastav( of grade VII(academic year 2015-16)) cleared the National Oral round. Meerav Shah and Astha Trivedi were declared the Budding Stars and have received cash awards also.

2ndMarch, 2017.
Primary Activities: Checkmate - Grade 1 & 2 @ DPS Bopal

To be able to keep our mind strong and clear, we must keep our body in good health. Sporting activities, aiming towards healthy minds in healthy bodies are an integral part of our curriculum. Quite quintessence to this holistic approach of child’s development was the event of Checkmate Competition that was organized for classes I and II on 22nd and 23rd February respectively. Selections were done on the basis of speed, spatial awareness and mental ability. Divided into teams, the participants had to overcome the obstacles in the form of hurdles and rings. The enthralled audience showed its prowess in cheering their respective classes. Besides honing up the basic physical skills, the activity aimed to sharpen their motor skills, endurance, fitness, speed along with the social skills. Agility and presence of mind made class I-I and & II-A immerge as winners. Congratulations to the team members!

28thFebruary, 2017.
DPS East students participated in World Schools Debating Tournament @ GNLU

The students participated at the World Schools Debating Tournament held at GNLU. The students exhibited their excellent oratory and debating skills. The participants were Vipra Dhariyal - IX Shail Shah - IX Vibhuti Shukla - IX Ms. Khushbu Singh Coordinated the event. Principal Sir Mr. Hitesh Puri felicitated the participants and appreciated their effort.

28thFebruary, 2017.
Prayer for Good Luck! Grade XII @ DPS Bopal

With the board exams around the corner, the students of Grade 12 gathered in a special assembly in Abhivyakti on 28 February 2017. The atmosphere turned sombre with the Principal, Mr. Surender P. Sachdeva, administering a prayer followed by the students and teachers. In his motivational speech, the Principal, posted his hope on the students and encouraged them to stay away from social media. Leading a healthy lifestyle would enable them to take the exam in a stress-free environment. He wished them good luck and reiterated that as ambassadors of the school, they are the torchbearers of success. Mr. Sachdeva also assured the students that the school and the teachers will always extend their support in all aspects. The assembly concluded with an inspiring video presentation on success and achievement.

22ndFebruary, 2017.
Primary Activities: Inter House Dumbell Relay Race Competition: Grade 3 & 5 @ DPS

Games are integral part of the school curriculum. Outdoor games play an important role in the all round development of the child. In DPS we maintain physical and mental well-being of our pupils through various Inter House activities. The Kridangan was filled with great zeal, excitement and frolicsome atmosphere on 16th and 17th February 2017 when Inter House Dumbell Relay Race Competition was held for Class III & V respectively. The paramount objective of the event was to improve the students’ health, self-esteem, life skill, team -spirit and behaviour. The participants from different houses took part in the competition with great enthusiasm and spirit. Each team put up a whole hearted effort.. The student audience cheered with all their heart and soul for their houses. Tapti House emerged as winners in both boys as well as girls team in Class III and Mahi house emerged as the overall winner in Class V with a huge lead. The competition turned out to be a successful event.

22ndFebruary, 2017.
Visitor a Week – Mr. Anand Tatu @ DPS Bopal

Mr Anand Tatu visited DPS Bopal as the visitor-of-the- week on 22nd February 2017. He is an architect, planner and interior designer with a vast experience of over thirty years. After a warm welcome, he was taken for a tour of the school campus. Mr Tatu , during his visit, interacted with the Headmistress, Sr.Vice Principal and the Principal and received a Yali mug along with a card as a token of remembrance.

22ndFebruary, 2017.
DPS Bopal – Our skaters take it all!!

Delhi Public School , Bopal , Ahmedbad Students Participated in All Gujarat State Level Skating Tournament which was held at Unnati Skating Rink, Baroda from 17th to 19th February, 2017. Arround 600 Skaters took part in this tournament from all over Gujarat. Our Primary Students won 5 Gold , 1 Silver , 5 Bronze Medals and 1 Individual Champion Trophy. Winners: 1. Rudra Gol 2. Nihaar Shah 3. Shantanav Parbat 4. Niya Patel 5. Ananya Shah

22ndFebruary, 2017.
Primary Activities: Paint Day Grade 1 – 3 @ DPS Bopal

Painting apart from being a wonderful learning experience allows kids to explore the world of colors, convey ideas, express emotions, use their senses and create aesthetically pleasing works. It lets them explore the creative process and its outcome. To engrain the vivacity of colors and paints among our young artists of grade 1 to 3 we feted Paint Day on 21st February 2017. Introduced to various vibrant colors and 2D shapes, the young enthusiasts busied themselves into activities like vegetable printing, crumpled paper painting and marbling on paper. Under the supervision of their class teachers they created wonderful works by painting the cut outs of various attractive shapes provided to them. They were offered smaller quantities of paint to avoid any spills and to help them mix colors without ruining large containers of paint, imparting the economical aspect. They took utmost care of the materials involved and proper clean up steps required to keep the surrounding areas clean. The team work not only helped them learn to mingle with one another, it also taught them to be patient and wait for their turn. The beautifully painted cutouts later adorned their classrooms giving the school campus a vibrant look. Careful watch of these youngsters engrossed in creating their masterpieces gave their mentors an opportunity to discover much more than a simple picture about each pupil, they gained tremendous information about their taste and talent, which is vital to enhance and revive their skills further. To allow the kids to be able to paint independently, they were provided lovely cards to paint individually which at the end of the day, they joyously carried home as a souvenir of their own to have an everlasting memory of the jubilant celebration.

21stFebruary, 2017.
DPS Bopal - Star Achievers of Marrs Spelling Bee Competition (2015-16)

With immense pleasure, we share that our students have shown extraordinary endeavours in the field of English Spell Bee Competition. They have reached greater heights and carved a niche in the field of spellings and vocabulary enrichment. They have upheld the pride of the school by participating and representing on the National and International level. They have catalogued the challenges by their regular reading habits and writing skills. We are very proud that 15 of our students from Primary Section had qualified for National Finals and International Written Competition(2015-16). The 8 students who qualified and participated from Primary Section for National Finals and the International Written Competition (2015-16) held on 11th and 12th February 2017 in Ernakulum, Kerala are as below: Satvik Pathak Param Naik Kevin Patel Vihaan Mandal Ananya Shah Vritika Mashar Nandini Kumbhat Varija Sharma

21stFebruary, 2017.
Primary Activities: Hobby Show Grade 3 – 5 @ DPS Bopal

Hobbies play an important role in the personal growth and progression of the children; they are quite instrumental in developing their social, academic and moral skills. Our institute makes an effort to introduce good hobbies to its students at the younger level as they provide an opportunity to accomplish other than academics. Hence Club activities like Chess, Skating, Art and Craft, Math-magic, Dance and Vocal music, Instrumental music, Literary Club, Karate, Rifle shooting, Cookery etc are held round the year and its learning is exhibited at the end of the session. As the current session draws closer to culmination, some of the clubs presented their show on 15th February 2016. The Art and Craft Club showcased paper quilling, craft and canvas painting and the Cookery Clubs chose to go for scrumptious and delicious cuisines for Classes III-V. Power of numbers presented by the Math Magic Club for classes IV & V took everyone by surprise and the grandiloquence of Literary Club by Class V was beyond imagination. The Headmistress Ms Sabina Sawhney visited the clubs and applauded the efforts of the club members and their mentors. The confidence and euphoria of the participating students as they exhibited their skills was enough to suggest that the learning objective to instil confidence, self-esteem, will power and strength were well attained through the show.

18thFebruary, 2017.
Art & Craft session at @ DPS E Pre-School

DPS EAST PRE SCHOOL has provided an opportunity to the Mothers to show their artistic skills and explore their imagination in “ART AND CRAFT SESSION” on 18th February Saturday. The theme was “BEST OUT OF WASTE” The session began with “Saraswati Vandana” followed by an art session. Mom and Kids duo created some best out of waste items like-- A fish, An elephant, A Lamp from marbles and C.D, Paper Dog, Paper Bird, Show pieces from plastic bottle and spoons, photo frame using used CDs etc and recalled their childhood memories.

18thFebruary, 2017.
Pre-Primary Activities: Family Day out Prep, Jr. KG, Sr. KG @ DPS Bopal

DPS Bopal Preschool organized “Family Day Out” for the Pre Primary parents, an event full of amusement, games, races and loads of family fun. The parents got the opportunity to unwind and spend quality time with their little ones. Excited parents showed sportsmanship spirit as they got all geared up to participate in the fun activities and games planned for them. One minute games like Sand Masti, Stack Attack, Funky Hairdo, Pattern Game, Memory Game were planned along with some races for parents and their kids. The team spirit could also be seen as the kiddos and their parents participated enthusiastically in the thrilling races like Balloon Race, Child on the Feet, Beading the Garland, Hurdle and Relay Race. The Creative Nails and Manbhavan Mehndi counters added more entertainment for the little ones! The zeal and gusto of the audience and the participants was praiseworthy and all in all, it was a fun filled day and was thoroughly enjoyed by all present.

18thFebruary, 2017.
Parenting Orientation Programme @ DPS East

Parenting orientation of inquisitive and excited parents has been organized today at DPS, East by respected Principal Sir Mr. Hiresh Puri and has enlightened the environment with his knowledge and experience. It is surely going to help the parents how to mould their child’s future and make the parenting journey smooth.

18thFebruary, 2017.
Visitor a Week – Dr. Parth Khamar @ DPS Bopal

Pedodontic Dr Parth Khamar, was invited as the visitor of the week on 16th Feb 2017. Mr Parth is a research coordinator and convener for Research Wing in AMC Dental College & Hospital. After a warm welcome, he was taken for a tour of school. He interacted with the students of Grade II A and explained them about the importance of oral hygiene. He met the Headmistress, Sr vice Principal and Principal. As a token of remembrance he was presented with a Yali mug and a card.

17thFebruary, 2017.
Picnic at Wonderland – Grade – 1 for DPS Bopal students

One word that brings smiles on the cherubic faces of children, who just want to break free from their daily routine and run free with the wind in their hair, is Picnic. The super excited and thrilled lot of grade 1 got the golden opportunity to visit Maniar’s Wonderland on 15th February’17 as their annual picnic. The brightness of the pleasant morning with gentle breeze and some hot breakfast with Bournvita was perfect to get started. Immediately after the breakfast the children got down to the Play zone, Masti Planet, Wonder chair and Fun house. Watching the mesmerizing 5D movie completed half the day till it was time to savior the delicious lunch. After exploring the vicinity, they enjoyed games like Jump to the station and Fire in the mountain followed by some foot tapping on the dance floor. The twinkling’s in the eyes of these tiny tots and their constant smiles at the end of the day were enough to suggest that it was indeed a fulfilling day they had always wished for.

13thFebruary, 2017.
Visual Media: Movie making by DIPSITES @DPS Bopal

9 students from classes 6-8 of DPS Bopal made movies as part of INTACH Filmit Project on Heritage. We are proud to share that DPS Bopal was awarded the best green film on Ayurveda and best story on" Choupat "game on 10/2/17, at Shreyas Foundation.In the function selected movies of different schools were showcased.. Certificates were awarded to all by the esteemed chief guest Ms. Aditi a Gujarati film producer. The students of our school, very enthusiastically shared their learning experience with all. 5 schools of Ahmedabad attended the function.

10thFebruary, 2017.
Talent Show - Grade 1 -3 @DPS Bopal

If you wish to create a great community of learners, bridge the connection between their school and home and see the results. DPS Bopal making successful efforts to connect parents with the institute, invited the parents of grade 1 to 3 on 9th February 2017, to show case their talent and nurture creativity in the little ones. All the moms and dads filled with zeal and enthusiasm to display their skill and flair were warmly welcomed in the school campus amongst the equally enthusiast students who anxiously waited for them to present their artistry. The vivacious moms and dads stole hearts of the entire primary campus with their exuberant spirit. They presented their talents in varied fields like working out on foot pepping Aerobics, Zumba, Dancing, Melodious Recitation, Interesting Skit and Story-telling, mesmerising Magic show, Artistic Tie n dye, Origami, Quilling Art/Craft and Best out of Waste including scrumptious delicacies in cooking without flame with amazing varieties of instant snacks and savouries , salads, sandwiches, cakes, sweets and many more. The presentations and dressings of each and every unit were par excellence. The immense treasure of brilliance in stored within these guest left each one of us spell bound. Their presentations not only enlightened the students but proved to be equally informative and enriching for the faculties. A total of one hundred and twenty five parents displayed an enormous variety of talent. Their courteous efforts were acknowledged with Thank-You cards as a gesture of gratitude. They in return thanked the school for bringing them one more step closer to their young ones and also their school including their mentors and parted with assurance of visiting more often. The event proved to be an unforgettable experience and an edifying take home for one and all.

9thFebruary, 2017.
The junior assembly @DPS East

The junior assembly at DPS EAST witnessed a wonderful start with regular features. Students confidently presented themselves before all. The birthday celebrations added a flavour to the assembly today. As an icing on the cake the skit performance on How To Prepare for the Exams showcased talents proving that the DPSites are all rounder. The assembly was addressed by Ms. Kajal Puri, Primary Head. The students were appreciated and motivated to perform better in exams without any stress.

9thFebruary, 2017.
Pratibha Gaurav Divas – Grade 1 & 2 @DPS Bopal

Rewarding students for positive contributions and achievements builds their self-esteem and confidence. Our institute recognizes excellence and the students who show outstanding educational growth, improvement, commitment or intellectual development in academics and various other fields. To reward the achievers of grade 1 and Sr. Kg. of the academic session 2015-16, Pratibha Gaurav Divas was organised on 8th February’17. The Inaugural session started with Saraswati Vandana and flower offerings to the Goddess by the Chief guests Mr. Shivang Bhatt, Senior Vice president in Azure Knowledge Corporation Pvt. Ltd, Dr. Ragini Singh, Asst. Professor, Dept. of Biochemistry and other dignitaries of the DPS Bopal family followed by a warm welcome song. Our Principal Mr. Surender Sachdeva formally welcomed the eminent guests and addressing the gathering, highlighted the duty of the parents and teachers to teach inclusiveness to children so that they are equally thoughtful of others and ready to extend a hand. After an impressive award ceremony Mr. Bhatt in his speech contended that present generation needs to be encouraged to make their choices and involved in decision making. Dr. Ragini Singh congratulated and appreciated each and every awardees and highly lauded the teachers for grooming the students. A scintillating dance performance Global-Fiesta added flavours to the event. The programme culminated with the National Anthem.

6thFebruary, 2017.
SPICMACAY: Kathak Dance Recital @DPS Bopal

A dancer’s feet conquer all. Who would know that better than a woman who is at the pinnacle of her dancing career. Padmashri Shovana Narayan graced the halls of Delhi Public School, Bopal, under the aegis of SpicMacay on 6th February to share with the students and teachers her valuable knowledge on the splendid form of classical dance- Kathak. The danseuse said that, “Passion is her mantra and time is her best friend.” This dancing legend strongly believes that through her dance, she can connect to each and every individual and convey her emotions effectively. An alumnus of Miranda House, she went on to become a civil servant but never gave up her undying love for dance and always managed to make time for it. The student editorial committee held an interview where we came to know that she has received many awards including the Padmashri. Bharat Nirman Award, National Integration Award, Japan’s Oisca Award, Sangeet Natak Akademi Award and Rotary International Award. She has now become a symbol of elegance and poise who has set an example for hundreds of amateurs. Travelling around the world, she learnt that all dances are a reflection of each other. Also, she gave an example of the same through Spanish flamenco, English ballet and Indian kathak. She feels that acting and dancing both are about portraying one’s feeling. Leaving no stone unturned in her chosen field, this kathak maestro has also written books in her field of expertise. Although married to an Austrian Ambassador, she is fiercely proud of her Indian culture and tradition. The lecture demonstration which was based on Indian mythology, was thoroughly enjoyed by students in the audience. The presence of Padmashri Shovana Narayan is certain to have an indelible impact on the students.

5thFebruary, 2017.
Visitor of a Week – Mr. Ninad Desai @DPS Bopal

Mr Ninad Desai visited DPS Bopal as the visitor- of –the- week on 2nd Feb 2017. Mr Ninad is a HR consultant associated with DesCo Consulting Services. After a warm welcome, he was taken for a tour of the school campus. During his visit, Mr Ninad interacted with the Sr. Vice Principal and Principal and received a Yali mug as a token of remembrance.

4thFebruary, 2017.
UDAAN – Parents Day for Jr. KG @DPS Bopal

Pushpanjali- A Tribute to Goddess Saraswati The programme commenced on an auspicious note as pushpanjali was offered to the goddess of knowledge by the Chief Guest Mr. Sudip Mookerji and the dignitaries present seeking her divine blessings. Respected Principal, Mr. Surender P. Sachdeva extends a special warm welcome to the Parents, Chief Guest and the Dignitaries on the 21st Parents' Day. He shared the importance of consistency of learning and developing awareness of surroundings for the holistic development of the child. Ganesh Vandana - A Prayer Dance, DPS disciples dancing with devotion and worshipping Lord Ganesha, the remover of all obstacles, with their hearts and souls. Bollyrobics – A Fitness Mantra, Witnessing the Fitness Fanda of Dip sites as they dance their way to health reaffirming the age old saying that Health is indeed Wealth!, Jewels of India – A Dance Drama The shouts of “Har Har Mahadev” and “Bhaag firangi bhaag” echoed on stage as the children displayed their love for the motherland through a heartwarming portrayal of Veer Shivaji, Jhansi ki Rani and Maharana Pratap in an electrifying Dance drama., Goan Trance – A Party Dance The Fantastic dance recalling Goan carnivals full of masti with techno music and trance, presenting the one and only Goan Dance. Presenting Dipsite dancers all the way from Goa! The Chief Guest Mr. Sudip Mookerji, a versatile singer at All India Radio and Doordarshan, Anchor and voice over artist addressed the function. As a parent he could connect to the happiness and pride feeling of each parent to see their heart throb on stage. He praised the performances and appreciated the efforts of the school and the teachers for keeping at par with the changing technologies.

1stFebruary, 2017.
Community Outreach by DPS Bopal: Project Swachhagrah II

Personal Hygiene lessons taught by students to students ....Swach Bharat Abhiyan at the grassroots level... In the second phase of Swachhagrah Project which aimed at bringing about awareness of Sanitation and Hygiene through community outreach, the Swachhgrahi’s of Delhi Public School Bopal, took one of the best initiative to visit the Manipur Prathmik Shala, located at Ghuma on 31 January 2017 to teach them the importance of hygiene and the benefits of cleanliness. The Swacchgrahis had an interactive session with the students of the school and explained them the importance of keeping oneself neat and clean by following good habits on a daily basis. The students were divided into three groups wherein they demonstrated different activities using glitter as harmful bacteria that spread various diseases. They explained through charts and placards the significance of brushing their teeth, washing hands, cutting their nails, etc. The Swachhagrahis showed the placards of personal hygiene and made the students match the tool used for the body part. Awareness about failure to keep up a standard of hygiene which can have many implications like increased risk of getting an infection or illness were also explained to the students. The students enjoyed the activity and shared their learning with the Swachhagrahis. The students were accompanied by Ms. Alpana Bhatt. The principal of Prathmik Shala, Ms. Sangeeta Patel gave an opportunity to the Swachhgrahis to interact with the students

1stFebruary, 2017.
Mann Ki Baat: Handling Exam Anxiety & Stress @ DPS Bopal

A need based session & workshop on “Handling exam anxiety and stress” was organized at DPS, Bopal for grade 10 students. The session was introduced by Dr. Punita Grover, a renowned psychiatrist, mentioning the ways a a real and artificial stressors can be identified in one’s own life. Later she added how these real or artificial stressors harm our regular human functioning. Followed by techniques and strategies can help to minimize this stressors during stressful situations. Various strategies shared by her were really useful for the students as many are already finding board exams as bit stressful.

31stJanuary, 2017.
Spring....Celebrating Vasant Panchami @ DPS Bopal

Special Assembly "Tri Dhara " -the trio of three beautiful languages : Sanskrit,Gujarati and French An assembly on the theme of Vasant Panchami was held on 31/01/17. It was conducted by the Third language department ( Gujarati, Sanskrit, French). The events were a song (fusion) in French presented by class 9 and 10 students. a skit in French and a dance worshiping Goddess Sarswati and an article in Gujarati on Vasant Panchami. Meritorious students were felicitated by the the Principal. The Department of Sports,DPS Bopal has the unique distinction of having the second highest number of sportsperson participation in Khel Mahakumbh. They were recently felicitated by the Deputy Chief Minister of Gujarat Mr Nitin Bhai Patel for excellence in sports.

25thJanuary, 2017.
Celebration of Republic Day at DPS Bopal

Freedom in Mind, Faith in Words, Pride in our Heart, Memories in our Souls, Lets Salute the Nation on. Happy Republic Day 2017! Department of Social Sciences. Delhi Public School, Bopal conducted a special assembly to celebrate our national festival. The program started with a prayer where DPS Bopal choir group chanted hymns of lord Ganesha. The students of class 6 to 8 sang patriotic song kindling nationalistic feelings. Students delivered a beautiful thought over patriotism followed by current news on national, international, sports and weather. The students of class 7th and 9th created a beautiful musical environment with kawwali.Through the Kawwali major government initiatives were discussed in amusing ways like demonetization and swachh Bharat Abhiyan. This was Followed by a tableaux of Indian culture and tradition The presentation reflected the costumes, culture, dance forms, and peculiarities of the four cities i.e; Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Mumbai which are connected through national highways of Golden Quadrilateral. Delhi was represented as the parliament city in which reflection of enlightening programs of government like Skill India, Digital India, Make in India were showcased. Calcutta being a cultural hub and the leading producer of golden fiber jute was represented through various artistic jute products. Chennai was represented as a coastal city full of flora and fauna. In the end Mumbai was showcased as a “Bollywood city- a city of dreams”. Various dance forms of these four cities were eye-catching for the audience. Students also presented the ethnic costumes of these four cities. Principal, Mr. Surender Sachdeva addressed the students, appreciating their efforts and emphasizing on the feelings of nationality. This mesmerizing program concluded with the cheers of Vande-Mataram & National Anthem.

23thJanuary, 2017.
Forensic Psychology Day – DPS Bopal

Gujarat Forensic Science University held a seminar in celebration of their 6 th “Forensic Psychology Day “on Saturday, 21 st January , 2017 . It was attended by Ms. Suman and Ms. Devika .of D.P.S. Bopal The seminar was aimed to create awareness about the possible causes and nature of the academic problem and the behavioural problems among children .It also addressed the issues related to their lack of performance in academics and the management of the same . It was held from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. in the auditorium of GSFU Sector 9 Gandhinagar.

20thJanuary, 2017.
VISITOR OF THE WEEK: Mr. Pradeep Thapliyal

To inculcate and enhance the scientific temperament, DPS Bopal invited Mr Pradeep Thapliyal as the visitor of the week as a part of the ongoing Science Week on 20/1/17. He is a scientist working with the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO). He is currently developing an algorithm for geophysical parameters from geostationary and polar orbiting satellites. He has published 32 scientific papers in the peer-reviewed international Journals .In his interaction he shared the need for good researchers. He also said, “Science of today will be the engineering marvel of tomorrow”. He elucidated on the way students should be motivated to take pure science; in contemporary India, where research has taken a backseat in the race towards money, power and fame. He also fondly spoke about his idol- Nikola Tesla and spoke about the urgent need to integrate scientific disciplines such as engineering, biology etc. Volunteers showed him around the campus. he was amazed to see the scientific temperament of the students when he was showed the models created by the students.

20thJanuary, 2017.
Two day Science exhibition @ DPS Bopal

A two day Science Exhibition was held at Abhivyakti, which was inaugurated by the Principal, Mr. Surender Sachdeva on 16.01.2017. The event was conducted by the science department, giving a platform to young enthusiastic participants of classes VI to XI, comprising of innovative working models and investigatory projects. The exhibits by the students were indeed eye openers on various topics like hologram, green energy and solar energy, innovations in transport, circuit designing, optical fibre, bio- diversity and a lot more. Students of classes V to XI visited this exhibition and showed there outmost interest in the field of science. With an endeavour to promote scientific attitude among budding young students, this exhibition was one of its kind. The science exhibition was privileged by the presence of the special guests, Dr. Debasis Chandra, scientist at Institute for Plasma Research and an associate professor at Homi Bhabha National Institute; and Dr. Sasmita Chaurasia, scientist in Space Applications Centre, ISRO. They appreciated the endless efforts of the participants and the science committee for making this event a great success. In the Valedictory Function, the eminent judges gave their judgement after inspecting each project on their merit. The best projects were selected for the exhibition and top five projects will be rewarded with certificates. The judges applauded the students for their novel ideas which would help the world to become a much better place to live in. Mr. Anup Joshi, in-charge of science exhibition thanked all the participating teams for making this event a huge success and appreciated their projects. The exhibition was summed up by saying- “science gives us tools of immense power and as with any other form of power, the misuse is always a possibility. It therefore, becomes incumbent on us to be judicious and use these wonders with utmost care.” Overall, this exhibition became a source of motivation for the students, enhancing their knowledge and giving them a platform to present their interest towards the subject.

19thJanuary, 2017.
Financial Literacy.. Need of the hour for GEN X @ DPS Bopal

Department of Social Science, DPS Bopal organised a workshop for financial literacy for grade VI,VII and VIII on the 18th of January, 2017.As we witness the aftermath of the Demonetization crisis that struck the country two months ago, financial literacy for the young population is the need of the hour Mr. Vishal Mehra, Vice President, Axis Bank Ltd., Corporate Clients Group – MP and Gujarat was present to sensitise the students about the same. He spoke to the students about a variety of topics, ranging from the basics and history of the banking industry, to what role it plays in our day to day lives today, through simple and relevant examples/anecdotes. He spoke to the students about how an organization as important as a bank, works and what are the different objectives of different types of banks, while being under the control of the Apex body for supervising bank activities in India, the RBI. He also highlighted the role of banks in the rural economy and the social aspects of the same. The workshop concluded with discussions about the evolving banking industry and how technology has played a vital role in shaping banking methods today. Students actively took part and eagerly asked questions to learn about a more practical approach towards banking with emphasis on alternate cashless transaction methods.

12thJanuary, 2017.
Pratibha Gaurav Divas: Grade 3 (2015-16) @ DPS Bopal

The young achievers of Delhi Public School, Bopal who willingly worked hard, giving all that they have within them and strived to aim the peak were acknowledged for their enduring efforts. At the onset of the New Year, Pratibha Gaurav Divas was conducted on 11 January 2017 for grade 3 of the academic session 2015-16 to accolade their achievements and perseverance. The august gathering was graced by Principal Mr Surendar Pal Sachdeva, Headmistress Ms Sabina Sawhney and the Chief Guests for the day Dr Devang Bhavsar, Head of Department of Radiation Oncology at CIMS Hospital and Mr Kumar Pankaj, GM (International Sales) at Symphony Limited. The event commenced with the melodious and soothing Saraswati Vandana and Swagat Gaan followed by address by our honourable Principal who emphasised on importance of sharing responsibilities in embellishing younger minds of the next generation. Dr Devang Bhavsar spoke on grooming of unique and individual personalities. Mr Kumar Pankaj interacted with students and enlightened them on transformation, body language and desire as basic ingredients for enhancing personality and achieving desired results. The students grasped all the motivational words as they accepted their certificates and trophies and assured to scale newer heights in the years to come. The proud parents of the achievers applauded with roar as the awards were being presented by the dignitaries. It was indeed a moment of pride for one and all. The day was celebrated further with a dash of festive fervour as a troupe of dancers grooved to a foot stepping Lohri and Kite flying song which left the audience asking for more. The fulfilling event concluded with the National Anthem as the achievers and the equally motivated student audience dispersed with the desire and determination to make success a habit.

11thJanuary, 2017.
DPS Bopal student date with Nobel laureate & PM at Vibrant Gujarat Summit - 2017

This day was all about declaring Vibrant Gujarat Summit 2017 Open with a 5 week Nobel Prize History Exhibition which is going to be conducted throughout Jan and Feb with a miscellany of events taking place simultaneously. The reporting time at the venue of S.A.L engineering college was from 12 pm to 3 pm for all the selected participants. Back then, we all were briefed about the schedule of the event, the details of the program and the rules to follow due to security purposes. At 4.30 sharp, the gates to entry inside science city opened for all the participants. The participants were selected on the basis of two events, Ideathon was for students, UGs and PGs from all across the country and the open category essay writing competition for Gujarat based science oriented people. The two events produced about a 1000 entry selected participants enough to pack the science city Amphitheatre to its highest capacity. I could see participants from as far as Andaman and Nicobar Islands gathering here for this grand event all sponsored by the ministry of science and technology. Suited up, we were given entry through gate no. 3 while gate no. 2 and 1 were reserved for VIPs and VVIPs. The security was deployed by the central government thus being so tight that we weren’t allowed to take our bags and phones inside the venue. The entry to the Amphitheatre didn’t open until 5.30 pm. Wherein we were checked thrice at the entry and even an item as small as a pen wasn’t allowed, not even the water bottle. The Amphitheatre was divided into two astronomical parts, the Jupiter gallery for participants and the Mars gallery for media. The event was being covered by all the national channels including AajTak and DD. As it is said that you have to be patient enough for the fruit to ripen for you to eat it, after all this procedure and stuff, we had to wait for another 2 hours for the honourable PM to arrive in his armoured 4X4 SUV along with all the Nobel Laureates and their families which had been invited from all across the globe. The army band was called for the entrance music and playing the patriotic song energized the whole crowd which was quite bored with all the waiting. The most awaited person of the evening was finally in front of the desperate crowd with the nine laureates were here. Their handprints were imprinted on the moulds the first thing they entered. Vijay Rupani, our chief minister was also there paralleled by power were some of the prominent figures of great importance. The opening speech filled the young crowd with everlasting energy and patriotism. The dinner was a full course meal which left a perfect aftertaste along with a variety of deserts. The night ended with our visit to the Nobel Prize exhibition hall beautifully decorated and a mind boggler.

11thJanuary, 2017.
Special Assembly – Makar Sakranti @ DPS Bopal

Festivals are the golden thread that runs through India’s cultural fabric and are marked by a warmth of participation. Makar Sankranti, falling on January 14th, is a seasonal observance as well as a religious celebration as it marks the auspicious arrival of spring season and is also dedicated to Lord Surya or Sun. This festival of harvest, kites and charity is celebrated throughout India with splendor and glory. The students of 2 H celebrated Sankranti on January 9th, 2017 through an awe aspiring assembly. It started with a prayer followed by the thought for the day and news headlines. The presenters gave a briefing on the dos-and-don’ts to be followed in order to have a safe Uttarayan. Dance and music are essential ingredients of festivals, the participants through their spectacular, vibrant and energetic Punjabi dance performances added a candy segment to the celebration bringing out the true essence of the day. Loud cheers of Happy Sankranti boomed throughout the event greeting everyone.

8thJanuary, 2017.
Learning by Doing @ DPS Bopal

It is better to debate a question without settling it than to settle a question without debating it. Delhi Public School-Bopal conducted a Youth Parliament session for class 11 Students of Political Science on 7 January 2017. The purpose was to understand the Parliamentary procedure as well as to inspire the young generation to develop respect for Parliament and Parliamentary institutions. All the students posed as ministers and debated enthusiastically as representatives of the government. The topic of discussion was whether the Odd-Even vehicle rule should be implemented throughout the territory of India. Azad Yuva Party was the Ruling party and Sanrachna party was the Opposition party. The session of Youth Parliament started with the arrival of the Speaker. After the formal greetings an obituary was paid to Late Ms. Jayalalithaa Jayaram. Silence was observed for a while as a mark of respect to the departed soul. Then three new ministers pledged themselves to the Parliament. This was followed by the Question Hour. All the participants engaged in serious discussions about the merits and demerits of executing the system throughout the country. Further, the ruling party drafted a bill. This bill was argued upon, provision by provision. Necessary amendments were made in the bill, after which it was voted upon. The bill was passed by the Simple Majority.�� The session continued with the Zero Hour where general discussions took place on topics like LGBT rights in India, censorship as well as demonetisation. The assemblage concluded with the press release, where the reporters presented a critical view. The session proved to be an immensely significant experience for the students to understand about the working of the Parliament.

4thJanuary, 2017.

The New Year started with another interactive session for students aspiring to higher education in the U.S, as Delhi Public School-Bopal welcomed back its Alumnus Mr. Aakash Savita to the campus in order to represent his university: Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis. An informative session was organized by International Student Cell for senior students registered in ISC on 3rd January to familiarize them with plethora of courses available at IUPUI. IUPUI offers more than 350 majors covering a wide variety of subjects and topics along with offering a greatly diverse environment on and off the campus. Mr. Aakash also suggested students to look for criterions of ranking according to their specific choices as to get accurate results. He shared that ‘The experience has made him a different person’ Mr. Aakash also stated that doing an under graduate course abroad, will give students more time to settle and acclimatize and also provide an edge over other students. He briefed the students about the admission procedure and apprised students regarding splendid internships offered by IUPUI, especially for those pursuing medicine. He also shared a PPT that helped students to explore available under graduate programmes, respective eligibility requirements and application procedures to the university. He concluded by wishing each student good luck.

29thDecember, 2016.
Marine Camp: Grade VII (A, B, C, D, I) @ DPS Bopal

“IN EVERY WALK WITH THE NATURE, ONE RECEIVES FAR MORE THAN WHAT HE SEEKS” Following it and staying away from all the luxury and day to amenities, 1st Group of students of Grade 7 DPS – Bopal, Ahmedabad went to an educational trip to Marine Camp from 25th to 28th of December 2016. Marine Camp at Mithapur is a unique concept introduced by Anala Outdoors where the participants learn and explore about the marine environment. The trip included 98 students and 5 teachers On the first day, students reached the camp site early in the morning. They were allotted their tents, following which orientation regarding the trip was given. Later the students and teachers enjoyed the sea bathing, and collected different shells from the coast and learned to classify them. Later in the afternoon, they had a boat ride at Okha port following which they saw a presentation prepared by the Anala members to explain in detail regarding the Corals. The day was concluded with camp fun. On the next day, after getting ready, the students were taken to visit Fisherman’s Jetty were students saw different varieties of fishes and being lucky, they also saw rarely found hammer Shark. Then, they visited a museum where they saw variety of preserved marine animals including shells, corals, fishes, turtles, lobsters, crabs and octopus and learned about them. They grabbed to opportunity to view of a light house and few dolphins in the ocean. Later in the afternoon they went for a reef walk in the sea where they explored and learned about many different living corals, crabs and other marine life forms. With the camp, the students enjoyed and learned a lot about marine life and experienced the most adventurous part of the life i.e. living with the nature. Overall the trip was very adventurous, enjoyable and was full of knowledge and experience which will last with the students throughout their life.

25thDecember, 2016.
Kalorex ALUMNI MEET 2016 @ DPS Bopal

The most awaited Alumni Meet at Delhi Public School-Bopal reverberated with zest and enthusiasm on 24 December 2016, providing warmth to the chilly winter evening. Approximately 195 footfalls echoed the campus, reconciled with the present students and teachers. The pass outs were hit by a wave of nostalgia as soon as they entered the school premises. On the occasion of Christmas Eve, the school was adorned with marvelous Christmas decorations, further adding up to the fervent atmosphere. The function kicked off with the keynote address by Principal, DPS-Bopal, Mr. Surender P. Sachdeva. He motivated the students to never give up in life and have faith in themselves, giving examples of Khushwant Singh and D. N. Ghosh. The programme started with ice-breaking games followed by a medley of melodious songs by alumni and ex head Boy Shantanu Krishnan.. Mr. S. Chakraborty, the Gujarat Head for paytm, the first pass out of DPS-Bopal, shared with the juniors that it will always be a privilege to be a Dipsite. These views were also shared by Ms Saumya .The evening moved forward with an overwhelming performance put up by the students of Grade 11. The event saw the birthday celebration of our Principal, Mr. Surender Sachdeva. It was a splendid experience for all the alumni to return to their roots, meet old friends and cherish invaluable memories. A DJ performance marked the crescendo of the memorable meet. As the alumni moved for dinner, they were pleasantly surprised by the time- line pictures of ex-students. Everyone went back carrying memories restored with a promise to come back soon.

23rdDecember, 2016.
Our Senior Citizens: Assets and role models for GEN X at DPS Bopal

The students of Class XI, DPS, Bopal, went to ‘Manav Kartavya’, an old age home in Ahmedabad on 23rd December, 2016. The trip was an initiative by the Social Service Club of the school to recognize the wiser half in our lives. It started off as an exciting experience for all the 15 members of the club along with the Director of the club Shri Manasa Poluru and the Teacher in charge of the club , but little did they know that the trip would give them more than mere excitement. The students greeted the lady and the gentlemen there with red roses in hand, a cake cutting, and with songs and games and laughter and words. While one of the members was an ardent lover of adventure, another was a cricket fan. The sole lady there, who sang beautifully, captured everybody’s hearts with many old songs. This positive attitude and the optimism towards life is inspirational to every generation, irrespective of their age. The elderly people taught everybody that looking onto the future with a smile on the face was the way to live a life devoid of sadness and disappointment. In the end, after playing several rounds of carom and dancing and singing, everybody left with a heavy heart and the hope of returning soon. The place had instilled in them positivity, happiness, and the will to live on despite every challenge. Some of the students cherished the moments with smiles; while some saw their emotions turn loose. Some sat down with happiness, while some silently let the tranquillity sink in. It was a day of mixed reactions and emotions. The students promised the residents of the old age home that they will return soon, with stories and the previous times in mind. Also, they promised to attend the hundredth birthday of the 81-year old gentleman there. -Nandini Jiva Class XI-H

23rdDecember, 2016.

Department of COMMERCE Mr. Vinay Joshi, the Chief Financial Officer and Company Secretary of IRM Ltd. (Cadila Pharma Group) was the Visitor of the Week at Delhi Public School, Bopal. on 23/12/16 He was there to interact with the budding students of commerce stream. At the very outset, he spoke about the Capital Market scenario and explained terms, such as derivatives, arbitrage, futures and forwarding. He also gave examples on trading in the commodity market. Mr. Joshi emphasized on this field having an immense scope for commerce students. He satisfactorily replied to the queries raised by the students. The session was, indeed, an interesting and knowledgeable one.

22ndDecember, 2016.
Celebration of Christmas at DPS East

Under the Christmas tree the gifts enthral, But the nicest present of them all, Is to fill our life with a thought, Those kids may achieve what they have sought...!!!🌻 So, the Christmas bells are ringing... and we are all here to celebrate Christmas with same zeal and fervour. Christmas Carnival Celebration is scheduled as follows:- 23/12/2016 @ DPS East school premises (Assembly Stage) - Time: - 05:00 PM onward 24/12/2016 @ DPS Pre School @ Maninagar - Time: - 05:00 PM onward So you all are welcome with your family to dance, celebrate and have a gala time...🎶

22ndDecember, 2016.
Visit to ISRO by Grade 10 – DPS Bopal students

Internship at ISRO Delhi Public School, Bopal organized an internship program for 55 science enthusiast of std X at Indian Space Research Organisation near Sunderban on 21 December 2016. The students were greeted by the larger than life space launchers at the entrance. Students were escorted to a beautiful amphitheatre with twinkling star like lights on the roof to amplify this stellar experience. A 3-D movie from NASA guided the students through the life of an astronaut in space and what it is like to live in space and what it takes to get there. This was followed by an interactive session with Mr.Kashyap Mankhad and Mr.Jayan Joshi who have previously worked with ISRO, particularly in developing communication systems for ISRO satellites. This extremely informative session helped students to get a more realistic view on how to get into ISRO or other such organizations and what qualifications one needs after 10 plus 2. The discussion was made more informative as they gracefully answered all the students’ questions, whether they were related to their core area space tech or more diverse topics like black holes. A 2-D movie about India’s Mars Orbital Mission or Mangalyaan was also shown, imparting knowledge about the technicalities and plans of a mission like this. A highlight was the camera installed in real satellites, developed at ISRO Ahmedabad itself.

21stDecember, 2016.
Dipsites Spreading Love for Reading

Spreading Love for Reading “Reading is dreaming with open eyes.” It is rightly said that the more that you read, the more things you will know. Students of DPS Bopal grabbed the opportunity of donating story books during the English Literary Week celebration. A good number of books were collected from the students of classes 6 to 12. With the objective to spread love for reading by donating these story books and stationery, some students and two teachers visited BKM School, Bopal and Bopal Municipal school on 21/12/16. They were welcomed wholeheartedly by the schools’ authorities. Our students distributed the story books to the students of classes 6 to 8 whereas the stationery was given to the students of primary. The happiness of getting a new book to read was clearly seen on the faces of those students. The toddlers were overjoyed on receiving new notebooks and pencils. Our students also shared their views on why one should read. The visit was indeed a good opportunity to exchange views on the importance of reading and also to share the love for reading. Happy reading…..

19thDecember, 2016.
Parent Connect and SUPW @ DPS Bopal for Grade 6, 7, 8 , 9 and 10

Parent Connect activity was held on 17/12/16 BE A LITTLE CHEF wherein 5 parents were invited to demonstrate their culinary skill to the students of class 9 and 10 The students were given the list of ingredients to bring from home. The students prepared the recipe displayed by the parent The students of class 10 also enjoyed Be A Little Chef activity. They made Fruit salad / Fruit Chat. Best out of Waste for classes 6, 7 & 8 Students of classes 6,7 &8 made useful beautiful products using waste products. Their creativity had no boundary when they created new beautiful products using waste product We are grateful to the following parents for coming and sharing quality time with the students • Ms Roopa Bhutia • Ms.Norden Bhutia • Ms Ankita Jani • Ms Deepti Dalal • Ms Shamiksha Agrawal • Ms Yashvi Sharma • Sangeeta Somani

18thDecember, 2016.
Going Green with Recycling and Reusing @ DPS Bopal

Our greatest challenge isn’t so much to teach children about the natural world, but to find ways to nurture and sustain the instinctive connections they already carry.- Terry Krautwurst Delhi Public School, Bopal has been taking best initiatives towards creating responsible citizens by creating an impact on young minds through Green Practices. A display of creative works of the students were made through an exhibition, ‘Eco-friendly Creations’ on 17 December 2016, Saturday. Students as conservators exhibited their sense of sustainable practices by displaying different articles made from recycled paper like envelopes, folders, vases, artefacts made from waste materials, wall-hangings and much more. Students and staff joined hands by putting their handprints and promising to continue this task of conservation and taking it forward to their homes and community at large It was the young creative mind that gave inspiration and extraordinary idea to all, of using unwanted material in a useful way. Be it the thermocol used inside a TV packing or a used CD, each and every thing can have reuse value in this world – either as a useful raw material or as a decorative item for your house. We at DPS, foster future environmental stewards.

18thDecember, 2016.
Pedalling away to Fitness and Glory – Fitness Workshop @ DPS Bopal

CDPS BOPAL, Ahmedabad, had organised a ‘Fitness Workshop’ by Jigar Patel, Director, J.P. Sports & Events. The workshop, conducted from 7.45 a.m. to 8.45 a.m. at Abhivyakti, was attended by students of std. 7, their teachers and members of the Sports Dept. of DPS BOPAL. Mr. Jigar talked mainly about CYCLING as a fitness activity. He discussed the various benefits of cycling, how it helps in maintaining blood pressure, improves muscle strength, regulates sugar, etc. He pointed out how parents today are scared of letting their children take up cycling due to the risks of accident and injury. He gave Cycling Nutrition Tips – how Dry Fruits, Breakfast Carbs, Proteins, Nuts & Seeds, and Glucose & Fructose are essential for one planning to take up cycling seriously. He gave several Riding & Racing Tips, and showed the audience various components of Cycling Equipment – Skin-tight T shirt with a back pocket for storing mobile phone, energy bar, etc., cycling brief with a special padding in the seat area, light yet tough helmet, mask for protection against pollution, sunglasses, gloves, a front and rear cycle light for riding in the dark etc. An animation film, highlighting various points to be noted before one starts cycling. This film was both entertaining and informative. Mr. Jigar patiently answered various queries of the students, like – which are the upcoming cycle race events and what are their venues, eligibility criteria, where to buy cycling equipment, whether cycling is a professional sport, etc. It was indeed a very fruitful session and the students listened to Mr. Jigar with rapt attention throughout the entire session.

15thDecember, 2016.
X Biennial Sports Day (Senior Section) @ DPS Bopal

Chief Guest Profile: Mr Kamlesh Mehta. X Biennial Sports Day (Senior Wing) Mr.Kamlesh Mehta was the captain of the Indian Table Tennis team from 1982 to 1989 and was the highest ranked Indian player in Asia, the Commonwealth and the world. Mr. Kamlesh represented India in seven world championships, eight Asian championships, two Asian Games, four South Asian Federation games, two Olympic Games and many other official and friendly competitions in India and abroad.He was awarded the Arjuna Award in 1985. He was the first Indian to receive the Fair Play Trophy at the Commonwealth Championships, in 1989. We are indeed privileged to have you tomorrow in our campus to encourage our students. The curtain closes on the X Biennial Sports Day Primary and Senior School. Thanks a lot everyone for making it a grand success. See you again two years from now on the sports field....

13thDecember, 2016.
X Biennial Sports Day (Junior Section) @ DPS Bopal

Principal DPS Bopal Ahmedabad Mr. Surender Sachdeva warmly welcomed the august gathering. He shared the school's achievement in Sports and Academics and declared the Scholarship scheme initiative by the school. Scholarships awarded by DPS Bopal to our young achievers Yug Modi - 5E Sports Ailanisha Purohit - 5H Scholastic & Litrary Kashvee Lalwani - 5H All Rounder The oath of sportsmanship is a pledge by the participating athletes that they promise to play fairly and obey all of the rules governing that event. This oath is given prior to the start of any sporting event.

10thDecember, 2016.
Demonetisation, A month later.. Enrichment Workshop @ DPS Bopal

Session on Demonetisation: An initiative by Department Of Commerce Mr Nesal Hasmukh Shah, BCom FCA, qualified Chartered Accountant at the helm of affairs of a Financial Advisory Boutique -NHS FINAD LLP ; was invited to speak on “Demonetization” on 10/12/16 @DPS Bopal Ahmedabad . Mr Shah gave his valuable insights on the following areas a) Parallel economy b)inflation c)fiscal deficit d)velocity of money transactions in the unorganised sector. He emphasized on removal of “JUGAAD” which made money easily accessible to all those who desperately needed it . He emphasized on the wish list of the government to eradicate black money, black income, black wealth which would kill terrorist activities and prevent the erosion of unaccounted income thereby promoting cashless economy. A strong message left behind by him, was to make a generous contribution towards Prime Minister’s Gareeb Kalyan Yojna to lead a stress free and simple life. With each and every transaction being accounted for, he hopes that it will bring an end to hoarding and making an investment in gold and real estate accountable. People should adhere to the guidelines given by the – IDS which emphasizes on mandatory disclosure of income from all sources failing which they would fall prey to the Money Laundering Act ,Benami Act ,Indian Penal Code Act. It was an interactive session and Mr Shah was happy that he could put the teachers/common man's apprehension related to demonetisation to rest.

9thDecember, 2016.
Indian Universities Fair @ DPS Bopal

"We owe a lot to the Indians who taught us how to count, without which no worthwhile scientific discovery could have been made". ----Albert Einstein India has been a major seat of learning for thousands of years.. Delhi Public School, Bopal, under the aegis of Career Counselling Committee organized“Indian University Fair”to give students the chance to meet universities face to face, interact with official representatives and get immediate personalized responses to questions, finding out more about the programs and funding opportunities and getting an idea of the application process.12 prestigious Indian Universities which included: 1. CEPT University, Ahmedabad 2. Indian School of Design and Innovation-Parsons, Mumbai 3. Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University, Gandhinagar 4. Ashoka University, Sonepat 5. O.P.Jindal Global University, Sonepat 6. GLS University, Ahmedabad 7. Amity Global Business School, Ahmedabad 8. Shiv Nadar University, Lucknow 9. Flame University, Pune 10. Navrachana University, Vadodara 11. Bennette University, Noida –Anew initiative by Times Group 12. NIIT University, Mumbai Plethora of courses in Engineering, Business, Law, Architecture, Communication, Performing Arts and Fine Artswere discussed during the fair. The university delegates emphasized on increasing trend of liberal studies and research oriented programmes over the classic education programmes. Representatives highlighted how their campuses are well equipped and provide platform to gain contact with eminent people and widen knowledge. r. More than 500 senior students attended the fair.The fair provided a common platform for students to interact with the Universities and get their queries sorted.

9thDecember, 2016.
Visitor of the Week: Mr. Piyush Shrivastav @ DPS Bopal

Mr.Piyush Srivastav is currently working with GAIL as a Senior CA. After the introductory session and a formal welcome, he interacted with the students of class 9 J . They asked him questions related to commerce. He answered all their queries and doubts with lot of enthusiasm and grace. The students also felt extremely overwhelmed to have such a eminent personality amongst them. He also interacted with VP, Mrs Neera Panday Sr. VP, Mrs Vandna Joshi and the second language department. He motivated the students for a career opting for MBA and CA.

6thDecember, 2016.
Homage to Shri Srinivas Ramanujam @ DPS Bopal

MATH WEEK @ DPS BOPAL 5’december’16, to commemorate the birth anniversary of the eminent mathematician Sh. SrinivasaRamanujan who has made a significant contribution in the development of modern mathematics. Day 1 : Students showed their extreme interest to decorate the campus all around with charts, models, rollup boards and their respective classes and corridors , relatively. Day 2: The students of class 6 and 7 conducted the assembly, which ensured the interest and enriched the students with the awareness of very good concepts. further the assembly included the fashion show in which the jewelry inspired from mathematical shapes was on display, other components being skit and song. Assembly ended with the award distribution to the very talented student for doing excellently well at National Level Mental Math Competition. The students from all levels enjoyed the entire assembly and were charged up do something out of the box related to math. The day progressed further with the math story telling by teachers in the respective classes.

3rdDecember, 2016.
Visitor of the Week: Dr. K N Upadhyay @ DPS Bopal

Dr. K.N.Upadhyay has been associated with Ramjas College, Delhi University as the Head of Chemistry Department. He interacted with the students class 12 A who asked him questions related to chemistry subject. He answered all their queries and doubts with lot of enthusiasm and grace. The students felt extremely overwhelmed to have such a eminent personality among st them. He has penned the inorganic chemistry section in the NCERT class 12 textbook and is a coveted member in the team. He also interacted with Sr. VP , Mrs Vandna Joshi , Incharge Sr Secondary Ms Monita Dash

1stDecember, 2016.
Studies.. Art Exhibition by DPS Bopal

Studies - is an exhibit of a body of work done by the members, both students and teachers, of DPS-Bopal, accompanied by the works of the faculty – Shri Nagjibhai Prajapati, during a three-day workshop organised at DPS-Bopal campus from 17 to 19 November 2016. The exhibition was inaugurated today by Shri Nagjibhai Prajapati. Ms Vandna Joshi, the Senior Vice Principal, Ms Monita Dash, the Incharge Senior Secondary, members of the art and craft department, students and parents of DPS-Bopal graced the inauguration. A total of 41 paintings were displayed made by 31 students, 7 teachers and Shri Nagjibhai Prajapati. The paintings included still-life and landscape made during the three day workshop. This workshop was a small endeavor to learn the nuances of fine art of water and acrylic painting through still life and landscape. For me, the unpredictability and uncontrollable nature of watercolor make it the most exciting and expressive medium of all. Traditionally, watercolor is employed only in thin, transparent washes of pigment. The opportunity to meander somewhere between mastery and complete lack of control during the course of a painting makes it one of the most engaging mediums. Some beautiful, delicate paintings came from this school of thought. Contemporary watercolor, however, allows for much greater freedom of technique and material. A first of its kind experience and exposure there were moments when students felt awkward, clumsy and incapable. But in spite of the difficulties, the learning process, enhanced by the constant guidance and support of the teachers and the visiting faculty evoked them to overcome all discomfort and be able to put up this exhibition.

28thNovember, 2016.
Day Picnic…@ last year of school by grade – XII

Delhi Public School, Bopal had organised a one-day excursion to a resort on the banks of River Sabarmati popularly known as Tirupati-Rushivan on 26 November 2016. 190 students of Grade 12 were accompanied by 15 teachers in a trip which proved to be an unforgettable experience. Tirupati-Rushivan is Gujarat's largest amusement park and is a regular spot for people looking for a break from their hectic life. The students satiated their wants of enjoying a day without a single worry of exams and this trip fulfilled all their desires as they had a time of their lives in the rides. They went to Wonder Wheels, Jungle Safari, Columbus and even saw a 6D movie. This trip will be cherished by all.

20thNovember, 2016.
Incredible India : Celebrating Heritage Week by DPS Bopal students

World Heritage Week is being celebrated all over the world this year from 19th November to 25th November to create awareness and encourage people about conservation and essential significance of the rich cultural heritage that bejewels our lands and lives. Students of DPS Bopal took part in walk today to the Dhal NI Pol with all zeal and enthusiasm. They were highly impressed to see the Eclectic victorian style Haveli houses, the Art Deco influenced structures, the Jain and Gujarati architecture, the synthesis of Hindu & Islamic designs. Students also saw & learnt about the unique provisions of effective water management in the houses of Pol. While walking the students interacted with the local people & children, who welcomed us & very happily told so many interesting stories about Havelis , old trees , very old horoscope ,Chabutras, Mosaic Tiles, Block printing, weaving methods & so on. Students really loved to watch the glorious lifestyle of people under the wooden roofs amidst animals, birds & occupational clusters. CEE (centre for environment education) organised games related to the things learnt there, which they are going to mesmerise always.

15thNovember, 2016.
DPS Bopal celebrates Children Day

“There are few things, we can’t buy, one such thing is our childhood….” Children's day in India known as 'Bal Divas', is celebrated every year to mark the birthday of Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of India. So, Children's Day is a tribute to India's Prime Minister, Chacha Nehru and his love for children. Enjoying the spirit of children’s day, DPS-Bopal celebrated this day with great pomp and show on 15 November 2016. A special assembly was organized by the teachers where they mesmerized the audience with a melodious song and flute recital. The “Fashion show”, depicting the various state costumes, received rapturous applause from the students. This was followed by a Rajasthani folk dance form ‘Ghoomer’ and a song parody was which enthralled the students with fun and laughter. Shrishti Chakraborty, a participant of Voice of India, held the audience spellbound as her melodious voice resonated the whole atmosphere. She was recognized by the Principal, with a cash award. Mr. Surender P. Sachdeva, Principal DPS-Bopal, in his speech wished the students on this occasion and shared his love for the students, who are an asset to all the teachers. The programme ended with the national anthem. This celebration left a lingering mark on the students and teachers alike as they proceeded towards their classes.

15thNovember, 2016.
Joy of Giving Week Grade 1- 3 by DPS Bopal Students

We all know how great it feels to receive gifts. However, the joy of getting is short-lived. Our lives are richer when we share, and that great inner joy comes from helping others to better their lives. Giving provides an intrinsic reward that’s far more valuable than the gift. This message was subtly infused in grade 1, 2 and 3 students through the donation activity during the Joy of Giving Week from 25th to 27th October’16. To reap the joy of sharing the overly compassionate lot wholeheartedly donated hygiene products like shampoos, bathing soap, washing soap, oil and body cream etc with the joy truly shining on their faces. The realistic moments of sharing a bright smile, laughter, tears of joy and gratitude were experienced when the collected toiletries were handed over to the needy at the Visamo Kids Foundation by the students on the 11th Novemeber’16. These children also made and shared beautiful Happy Children’s Day cards with the inmates of the foundation and celebrated the occasion with them by spending some quality time there. The activity helped sensitize them towards the needs of their less privileged peers and made them realize that true giving comes from the heart, with no expectation of reciprocation and that the power of giving is manifested in the kindness and generosity that you bestow on someone else.

15thNovember, 2016.
Sports Update: Skating @ DPS Bopal

Delhi Public School ,Bopal , Ahmedabad participated in CBSE West Zone Skating Tournament, Which was held at IES Public School , Bhopal , M.P. from 4th to 10th November, 2016.800 Skaters took part in this tournament from all over Gujarat , Rajasthan & Madhya Pradesh. Our Students won 1 Gold & 2 Silver Medals. They are now going to participate in CBSE National Skating Tournament which will be held at Amritsar, Panjab in December. Winners are as Under :- 1. Rudra Gol of Class 3 B won 1 Silver Medal. ( Selected For his third consecutive National ) 2. Ananya Shah of Class 3 E won 1 Gold & 1 Silver Medal. ( Selected for National ) Congratulations and Best Wishes!

15thNovember, 2016.
Special Assembly: English Week & Children Day – Grade 4 -5 @ DPS Bopal

It was an occasion of twin celebrations for grade 4 and 5 on 9th November’16 during a Special Assembly by IV C & V F on the ongoing English Literary week and the Children’s Day. The assembly was indeed a Kaleidoscope of myriad activities starting with a prayer, thought and news, it mesmerized everyone with the beautiful concept of ‘Rendezvous with the authors’. The participants dressed up as various English authors such as J.K Rowling, Enid Blyton, Roald Dahl, RK Narayan, Ruskin Bond, Sudha Murthy and many more, emphasized on reading the books of various authors. Tryst with Legend Jawahar Lal Nehru was another highlight of the assembly as it enlightened us about the Panchsheel Principles of Chacha Nehru. As a tribute to their favourite leader students performed a skit and a dance. Dance steps of the participants on the tunes of ‘We are the World’ left everyone spellbound with the global message of goodwill and tranquility. The assembly culminated with the motivational words of Headmistress Ms Sabina Sawhney, emphasizing on peace and harmony and enlightening students on recent change in currency denomination and its after effects. All in all the performance of all the students was truly enjoyable and exhilarating.

8thNovember, 2016.
Sports Update: Table Tennis @ DPS Bopal

The CBSE Cluster-13 Table Tennis tournament which was held at Delhi Public School East, Ahmedabad on 26th October to 27th October 2016.Delhi Public School Bopal participated and become Champion and selected for national. Name of the players are 1.Riyan Dutta 10-I 2.Adit Shah 9-D 3.Shourya Puri 10-B 4.Kanish Kohli 9-F The CBSE Cluster-13 Table Tennis tournament which was held at Delhi Public School East, Ahmedabad on 26th October to 27th October 2016. Adit Shah 9-D participated in U-17 boys individual tournament and become Runner-up and selected for National. The CBSE Cluster-13 Table Tennis tournament which was held at Delhi Public School East, Ahmedabad on 26th October to 27th October 2016. Anuj Joshi 6-D participated in U-14 boys individual tournament and become Runner-up and selected for national. The CBSE Cluster-13 Table Tennis tournament which was held at Delhi Public School East, Ahmedabad on 26th October to 27th October 2016. Varenya Saini 8-A participated in U-14 Girls individual tournament and secured third place Congratulations!

8thNovember, 2016.
English plays an important role in our everyday life. There is great utility of the language in the modern world. To enhance the English linguistic skills of the students the Primary section began with the English week celebrations with a bang on 7th November 2016. The curious lot from grade 3 to 5 had extempore activity on the different, age appropriate topics given to them. The participants spoke with immense confidence, using a good flare of words. The first and second graders spent their day by listening to interesting English music and dancing to the tune of popular numbers, adding a pinch of rhythm to the first day of the weeklong event.
28thOctober, 2016.
DPS East host CBSE Cluster Table Tennis Tournament

Success comes to those who strive hard for it. The efforts are truly honoured when they are blended in the colours of dedication and hard work. The sight of such moment leaves a signature on our hearts and minds. Same was the sight at DPS East when the young table tennis champions succeeded in grabbing titles under various categories. It was indeed a matter of pride for DPS East to be the host of the CBSE Cluster event for Table Tennis scheduled on 26th and 27th October, 2016. To have the student participation from across 29 schools was indeed a great experience. Around 190 students added to the sports flair at East. The valedictory function concluded the sports meet with young champions, wonderful memories and great inspiration.

27thOctober, 2016.
Sports Update: Badminton (Khelmahakumbh) @ DPS Bopal

Anupam Akolkar of class 9C of Delhi Public school, Bopal, Ahmedabad participated in U-17 Badminton tournament for Boys on 22nd October 2016 at Khokhra sports complex and secured First position. He won by 15-11, 13-15, 15-9. Ayushi Aditi of class 10J of Delhi Public school, Bopal, Ahmedabad participated in U-17 Khel Mahakumbh Badminton tournament for Girls on 25nd October 2016 at Khokhra sports complex and secured First position. She won by 15-08, 15-14. Congratulations!

26thOctober, 2016.
DPS East host CBSE Cluster event of Table Tennis

It’s truly a matter of pride that DPS EAST is hosting CBSE Cluster Event for Table Tennis. We are in the Cluster XIII under which all CBSE schools of Gujarat & UTs of Diu, Daman, Dadra & Nagar Haveli come under them. 29 schools and total of 190 students (boys and girls) are participating under the diff. categories of Under 14, Under 17 and Under 19. Event is scheduled on 26th and 27th October 2016. The inaugural ceremony was held on 26.10.16 under the benevolent presence of honourable Mr. Atul Dubey, International Referee for Table Tennis -CBSE, Regional College, Ajmer and Mr. Lalan Doshi Chief Official. The meet was declared open and a platform for the young aspirants was left wide in stretch to conquer their dreams and achieve their goals. It was a great feeling to have a cluster of sports star at East. Various performances added to the sports fervour and inspired young hearts.

26thOctober, 2016.
Joys of giving: Sharing & caring @ DPS Bopal

Distribution of stationery items to children of Visamo kids. For our children it was a joy of giving. The time given was 23/10/2016 at 6.00 pm but curious and enthusiastic children gathered at 5.45 at Visamo kids at Sterling City Bopal Ahmedabad. The amazing thing which we saw was discipline among the kids. Pens, colours, notebooks, comics, pencil , writing pads and erasers. The staff at visamo kids also guided us well. Students took with them some happy memories. Sincere thanks to parents for their wholehearted support Looking forward to more such events.

26thOctober, 2016.
Sports Update: Volleyball @ DPS Bopal

DPS Bopal U-14 boys basketball team participated in Khel Mahakumbh District Championship on 25th October 2016 at J.P.Pandya High School, Jetalpur and became champion. Our U-14 team scored 13 points and the final score was 13-9. Riddhish of class 8 was the lead scorer with highest 9 points. Congratulations!

25thOctober, 2016.
Pratibha Gaurav Divas – Grade IX (2015-16)

DPS Bopal celebrates the success of the students who excel in different fields in each academic year. Giving away awards to the successful candidates is essential to recognize their talents as well as to motivate others to achieve the goal. This year, in order to encourage the achievers of grade IX(2015-16) for their accomplishments DPS instituted prizes in academics, sports and 100% attendance under the umbrella of varied awards namely ‘Praveentam’, ‘Kushagra’, ‘Prabudh’, ‘Pradyut’,‘Satatam’ and UtkrishtSatatam on 25 October 2016. Mr Surendra P Sachdeva, the Principal, warmly welcomed the special guest and the parents for gracing the ceremony with their presence. He enlightened the event by an inspirational speech which focused on how responsibility is the key to achieving many more laurels. Students were made aware of their social responsibility and informed that their good habits are what make them a responsible citizen. The event was graced by presence of Dr Dibyendu Chakraborty, who is serving as an Associate Professor in the Space and Atmospheric Sciences Division of Physical Research Laboratory and Dr Hemant Leuva is a professor of General Surgery at Smt. N.H.L. Municipal Medical College and a Consultant Laparoscopic and General Surgeon at V.S. Hospital, Ahmedabad.

24thOctober, 2016.
DPS Bopal wins laurels at City Quiz

Simrit Kaul XI A and Shresth Xi F bag the third prize in The Endeavor School Quiz 1.0 held at AMA On 23/10/16 . 78 school teams from Ahmedabad and Gandhi Nagar participated in the event.Dps Bopal team of Simrit Kaul and Shresth qualified for the finals and were in the lead and gave good competition to st Kabir drive in and Maharaja Agrasen school .st Kabir stood first followed by Maharaja Agrasen who were first runners up and Dps Bopal .Quiz master Mr Kushan Patel of Amdavad Quiz Club skilfully took the teams and audience through an exciting quiz with questions ranging from sports, politics, geography, trivia and IT . DPS Bopal win cash prize of Rs 2500 and a trophy.

22ndOctober, 2016.
Winning at Khel Mahakumbh – Primary Section @ DPS Bopal

DPS Bopal proudly shares the achievement by Kanupriya Toshniwal of grade 5 A in Chess Khel Mahakumbh Tournament held at M.P.Pandya High School, Jetalpur on 20th October'16. Kanupriya successfully secured first position in District-Level-Female-Under-11 Category. Congratulations to the young star!!

22ndOctober, 2016.
Visitor of the Week – Dr. Snehal Patel @ DPS Bopal

Paediatrician Dr Snehal Patel was welcomed as the visitor-of- the-week at DPS Bopal on 20th October 2016. Dr Snehal is a neonatalist associated with CIMS Hospital. After a warm welcome, she was taken for a tour of the school campus. She briefly interacted with the students of Class III A and gave them directions on how to keep themselves healthy and also shared a few important tips on personal hygiene. Dr Snehal met the Headmistress and the Principal. As a token of remembrance & appreciation she was presented with a Yali mug and a card.

21stOctober, 2016.
Light – Camera – Action.. Festive de Cine @ DPS Bopal

Students of DPS-Bopal refine their skills through movie making competition: Festival De Cine Code Warriors Club of DPS-Bopal organized a movie making competition ‘Festival De Cine’ for students of classes 9-12. The Code Warriors club involves “IT Enthusiasts” who try to promote IT and technology through various activities. The students were required to prepare a short film or documentary on their school lives, regarding their best school memories. The special guest was Ms Margaret B. who is an active member of the graphic designing team for Kalorex. Students had taken different themes like bullying, values learnt from school etc. Principal Sir further motivated the pioneer film makers by promising similar future projects. Students have shown keen interest and participated enthusiastically in the competition. Mallika Motirammani, Meghna Mandal, Kanish Kohli and Roossell Acharya led by Devansh Sehgal of class IX emerged as winners.

19thOctober, 2016.
Canadian Universities Fair @ DPS Bopal

Ample number of collaborative programmes offering hands-on learning combined with a more theoretical approach makes Canada one of the best destinations to pursue education overseas. Canadian University Fair was organised on 18th October 2016 at Delhi Public School for classes 9to 12 under the aegis of ISC. The session was regarding future education based in Canada. The students were briefed about the basic admission procedures in Canada as well as their welcoming environment. Canada is home to a large number of top brands and firms. It is also named, the world’s most welcoming country offering best quality of life. Canadian Universities provide a job plus education opportunity so as to further improve one’s experience. Moreover, they are hugely affordable and even offer many scholarships. After the introductory session, students clarified their doubts and questions with the university representatives. The one to one session held on individual stalls by representative of ten universities answered all the queries of the students about the various courses and application procedure to enrol in Canada’s premiere educational institutions as an international student. The session acted as an amazing source of information and communication for students considering Canada for their future education.

19thOctober, 2016.
Grandparent’s Day Grade 1-2 @ DPS Bopal

Grandparents bestow upon their grandchildren the strength and wisdom that time and experience have given them. Grandchildren bless their Grandparents with a youthful vitality and innocence that help them stay young at heart forever. Together they create a chain of love linking the past with the future. The chain may lengthen, but it never parts... Grandparents are amongst the most wonderful relations in the life of every person. They give unconditional love and care to their grandchildren, which never fade with the passage of time. We can feel the warmth and affection of our grandparents when they embrace us and innate and undying love clearly reflects through their eyes. They are the ones who are responsible for passing on wisdom, values, and principles, from generation to generation, to help the youngsters lead a better and more fulfilling life. To honor such grateful people DPS Bopal celebrated grandparents day on 18th October’16 to show how special they are in our life. Various activities for bonding a strong relationship between grandparents and their grand children were designed for the huge group of around 250 enthusiastic grannies and granpas. Children welcomed them whole heartedly in the traditional way, applying kum kum on their foreheads and puja thali in their hands with a welcome song being played in the backdrop. Grandparents’ eagerly joined their grandchildren in their respective classrooms and the event unfolded to a lot of sharing of interesting and inspiring anecdotes , exhibition of talent by them for the young audience. The introductory session saw the tiny tots joyfully introducing their grandparents to their peers and teachers. Making sandwich and Monaco topping together was the most enjoyable part followed by collage making. The proud children awarded their grandparents with the-super-grandparent-award as the token of love and gratitude. It was indeed a most memorable moment for them as well as everyone present. The small effort on our part generated a big response and resulted in a grand success. They came, they showered love and affection, they made the younger lot feel so confident and strong and made them realize that their arms are always open and they are always there to lend an ear or a helping hand with all their devotion.

17thOctober, 2016.
Parent’s Club Group Activities @ DPS Bopal

Workshops are all about sharing ideas. DPS Bopal, Preschool organized a new series of sessions for parents and teachers by inviting parents who specialize in their fields to conduct workshops . The first round of Parents’ club group activities started with a Craft and Puppet making workshop conducted by our very talented parents, Mr. Kedar Chauhan, Creative Head in an advertising firm and Mrs. Roma Chauhan an artist by profession. Ms. Roma began the session by creating decorative and trendy paper quills with which she accessorized hairclips, decked up hair bands and made innovative rakhis. She made beautiful cards decorated with colourful paper flowers. She also demonstrated ideas to make vibrant and beautiful paper hangings which would brighten up any space especially during the festive season. Finally, Mr. Kedar exhibited his craft by making cute, easy to make puppets from sticks, spoons and thermocol glasses. The fun-filled delightful peek-a-boo, car and doll puppets got the attention of all the children present there! The session was well attended by our teachers and some of the parents. It was an interactive and enjoyable session and taught everyone present some very useful and crafty skills.

14thOctober, 2016.
Spicmacay Event @ DPS Bopal

DPS BOPAL, AHMEDABAD organised a SPIC MACAY workshop by the renowned instrumentalist Nancy Kulkarni, who specializes in the ‘Dhrupad’ style of Indian classical music. Nancy is an American who has been playing Indian classical music since 30 years now. She plays her music on the ‘cello’, a musical instrument. Approximately 400 students of classes 6 to 12, many of whom have opted for vocal or instrumental music, attended this event. They asked various question to Mrs. Nancy, like why she had opted for ‘Dhrupad’ style out of the many styles in Indian classical music, whether it is possible to learn Indian classical music in the U.S., how she found learning the Hindi language, how was her experience learning under various experts of ‘Dhrupad’ style, whether she taught playing ‘Dhrupad’, what was the definition of music according to her etc. Mrs. Nancy answered all queries of the students very patiently and encouragingly. Her performance was not just mesmerising, but also enriching for all present there. She was accompanied by Shri Onoor Dagli from Turkey on the Tanpoora and Shri Dhawal Mistry from Vadodara on the Pakhwaj. Her performance indeed left the audience asking for more…

10thOctober, 2016.
Sports Update: Judo @ DPS Bopal

Kavish Gupta of Grade XI B participated in Under 17 Judo Association tournament held in Surat on 7,8 October. We are proud to share he stood first and is selected for Nationals in the 90 kg Cadets category. Congratulations! and Best wishes.

10thOctober, 2016.
Sports Update: Volleyball @ DPS Bopal

The Ahmedabad Rural District level Senior Girls Volleyball Tournament was held at Delhi Public School, Bopal, Ahmedabad, on 2 October 2016, Delhi Public School Bopal Ahmedabad participated and became CHAMPION. CAPTAIN: Disha Sharma. BEST PLAYER: Ritvika Banta. COACH: Mr. Nishith Raval. The Ahmedabad Rural District level Senior Girls Volleyball Tournament was held at Delhi Public School, Bopal, Ahmedabad, on 2 October 2016, Delhi Public School Bopal Ahmedabad participated and became CHAMPION. CAPTAIN: Disha Sharma. BEST PLAYER: Ritvika Banta. COACH: Mr. Nishith Raval. The Ahmedabad Rural District level Junior Girls Volleyball Tournament was held at Delhi Public School, Bopal, Ahmedabad, on 2 October 2016, Delhi Public School Bopal Ahmedabad participated and became CHAMPION. CAPTAIN: Arayna Shukla. BEST PLAYER: Namana Clerk. COACH: Mr. Nishith Raval Congratulations!

10thOctober, 2016.
Traditional Day – Prep, Jr.KG, Sr. KG at DPS Bopal

“The greatness of a culture can be found in its festivals.” Navratri, the most prominent festival of Gujarat, was celebrated with great vigour and enthusiasm at the premises of D.P.S. Bopal Pre-Primary. The children came dressed up in beautiful and colourful traditional attire for the special day. It was a visual treat to the eye, for one and all, and showcased the diversity of India with the array of traditional costumes worn by teachers and students. Such occasions always help to instill the value of unity and love among the kids. Various activities were planned to bring joy and cheer for the occasion. Teachers narrated the story of Goddess Durga to the students, children coloured the Navratri themed mobiles and they danced to the beats of garba along with their teachers and finally posed for the pictures with the props designed for the special occasion. To invoke the blessings of goddess Durga, aarti puja also took place. They all wished each other Happy Navratri and carried home the zeal and excitement to celebrate Navratri and Dussehra with their families during the holidays.

10thOctober, 2016.
Navratri Celebration Grade 1 – 5 at DPS Bopal

Navratri, the world’s longest dance festival is here, gripping the state in its fever pitch. Just when the festival fervour, is hitting its peak how could dip sites be kept away from dipping themselves into the pool of infectious madness and energy associated with the festival. On September 6th, 2016 the entire primary campus became the melting pot of colours, flavour and music when the young enthusiasts thronged the garba venue for the celebrations. From the traditional garba to fusion dance moves, from the ethnic gam this to fusion dressing was the flavour of the day. Matching each other move for move these youngsters were seen cherishing the festival by swirling and twirling with their peers and teachers together. With smiles spread all over the campus, these revelers made the best of every moment until it was time to call it a day.

8thOctober, 2016.
Visitor of the Week – Dr. Lomary Singh at DPS Bopal

Dr Lomary Singh, Principal Scientist at Intas Pharmaceuticals Ltd, was welcomed in DPS Bopal as the visitor-of- the-week on 6th October 2016. Dr Singh is a scientist with passion for the development of robust methods to characterize complex molecules. After a warm welcome, he was taken for a tour of the school campus. During his visit, Dr Singh interacted with the Sr.Vice Principal and the Headmistress and was presented with a Yali mug and a card as a token of remembrance & appreciation.

8thOctober, 2016.
“100th Day” – Pre-Primary School activities at DPS Bopal

It’s our 100th day of school. Should we celebrate by jumping in the pool, I think that would be too cool!! Instead let’s count to 100 ten times, and see if we can make 100 rhymes! There is no time to slumber, When we can do so much with our magical number!!! Everyone was wishing each other ‘A Happy 100th Day’ on the Pre Primary campus as the children completed their 100 days of school for the current academic session. The kids entered the school, brimming with joy, all decked up in a variety of colourful attire which their enthusiastic mothers had designed for them. Some of the children were wearing sashes with 100 flowers and some had brought placards and charts with 100 stickers, wearing dresses with 100 ribbons, rubber bands etc. dangling from their dresses. Others wore T-shirts and dresses with 100 stickers of smileys, stars, flowers etc. pasted on them. Many activities were planned for the day i.e., counting till 100, jumping and clapping 100 times. The kids excitedly coloured bookmarks and 100th Day cards which they took home as a memento. There was more enjoyment for the little achievers, who had not missed a single day of school. They were awarded certificates and badges for their 100% attendance. The children who attended school all the year round in the Academic Session 2015-16 were lauded as they received the ‘Satatam Award’. They were presented certificates and trophies for achieving 100% Attendance. The memorable day ended with great fun, frolic and fervour!

6thOctober, 2016.
Kalorex conducts Math Workshop for Teachers @ Calorx Olive International School

To make Maths more interesting and intriguing for the students, Kalorex group today organized a mathematics workshop for its teachers. The workshop was attended by the teachers of Olive Green Kids School, Delhi Public School – Bopal and Calorx Olive International School. Mr. Robert Sun, U.S. based Founder & Chairman of Suntex Inc. and ‘First In Math’, conducted the workshop at Calorx Olive International School – Ahmedabad. Sharing more on the workshop, Mr. Robert Sun said “Through this workshop, I wanted to demonstrate that mathematics can be powerful, engaging and fascinating. The essence of math is patterns. What is important in mathematics is not what a number 'means' but how it can connect with other numbers. Get good at math and you will have the skills to understand how our universe works. It is great that Kalorex group took the initiative of simplifying the number world to the teachers”. “First in Math”, is an online programme for schools to energize each child to learn, love and live Math. It focused on how to use different math games as innovative tool to engage the students and bring enthusiasm among them for doing Math. These games help to develop the critical thinking and boost the self-confidence of each child to gradually go for more challenging mathematical games

6thOctober, 2016.
Higher Education @USA Fair at DPS Bopal

The International Student Cell, Delhi Public School organized U.S. University Fair on 5 October 2016. The session began with a presentation highlighting the US Higher education application process. US University Fair provided a great opportunity to students to understand more about America and its system of education. The session provided accurate, comprehensive, and current information on the full range of higher education opportunities at accredited U.S. higher education institutions.

2ndOctober, 2016.
Srishti Chakrobarthy participated in THE VOICE INDIA KIDS on &TV

Srishti Chakraborty as a" marathi mulgi " picks up a difficult song "Pinga ga Pori" from Bajirao Mastani in the Live Show (Week 4 )THE VOICE INDIA KIDS) on &TV at 9 pm. She has been highly praised and appreciated throughout the previous episodes for her flawless singing and awesome talent. While her fan base is fast growing it is important for all of us to watch her performance today and spread the message amongst our families and friends to vote for her too. We need to stand by her to show our support and solidarity.

1stOctober, 2016.
Pantomime Competition at DPS Bopal

‘Action speaks a thousand words ‘with this thought in mind students of classes IX and X geared up for pantomime competition on October 1, 2016.The houses used their vivid imagination to perform on issues which were socially sound and sensitive. Ganga house addressed the issue of ‘female harassment’; Mahi house acquainted and reminded us of a mother’s unconditional love. Kaveri and Narmada house through their act highlighted the ill- effects of the recently coined term ‘Selfie’ and mobile use respectively. Sabarmati showed respect to freedom fighters while Tapti house mimed the life of soldiers respectively. Kaveri stood first followed by Narmada and Sabarmati. All the acts were well applauded and commendable. The students’ confidence and enthusiasm were the strengths which were very well depicted through the acts.

29thSeptember, 2016.
Happy Navratri 2016 - 3rd Oct evening @ VKF (7-10 PM)

We take great pleasure in inviting you all to the Navaratri celebrations to be held at Visamo on 3rd October 2016, from 7 to 10 PM. I appeal to all the Team members, to come to Visamo and add charm to the festivity. Please feel free to bring your neighbours, friends and family members to Visamo. A Facebook upload has also been done on the official page of VKF .....

29thSeptember, 2016.
Educational Trip: Grade 3 students of DPS Bopal visit to Vikram Sarabhai Exhibition Centre

The future belongs to science and those who befriend it. And what best place to get acquainted to science than the ISRO, Ahmedabad. Around four hundred students of grade 3 got the golden opportunity to get exposed to the real space application during their trip to the Vikram Sarabhai Space Exhibition (VSSE), Centre on 27th and 28th September 2016. The space centre had a lot to offer to these eager learners. The complete wall depicting the dawn of an era of satellites in India and showcasing all the satellites till date held their attention from the very beginning. There were models of launch rockets drawn to scale. The inquisitive minds had queries regarding the fuel used, reuse of launch vehicles, the life of astronauts in space and return of space crafts to Earth. Seeing how communication is conducted through mobiles, television broadcasts and weather reports which are generated by the use of various satellites was an amazing eye opener. The thrilling 3 D movie wherein they witnessed the actual launch of satellites was watched with rapt attention. The curious minds had no boundaries as many of them got inspired and visualized themselves working as scientists, building better space crafts and becoming astronauts as they grow.

28thSeptember, 2016.
Poem Recitation Competition for Grade 1 students at DPS East

Poetry recitation is literary work where ideas and feelings, accentuated with the use of distinctive style and rhythm is delivered through a public speaking activity with a focus on rhythm, alliteration some repetitions. Poetry as an art breaks across grammar and syntax to create something new and imaginative for the children. It provides an adventure for the mind.

27thSeptember, 2016.
CBSE Cluster XIII Table Tennis Event at DPS East Ahmedabad

This is to kindly extend a warm invitation to your esteemed organisation to participate in the CBSE Event of Table Tennis under Cluster XIII hosted by our school on 26th and 27th of October 2016.

27thSeptember, 2016.
Dip sites on Doordarshan

DPS Bopal is proud to share the glorious moments when two of our most talented students of class 5H Ailanisha Purohit and Kashvee Lalwani along with four of their teachers were invited by Doordarshan to present their exceptionally beautiful and insightful articles n poems based on The-life-of-Bhagat Singh. The same will be aired on 28th September 2016 on DD Girnar – GTPL Channel No 273 – at 9:00 pm. Stay tuned to catch up with the glory

27thSeptember, 2016.
Visitor of the Week – Ms. Himadri Patel @ DPS Bopal

Ms. Himadri Patel, Professional Makeup artist was welcomed in DPS Bopal as the visitor-of- the-week on 22st September 2016. Ms. Himadri has been associated with film and fashion industry as a makeup artist and stylist for film & TV serial celebrities. She also works as consultant and advisor for skin and hair. After a warm welcome, Ms Himadri was taken for a tour of the school campus. She met the Principal and was presented with a Yali mug and a card as a token of remembrance & appreciation.

27thSeptember, 2016.
Visit to a Nursery – Pre-Primary activities @ DPS Bopal

“If you want a child’s mind to grow, you must first plant a seed” To connect the children to nature and introduce them to the world of plants, a visit to “Yoga Nursery” was organized for the students of D.P.S. Bopal Pre-Primary. They were informed about the variety of plants and the importance of growing plants to conserve the environment. The joy of observing different type of plants could be seen on the faces of the little ones as they strolled through the Nursery. The Sr. Kg students who have just covered their chapter on the ‘World of Plants’ could relate very well to what they were seeing and being explained. They did a knowledge hunt of finding out the different types of plants from creepers, climbers, herbs, shrubs to big trees. They also got acquainted to the different parts of plants with live examples. They were further informed about the role of water, soil, sunlight and air which are also known as the friends of plants. This visit not only gave practical experience to what they had learnt but also exposed them to learn in natural surroundings. After returning from nursery, the students had class discussion on what they had observed during their visit.

23rdSeptember, 2016.
Faculty Experimental Pedagogy Workshop at DPS Bopal

Knowledge XP from Delhi with resource persons Mr Varun Kumar and Ms Ananya conducted a workshop for the faculty members of DPS Bopal from Grade I to XII on 22/9/16. To enhance the teachers in creating impactful experiences that make the students learn on their own and finding out few solutions to overcome with some pedagogical implications while dealing with the teaching of all the subjects and catering to the need of all types of learners in the school. Objective of the workshop: - 1. Creating different learning styles. 2. How do we create environment receptive while teaching? 3. How children learn better? 4. How to bring about a change in the teaching methodology? 5. Designing your own Model classroom. 6. To equip the teachers with varieties of activities in the teaching and learning process. With an aim to create a lively environment and involvement of all the teachers attending the workshop many activities were conducted. To begin with the tracks played “ I like to move in” and “ Try everything”. Active participation of each and every member attending the workshop was aimed at. Enthralling and entertaining activities like “Fire on the Mountain”, “Butterfly handshakes”, “Popcorn sizzling”, “winding off” , “cow mooing”, “Balance the Balloon” and “Brochure About Me and My School” totally changed the mind set of all the teachers and made them curious and ready for the new learning.

23rdSeptember, 2016.
DPS East ranked 13th in Ahmedabad City in INDIAN SCHOOL RANKINGS 2016 by Education World

Success fruits are the result of sheer hard work and dedication put in to achieve the goals. With utmost pride we would like to share that DPS East has been ranked at the top list of the Best English Medium School in India. This honour by one of the most prominent Edu Magazine - Education World has rewarded the school efforts and such honour has propelled amongst us the desire to settle for nothing but the best.

23rdSeptember, 2016.
Sports Update: Chess – DPS Bopal

Delhi Public School is proud to share that Akanksha Shah of class 11G stood 2nd in School games State level Chess tournament and has qualified for National level tournament going to be held at Telangana on 2nd October 2016. We wish her All the very Best!

22ndSeptember, 2016.
Fitness through ZUMBA at DPS Bopal

Zumba workshop was organised by Dance & Music Dept. on 22-9-16. Duration 8.30 am to 9.30 am Workshop was conducted by Ms Neel Prajapati , Ms Mahek Belim Ms Bhagyashree Pala Mr. Naveen Ms Divya Balani They taught Zumba and Bokwa an interesting way to stay fit and energised.

17thSeptember, 2016.
Visitor of a Week – Mr. Kalpesh Dalal @ DPS Bopal

Shri Kalpesh Dalal, Chairman-cum-Founder Director of Aavishkar - an academy of performing arts was welcomed in DPS Bopal as the visitor-of-the-week on 1st September 2016. Mr Dalal has been associated with in-depth studies of performing folk and tribal art forms of Gujarat and has been disseminating this rich cultural heritage to the youth in India and the world outside through his workshops and performances. After a warm welcome, he was taken for a tour of the school campus. Mr Dalal briefly interacted with the students of Class II B and also met the Headmistress, Sr. Vice Principal and the Principal.

16thSeptember, 2016.
Golden Girl of Athletics: Yashwi Shah - DPS Bopal

DPS Bopal participated in the District level U-19 SAG Athletics Tournament held at C.N. Vidhyalaya, Ambavadi, Ahmedabad on 14th September 2016 Yashwi Shah of class 11G participated and bagged 3 Gold medals respectively in 200mtr sprint, 400mtr sprint and Tripple Jump events. Congratulations!

16thSeptember, 2016.
Sports Update: Magic on Wheels … Skating @DPS Bopal

Delhi Public School , Bopal , Ahmedabad participated in SAG District Level Skating Tournament held at Eklavya Sports Academy, Ahmedabad from 8th to 11th September, 2016. 150 Skaters took part in this tournament from all over Ahmedabad. Our Students won 09 Gold , 14 Silver , 14 Bronze Medals and qualify for State Level Skating Tournament which is going to be held at Surat shortly.Congratulations! and Best Wishes for the next round! 1. Rudra Gol of Class 3 B 1 Gold , 1 Silver and 1 Bronze 2. Ananya Shah of Class 3 E won 1 Silver and 3 Bronze Medals. 3. Jahaan Bhavsar of Class 5 J won 1 Silver & 2 Bronze Medals. 4. Niya Patel of Class 5 J won 3 Gold Medals. 5. Vishakha Vachaspati of Class 3 F won 1 Gold and 3 Silver Medals. 6. Tanay Shah of Class 7 H won 4 Gold Medals. 7. Vrund Patel of Class 7 E won 4 Silver Medals. 8. Ayush Patel of Class 9 E Won 4 Silver Medals. 9. Atharva Bhasvsar of Class 7 A won 3 Bronze Medal. 10. Angelina Poussin of Class 7th Prerna won three Bronze medals. 11. Harsh Shah of Class 7 I won 1 Bronze Medal.

13thSeptember, 2016.
Sports Update: Table Tennis @DPS Bopal

Delhi Public School participated in ELEVEN SPORTS INTER SCHOOL STATE TABLE TENNIS CHAMPIONSHIP GUJARAT 2016 held at Ahmedabad Racket Academy, Ahmedabad. from 29th to 30th August 2016 and secured 3rd position (bronze medal) Name of the players are 1.Riyan Dutta 10-I 2.Adit Shah 9-D Captain:- Adit Shah Varenya Saini of Class 8-A participated in SAG TABLE-TENNIS TOURNAMENT REPORT under-14 Girl’s category and become RUNNER-UP which was held at Eklavya Sports Academy, Thaltej,Ahmedabad on 27/8/2016 .She is selected for state level. Congratulations! Shruti joshi of Class 11-Y participated in SAG TABLE-TENNIS TOURNAMENT under-19 girl’s category and secured fifth position which was held at Eklavya Sports Academy, Thaltej,Ahmedabad on 28/8/2016 and she has qualified for selected for state level. Congratulations! Adit Shah of Class 9-H participated in SAG TABLE-TENNIS TOURNAMENT under-17 Boy’s category and secured third position which was held at Eklavya Sports Academy, Thaltej,Ahmedabad on 27/8/2016 and selected for state level. Riyan Dutta of Class 10-I participated in SAG TABLE-TENNIS TOURNAMENT under-17 Boy’s category and become Champion which was held at Eklavya Sports Academy, Thaltej,Ahmedabad on 27/8/2016 and selected for state level. Congratulations!

13thSeptember, 2016.
Inter House Soft Board Decoration Competition: Grade 3 – 5 @ DPS Bopal

The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that ‘extra’ in the later one. DPS Bopal students believing in walking that ‘extra’ mile, during the Inter House competition of decorating the soft boards held on 8th September 2016 for classes III to V, validated that they are never willing to be ‘ordinary’. The recently concluded Rio Olympics and the achievers for India have left a deep impact on the young minds, same being the theme of the event, worked as a motivating factor. The participants very enthusiastically did extensive research during the preparatory time of two weeks to get into the depth of the Olympic Games and collected informative articles, images and news to proceed with their task. They came up with array of creative ideas like using colored bangles for the Olympic rings, making crafty Olympic torch and colorful posters to display their inventiveness. The boards attracted many fascinated onlookers around them, eagerly savoring the pictures, ideas and data displayed. Mahi house was awarded the first position followed by Sabarmati House bagging the second. The dual aim of enhancing innovative thinking and creating awareness about the sporting event amongst the students was successfully achieved through the competition.

9thSeptember, 2016.
Celebration of Hindi Divas @ DPS Bopal

Hindi is our national language and a nation is dumb without a National Language. Every person on this earth should be proud while speaking HINDI. That’s what Hindi divas does. Hindi Divas is actually celebrated on 14th September because on this day in 1949,the constituent Assembly of India had adopted Hindi written in DEVNAGARI script as the official language of Republic of India. It all started with a thought about how Truth can never hide. Then there was a ‘BHASHA GEET’ It included all the wonderful facts about our National Language. It was followed by ‘Kavi Lekhak Parichay’. It gave the despites an introduction of famous writers and poets of Hindi who bought laurels to our country. .. Next came a wonderful skit performed by the students on SATYAVAADI RAJA HARISHCHANDRA. All this was an effort to promote Hindi as a medium that unites a NATION. This was followed by felicitating meritorious students who have won laurels for their performance in various fields. The assembly concluded with Principal Mr Surender Sachdeva addressing the students with his motivating words.

8thSeptember, 2016.
Visitor of the Week: Mr Janak Sindhav

Consulting Homeopath Dr Janak Sindhav was welcomed in DPS Bopal as the visitor of the week on 8th September 2016. Dr Janak is associated with Homeopathic Health care clinic in Gurukul. After a warm welcome, he was taken for a tour of the school campus. During his visit Dr Janak interacted with the Prerna Head, Headmistress, Sr. vice Principal and the Principal. As a token of appreciation he was presented with a Yali mug and a card.

8thSeptember, 2016.
Hindi Hasya Kavita – Grade 4 & 5 @DPS Bopal

A day without laughter is a day wasted. Spreading laughter and humor all around the campus was the idea behind the Inter House ‘Hindi Haasya Kavita’ competition held on 19th and 26th of August’16 for grade 4 and grade 5 respectively. The event, conducted in the national language brought cheer abound and gave a fair chance to all the students to show their hidden talent. All sorts of poems from light-hearted, witty to whimsical were recited in the true spirit with absolute fluency and pronunciation. With the entire spotlight, the participants seemed to be enjoying every moment of the competition. Watching them perform with full avidity and conviction was truly a treat for the audience. Winners from each class were honoured with a certificate of appreciation by Headmistress Ms Sabina Sawhney.

7thSeptember, 2016.
CPS Ghatlodia ranked 10th in Ahmedabad City in Indian School Rankings 2016 by Education World

Congratulations CPS Ghatlodia for procuring 10th rank in Ahmedabad City, 14th in the state in Indian School Rankings 2016 by Education World, A leading Education magazine in the country. We are proud of our school and the whole team whose efforts have made this possible.

7thSeptember, 2016.
DPS Bopal ranked 7th in Ahmedabad City in Indian School Rankings 2016 by Education World

Congratulations DPS Bopal for procuring 7th rank in Ahmedabad City, 11th in the state in Indian School Rankings 2016 by Education World, A leading Education magazine in the country. We are proud of our school and the whole team whose efforts have made this possible.

7thSeptember, 2016.
DPS East ranked 11th in Ahmedabad City in Indian School Rankings 2016 by Education World

Congratulations DPS East for procuring 11th rank in Ahmedabad City, 15th in the state in Indian School Rankings 2016 by Education World, A leading Education magazine in the country. We are proud of our school and the whole team whose efforts have made this possible.

7thSeptember, 2016.
CPS Mundra ranked 1st in Kutch District in Indian School Rankings 2016 by Education World

Congratulations CPS Mundra for procuring 1st rank in Kutch District, 41st in the state in Indian School Rankings 2016 by Education World, A leading Education magazine in the country. We are proud of our school and the whole team whose efforts have made this possible.

7thSeptember, 2016.
NCPS Bharuch ranked 1st in Bharuch City in Indian School Rankings 2016 by Education World

Congratulations NCPS Bharuch for procuring 1st rank in Bharuch City, 34th in the state in Indian School Rankings 2016 by Education World, A leading Education magazine in the country. We are proud of our school and the whole team whose efforts have made this possible

7thSeptember, 2016.
Calorx Olive International School ranked 3rd in Gujarat State in Indian School Rankings 2016 by Education World

Congratulations Calorx Olive International School (COIS) procuring 3rd rank in Gujarat State, 20th on National Level in Indian School Rankings 2016 by Education World, A leading Education magazine in the country. We are proud of our school and the whole team whose efforts have made this possible.

7thSeptember, 2016.
CPS Jaipur ranked 13th in Jaipur City in Indian School Rankings 2016 by Education World

Congratulations CPS Jaipur for procuring 13th rank in Jaipur City, 23rd in the state in Indian School Rankings 2016 by Education World, A leading Education magazine in the country. We are proud of our school and the whole team whose efforts have made this possible.

6thSeptember, 2016.
DPS Bopal @ International College & Career Counselling Conference

Ms. Vibhuti Singh, In-charge International Student Cell, Delhi Public School, Bopal attended International College & Career Counselling Conference held at Mumbai on 31st August and 1st September. The main aim of the conference was to transform lives globally through career and college counselling. The conference was designed as an endeavour to redouble efforts to help young people grow up to be “happy beings” through mindful career and college choices. . During the course of the conference 32 sessions were organized to present various topics in depth, share perspectives through slides, expert discussion focusing on coming up with innovative solutions.

5thSeptember, 2016.
Celebration of Teacher’s Day @DPS East, Ahmedabad

The vibrant spirit running in every heart... With a touch of gratitude towards those souls... Who transformed this lump of clay. .. Into lovely creation so wonderful. ... The teacher's day celebration at DPS East campus brought about this joyous feeling. It was a lovely sight at DPS EAST when the new stage was inaugurated and kept open for the students... The guest of honour were the Parents of the students of class I. The teachers day celebration was never so wonderful; with great talent showcase of teachers performances. ... It was all in one... The assembly... song performance... dance performance... skit performance and of course the games. It was a full on power pack celebration. A way to let our children know that we do care the way u does.

4thSeptember, 2016.
KALOREX Core Values by Ekta Peshwani @ DPS Bopal

A refreshing and rebooting workshop on KALOREX core values was organised by DPS Bopal for the teaching staff. The guest speaker Ms.Ekta Peshwani, Head LDQ, ALTUS Private Ltd., began the session by encouraging the audience to express their conception of the word ‘values. Then she went on to through new light on the seven core values- Kinetic, Academic Excellence, Living in the Gap, Ownership, Raison d’être (Humanistic Approach), Empowerment and X Factor – Speed with Accuracy.

2ndSeptember, 2016.
DPS Bopal bagged Rolling Trophy @ZYFEST

“Winners never quit; they don’t wait for chances but take them.”Delhi Public School, Bopal participated in ‘Zyfest’ competitions conducted by Zydus School of Excellence, Vejalpur and bagged the Rolling Trophy. It was a moment of pride to hold the trophy in the hands of the winners. About 208 students from 11 schools participated in different competitions like Spell Bee, Grain Painting, Scientific Model making, Extempore speech, Logo design, Dance, Quiz and many more. Our students participated with zeal and enthusiasm and gave their best.

2ndSeptember, 2016.
Visitor of the Week: Mr Pranav Priyadarsh

Mr Pranav Priyadarsh executive Director at Sahib’s Restro Prahladnagar was welcomed in DPS Bopal as the visitor-of- the- week on 1st September 2016. A multi facet personality Mr Pranav is also the founder of Sharpened Inception and 3 Octaves. He has a deep connection with music since a very young age and was earlier associated with The Bhavan Centre and Trinity College of Music. After a warm welcome, Mr Pranav was taken for a tour of the school campus. He also interacted with the Headmistress, Sr. Vice Principal and Principal.

31stAugust, 2016.
DPS Bopal students participated in CMUN 2016.

Words ignite power to thoughts residing in people’s minds. The days from 19th to 21st August etched themselves in the memory of all delegates as CMUN unfolded yet another chapter at Trident Hotel, Mumbai. Eight delegates of DPS Bopal reveled in the thought provoking, intense debates, displaying very bit of their passion and preparation. Competing, interacting and lobbying with the highly experienced delegates was pure exhilaration; particularly dealing with the unexpected crises the executive boards came up with, that couldn’t be more fitting. The opening ceremony was presided by Mr. Kosov, the Israeli Ambassador to India, while the closing ceremony was graced by Mr. Iyer, the representative of British Council, India. Throughout the 3-day conference, the delegates were immersed in research and discussions of the agendas at hand. Students from all over the nation and other countries too, had given some great competition. The experience was awe-inspiring. The secretary general and deputy secretary general brimmed up hearts with confidence and the assurance of taking back something that would be quite unforgettable. The chief guests spoke with eloquence and integrity about the global issues, leaving the young delegates invigorated with the holistic feeling of doing something, contributing their best to this world.

29thAugust, 2016.
Education Trip – Grade -4 - DPS Bopal

Learning with pleasure is unforgettable. To inculcate such a learning was the aim to organize an educational trip for the students of class IV to Shreyas Museums. These museums, which house objects that are gathered from all states of India and from various countries, received around 400 young visitors from DPS Bopal on 23rd August and 26th August 2016. The visit to the Lokayatan Folk Museum that exhibits objects of crafts, utensils, domestic items, costumes and ceremonial objects from different communities and tribes of Gujarat, generated appreciation for the local heritage. The Kalpana Mangaldas Balayatan Museum has an extensive collection of toys, crafts and objects of performing art from varied states of India. The stupendous elephant skeleton was the highlight of this museum which made the students awestruck by its magnanimity. The aim to educate students about the rich diversity in traditions and lifestyles of our country was successfully met through the trip which also provided the visitors a valuable glance at our rich and glorious cultural heritage.

27thAugust, 2016.
CCCC 2016 @ DPS Bopal

Realising the importance of developing the mental faculties and enhancing the problem solving skills of students to cater to the present day demands, CBSE has organised Cryptic Crossword Contest 2016 (CCCC 2016) in 37 cities across the country. Delhi Public School – Bopal hosted the Ahmedabad city chapter on Friday, 26 August 2016. Crossword aficionados from various schools of Ahmedabad participated in this one of its kind competition. They solved the puzzle in groups which triggered a strong sense of bonding by creating a shared memory and concrete group of accomplishment. Speaking on this occasion, Principal, DPS-Bopal, Mr. Surender P. Sachdeva expressed that skill development is the most powerful weapon to change the world for which Crossword can be an effective tool. This unique competition was conducted by Mr. Raj Narayan Singh, National Coordinator for the event on behalf of CBSE at DPS Bopal campus for Ahmedabad City Round Chapter. Ms. Neera Pandey, Vice Principal, DPS-Bopal, in her speech reiterated the benefits of solving crossword puzzles and wished the students luck for the National round. The teams gave one another a tough competition with Shanti Asiatic School emerging as the winning team while Udgam School for Children was the runners up. The winning team would qualify for the next round at Delhi. All the participating teams were awarded with certificates while the winners and runners up were given trophies.

26thAugust, 2016.
“Riddles Day” – Sr. KG at DPS Bopal

In today’s scenario, the students are becoming increasingly more interested in social networks. To bring them out of this for some time, one of the best ways is by asking them to pose and solve riddles. It was heartening to see the Sr. Kg students at work as they shared riddles with the class. The kids came prepared with intellectual riddles to questions from day to day life. The activity helped in expanding their vocabulary and enhanced their thinking skills. The day was not only entertaining for the kids but also kept their brains at work.

25thAugust, 2016.
“Fruit Fiesta” - Prep at DPS Bopal

It was a colourful mélange of fruits on the Pre Primary campus as the Prep children celebrated Fruit Fiesta. The day was celebrated with the objective to educate the children about the importance of consuming fruits in our regular diet. The teachers explained the health benefits of having fruits everyday and washing them before eating. The different varieties of fruits and their intake for physical & mental growth were also discussed which enabled them to learn more about the taste, smell, colour and texture of each fruit. The kids were asked to bring a fruit from home and fruit chat was prepared in the class. Not only did the little ones play with fruit puzzles but also coloured pictures of different fruits thereby reinforcing their knowledge. All the children looked extremely thrilled as the fruits galore drew to an end.

24thAugust, 2016.

Students of class 6,7,8 and 9,10.displayed their skills in yoga for the prize .The event judged by Mr. Nishith Raval, Ms. Deepa rajaram and Ms. Sarika s. saw the students performing different ASANAS. The competition comprised of “three rounds” In the FIRST round the Asanas were allocated to the participants. The SECOND round was “Pick the chit”. and the THIRD round was that the participants had to demonstrate the asanas that they knew the best. And after that the results were declared with great pride. As the winners of class 9 and 10 were GANGA house stood the 1st prize. KAVERI house stood the 2nd prize. TAPTI house stood the 3rd prize. Respectively while in CLASS 6,7,8 the winners were SABARMATI house stood the 1st prize. TAPTI house stood the 2nd prize. NARMADA stood the 3rd prize respectively.

22ndAugust, 2016.
GOING GREEN – Plantation Drive @ DPS Bopal

Trees are sanctuaries. Whoever knows how to speak to them, whoever knows how to listen to them, can learn the truth. They do not preach learning and precepts, they preach undeterred by particulars, the ancient law of life.” DPS Bopal has been known for an all-round development of students. To create awareness with regards to significance of “Mother Nature and our responsibility towards it”, On 22 August 2016 the GREEN SCHOOL along with CISF(Central Industrial Security Force) conducted a Plantation Drive within the school campus. About 120 students volunteered to plant 100 trees which was contributed by CISF Department. This occasion was graced by Deputy Commandant, Mr. Virendra Pratap Singh, CISF, Inspector/EXE Mr. P.D Meena, Company Commander, CISF and Senior V.P Ms. Vandana Joshi, V.P Ms Neera Pandey, Administration Head Mr. Santosh the saplings were of many shady trees like JAMUN, GULTORA, NEEM etc. Plantation was being done by the students of 6-G, 7-G, and 8-G along with the Jawans of CISF. They had shown tremendous enthusiasm in the Plantation of the trees

22ndAugust, 2016.
Sports Achievement: Athletics - DPS Bopal

In the Taluka level U-14, 17,19 SAG Rural Level Athletics Tournament which was held at C.N. Vidhyalaya, Ambavadi, Ahmedabad on 13th September 2015, DPS Bopal Boys and Girls Team participated and achieved 14 placing in different events. Selected players will play for the District level tournament. The names of the medallists are: 1 Dhruv shukla 8 E U-14 Gold Shot put 2 Satyarth Sinha 8H U-14 Gold 200m, 4x100 3 Siddharth guleria 10G U-17 Gold HIGH JUMP 4 Anhad gande 10D U-17 Gold 100mtR 5 Sanjana Chawla 9E U-17 Gold 200 6 Yashvi shaunak shah 11G U-19 Gold 200mtr,400mtr,Tripple Jump 7 Kiran Parmar 7H U-14 Gold 4x100 8 Aaryaman Gumber 8A U-14 Gold 4x100 9 Jaydev Panchal 8J U-14 Gold 4x100 10 Amisha Chaturwedi 6H U-14 Gold 4x100 11 Preeti Mishra 7J U-14 Gold 4x100 12 Aastha Gandhi 7J U-14 Gold 4x100 13 Dhriti goyal 8I U-14 Gold 4x100

20thAugust, 2016.
Visitor of the Week: Ms. Aditi Thakor @ DPS Bopal

Noted filmmaker and Founder Director of Broken Box Filmz Ltd. Ms Aditi Thakor was welcomed in DPS Bopal as the visitor-of-the-week on 19th August 2016. A multi facet personality; Ms Aditi is a writer, director, composer, producer and a trained Kathak dancer. After a warm welcome, she was taken for a tour of the school campus. She interacted with the students of Class IV and acquainted them with the various categories and genres of films, showing them a few short documentaries with social messages. During her visit Ms Aditi met the Headmistress, Sr. Vice Principal and Principal and was presented with a Yali mug along with a card as a token of appreciation.

20thAugust, 2016.
Green School Workshop – Part -2 @ DPS Bopal

Winners: 1st Prize - Cosmos Castle 2nd Prize - CPS Ghatlodia 3rd Prize - Poddar International Project given: Best Eco Friendly Practices in School Ms. Pallavi gave an excellent illustration of a relationship between a mother and child, a relationship which is indestructible. Furthermore she went on to elaborate on the 3C approach i.e. curriculum, campus, community. She said that the curriculum should be more environment centric, the campus where students are learning should encourage sustainable development and finally the area where the campus is, should be able to influence the community around them. She made sure that the students understood that every action has a repercussion and we are all part of the environment regardless of age or any other factor. Ms. Barua spoke about how to discipline students and teach in a more innovative way. She talked about the pyramid of learning and debunked other such myths. She wanted teachers to focus on more than one teaching tool for methods like this would not work in isolation and emphasize more on activity based learning. She concluded by saying ,”For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them.’’

20thAugust, 2016.
Green School Workshop – Part -1 @ DPS Bopal

Welcome Address by the Principal The Principal, Mr. Surender P Sachdeva welcomed the august gathering and spoke on the importance of spreading awareness, keeping education practices green. He questioned the meaning of the word "GREEN SCHOOL" and moved the people to think about life in a different way. He emphasized that growth cannot be achieved in isolation, a statement he always tells all his students.. He talked about the importance of conserving fuel and warmly welcomed the Guest speakers A warm welcome to the dignitaries from TERI , Ms. Saltanat Kazi and Ms. Pallavi Barua, teachers and student representatives from different schools. A warm welcome to our Principal, Mr. Surender.P Sachdeva, Sr. VP, Ms. Vandna Joshi, vice principal, Ms. Neera Pandey, Sr. Secondary in-charge, Ms. Monita Dash, Prerna In-charge Ms. Sangeeta Hinduja, Headmistress, Ms. Sabina Swaney, teachers and all our fellow attendees. Lighting the Lamp to start the proceedings of Green School workshop. TERI The Energy and Resources Institute(TERI) is a research institute based in New Delhi that conducts research work in the fields of energy, environment and sustainable development. TERI was established in 1974, with the initial focus on documentation and information dissemination. Research activities, initiated towards the end of 1982, were rooted in TERI’s firm conviction that efficient utilization of energy and sustainable use of natural resources would propel the process of development. Chief Guest Profile A) Ms. Pallavi Barua - Asssociate Fellow Sustainable Development Outreach and Youth Education The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) B) Ms. Saltanat Kazi has her Master’s degree in Political Science and is working as a Fellow with The Energy and Resources Institute-TERI, Goa. Over the past 18 years at institute, she has amassed research and outreach experience at the TERI Goa and Mumbai offices.

17thAugust, 2016.
Budding Lawyers: Look at Law Differently. - DPS Bopal

Mr. Aditya Pratap Singh Rathore, B.A. L.L.B. from National Law School of India University (NLSIU) was the key speaker of the session held for Law aspirants of class XI and XII. Mr. He began his session by quoting Sir Walter Scott, “A lawyer without history or literature is a mechanic, a mere working mason; if he possesses some knowledge of these, he may venture to call himself an architect.” He highlighted that for being a lawyer, one needs to know not only the law but also the literature and History. According to him, law is just not about going to courts and fighting cases but even doing a lot of research work. He explained the difference between the working profiles of advocates, barristers and solicitors. Advantages and disadvantages of law as a career were clarified through a presentation. He advised the students to be very clear about the pros and cons of law as a career before getting into it. He also guided the students about CLAT exam and how to prepare for it.

17thAugust, 2016.
Sports Achievement: Badminton - DPS Bopal


17thAugust, 2016.
Sports Achievement: Martial Arts - DPS Bopal


15thAugust, 2016.
70th Independence Day celebrated @ CPS Mundra

Jay Hind! Jay Bharat! Vande Mataram ! 70th Independence was commemorated organizing Flag Hoisting ceremony & various cultural programs i.e. Patriotic group dances, regional dances, speech, skits, Mime etc... Most of students participated presenting spellbound performances. Around 800 parents joined celebrating the national event.

15thAugust, 2016.
70th Independence Day celebrated @ CPS Jaipur

Pleased to share those students, staff and parents of Calorx Public School Jaipur celebrated Independence Day with great fervor and joy. Chief Guest retired air force officer Mr. HP Yadav unfurled the tricolor National Flag followed by National Anthem and March Past. Students showcased patriotism through fancy dress, songs, skit, speech and dance. The school campus was decorated with tri -color posters, frills & balloons. It was a rich learning experience for the students who cherish the value of freedom & patriotism. Overall, a day marked by a promise to serve our nation.

15thAugust, 2016.

The Pratibha Gaurav Divas is celebrated to appreciate the efforts and to honour the young achievers of our school for their performances in academics and co-curricular activities 1. Pradeeptam award -This IS awarded to first , second and third rank holders in all the three streams. 2. Kushagra award- it IS given to students who secure 85% marks and above. 3. Prabudha award- The student must secure 75% marks in class XI and excel in the field of art and craft or dance and music or quiz or oratory skills. 4. Satatam award-A student who has 100% attendance in the current academic year.

14thAugust, 2016.
Pre-Primary activities @ DPS Bopal

“Patriotic Week”- Prep, Jr. Kg. Sr. Kg. To mark the Independence Day D.P.S. Bopal Pre-Primary commemorated Patriotic week. The students took pride in glorifying and celebrating the spirit of unity throughout the week. School was drenched in patriotic fervor and many activities were planned for all five days. The children echoed with patriotism as they drew national symbols, coloured the national flag, map, sang patriotic songs and finally culminated with the dress up activity where the kids came dressed as different national leaders, bravery and Noble award winners like Neerja Bhano and Mother Teresa. Subhash Chandra Bose, Mahatma Gandhi, Rani Laxmi Bhai, Swami Vivekanand and Narendra Modi were also the hot favourites. The kids spoke few lines on these leaders and expressed their love for their motherland.

12thAugust, 2016.
Designing their future: Learning effective skills, Internship Program of Std. X students- DPS Bopal

Interior Designing The students of Std X of Delhi Public School, Bopal , Ahmedabad took part in an Internship Program organized by the school on 9 August 2016. A group of 7 students visited Ms Neha Mody’s studio for Interior Designing Internship. As design aspirants, working with people is an important task. So when Mrs. Neha Mody warmly welcomed the students into the discussion room, they were first introduced to the working staff. Next came work, and the various duties and perspective of interior designing was brought into light by Ms. Mody. Her explanation emphasized on how to start when a project lands on our laps. She told that the site and the client’s requirements should always be kept in mind and the room should look useful and user friendly. The various processes required to make different interiors, the different techniques and materials required when a site is under construction was all brought to light by her. She tried to make the visit as fun as possible and also gave the aspirants homework to inculcate the lessons she taught. Ms. Mody was truly a professional as she examined every task she assigned and gave useful suggestions to the kids. The students thoroughly enjoyed the internship as it introduced to a new face of an interior designer. Her words and advice only deepened the interest

9thAugust, 2016.
NEET Bill 2016 (IMC Amendment Act 2016 & Dentist Amendment Act 2016) signed by the President of India

Yesterday, the President of India has signed “IMC Amendment Act 2016 & Dentist Amendment Act 2016”. The impact will be as follows, • Single Entrance Test across the country for UG & PG – Medical & Dental Courses • NEET will be implemented from the academic year 2017 - 18 • State level single Merit list on the basis of NEET • Board Marks to be considered only for eligibility but not for merit list • Schools need to prepare students for NEET - NCERT Syllabus likely to be followed strictly by the State Boards (Gujarat Board has already started implementing in 50 schools from Std. IX onwars from July 2016) • No further ordinance allowing states to conduct the medical entrance exams • MCI website is not amended with the latest news

9thAugust, 2016.
Special Assembly – Independence Day and Raksha Bandhan - III C @DPS Bopal

The presentations of the talented lot of class III C brought cheer and brightness in the hearts of the students of grade 2 and 3 on an otherwise cloudy and damp morning of 8th August’16. The special assembly dedicated to Independence Day and Raksha Bandhan was graced by the Headmistress Ms Sabina Sawhney, who in her address, reminded the students of the responsibilities which come along with freedom and how they could express their love for their nation by taking baby steps to make it better. Thought For the Day and News updates were followed by an excellent Skit on Freedom which was appreciated by all. The rhythmic dance on Independence Day made everyone tap their feet and a melodious song on Raksha Bandhan filled their hearts with brotherly and sisterly love. The assembly concluded with the National Anthem.

8thAugust, 2016.
Color Day and Friendship day @ CPS Jaipur

Pleased to share that Pre-primary section celebrated enthusiastically colors day and Friendship day on Saturday and Primary section had special assembly wherein after effects of usage of nuclear weapons were shared being Hiroshima Day. In the evening talent hunt event was organised in Mahima Panorama Housing Society. A talk on organ donation and transplantation was organised through Fortis Hospital

7thAugust, 2016.
Social services @DPS Bopal

Find out how much God has given you and from it take what you need; the rest can be served to the needy.’ Following the value of Care and Compassion, Delhi Public School, Bopal, undertook an initiative ‘Ek Mutthi Anaaj’ which aimed at collecting grains and donating it to the needy. The school, through its Social Service Committee, encouraged each student to donate grains for a week. Each morning, before each one of the students left for the school, he would bring a fistful of rice or more, and put it in the sack in the school. At the end of the week, the school has managed to collect 15 sacks of grains and has been given to ‘Manthan – an NGO’ – the only Rehab center in Western India for girls facing various challenges of life. Delhi Public School, Bopal, has received an overwhelming response in the collection drive, with almost every student implementing it successfully.

6thAugust, 2016.
Lighting the Lamp and Welcome at SRIJAN 2016 at DPS Bopal

The only difference between a good day and a bad day is your attitude’, and to start it on a positive note we need the blessing of Almighty. All the dignitaries initiated the proceedings by lighting the lamp followed by breath-taking classical dance, invoking the blessings of the Almighty. Principal Delhi Public School, Bopal, Ahmedabad , Mr. Surender Sachdeva, emphasized on being sensitive to each other in a competitive field and make friends for a lifetime which is even more valuable than getting a medal. Srijan is a platform for cultural exchange, sharing of ideas and learning effective skills.

3rdAugust, 2016.
Guide Tour to Graduate Studies in U.S at DPS Bopal

International Offerings--Guided Tour to Graduate Studies in U.S. “…We must no longer consider ourselves as the citizens of towns or cities, but we must consider ourselves as citizens of the globe.” Students interested in exploring an overseas academic experience, especially a degree program abroad, are often inundated with information, most of which lacks clarity or reliability. In addition, the application process is complicated and students are left to navigate the process without much help. DPS, Bopal arranged a session for ISC students with the U.S. University delegates to update themselves about various upcoming courses in universities abroad and get their queries answered pertaining to admissions, scholarships, visa guidance and amazing study abroad options. St. Thomas University, Nova South-eastern University, Kansas State University, St. Cloud State University & IUPUI visited the campus on 3rd August 2016. The session focused on the various courses and programs offered by U.S. Universities. The resource team briefed the students about the admission procedure and the scholarships offered by U.S. universities. They enlightened students with information about the various requirements and criteria to be fulfilled and looked into, before applying to the universities abroad. Interestingly none of the universities mentioned SAT as a mandatory requisite for admission, rather they specified that SAT or ACT can add a weightage to their admission process and can help them to avail more scholarships. After the presentation, a one to one session was held on their individual stalls by each representative of the universities and where all the queries of the students were answered. The session was very interactive and informative.

1stAugust, 2016.
Summer School Program of DPS Bopal students at Columbia University .

Saumya Patel ,Grade XI B attended the summer school program ayt Columbia university.She gained knowledge of Biology from what replicating to DNA enzyme mapping to holistic medication to gene alteration, both in practical and theory. Each day she had two classes, a lecture class and a lab class. The classes were very challenging and very informative. What was exceptionally amazing about the summer course at Columbia was its midday activities and extracurricular activities. Midday activities include chess, jazz, midday lectures (on how to apply to universities, net surfing, how to write a perfect essay, how to gain credits, etc.) and challenge accepted ( a dare game including knowledge). Extracurricular activities included community outreach program like clothing closet (donating clothes, city meals on wheels (donating food) and reading stories to young orphans. Being amongst the youngest students of the class and the only Indian, she faced many difficulties during the first week as almost everybody had some knowledge about the topics that they were being taught of. But as time passed she made friends who helped her with her difficulties. Incidentally her best friend at Columbia University was her Professors who were so friendly and helpful that she felt as if they were her classmates and not mentors. The diversity of the class was huge. Her classmates hailed from countries like Chile, Jordan, China, Japan, Taiwan, England, Australia, Russia and Morocco. Everyone had a different way of thinking and displaying work, that made her understand the study pattern of others. While working on group projects they exchanged ideas and always tried that our group gets the best presentation honour. During free time, classmates would share knowledge about our country and its culture. Her friends told her that they wanted to visit India and specifically the Taj Mahal, Felt really proud of being an Indian.

30thJuly, 2016.
Basketball (U-17 Girls) l: Sports Update at DPS Bopal

Shapes are also symbols. Not surprisingly, the early recognition of shapes relates to a child's ability to read symbols otherwise know as letters. Capital letters are made mostly of circles (or parts of circles) and lines. The first step in understanding letters is the ability to know the difference between a circle and a square or rectangle. It is most important for him/her to get the "feel" of the shapes in his/her hand before it is perfectly represented on paper. This shape drawing will naturally lead to writing letters.

30thJuly, 2016.
DPS Bopal Bags Rolling Trophy@CONFLUENCE-2016.

Hillwoods School, Gandhinagar organised the 2nd Annual cultural festival , Confluence2016 on 30th of July, with a host of exciting competitions ranging from Business Quiz ,Nukkad Natak, Kavi Sammelan, JAM (Just A Minute), Jingle composition and techsavy presentation on "Poverty of Gujarat" named- Reel Show. Team DPS gave tough competition to the other participating schools and brought home the Rolling Trophy . Busuness Quiz First Position Jingle First Position J.A.M. Second Position Reel Show Second Position. Way to go team DPS Bopal!

30thJuly, 2016.

Oratory should raise heart rate(s), it should blow the doors off the place. Such should be impact of your speech if you wish to leave footprints on the sands of time. Aimed to develop the oratorical and eloquent speaking skills of the students and to foster stage confidence, equipping them with better communication skills, DPS Bopal conducted an Inter-House Legendary Speech Competition on 28th July. With colossal confidence, voice clarity and the body language, the participants delivered captivating and worth listening speeches of various legends ; Martin Luther King, Mahatma Gandhi, APJ Abdul Kalam, Swami Vivekananda, Barrack Obama and many more. The presentations were indeed exemplary and overwhelming. The interest and eagerness among the students as well as teachers lighted up the atmosphere. The selected candidates of each house had to get past the quarter final and the semi-final rounds before reaching the finals. Thus finally, one participant from all the sections of class III, IV and V respectively from each house could make to the final round. The winners and all the participants were congratulated on their enterprising presentations and confidence by the Headmistress Ms. Sabina Sawhney. ‘Tapti’ House proved their mettle by bagging the first position. FIRST POSITION held by ‘Tapti’ House 1. Bhagyashree Jadeja – III B 2. Aashi Sharma – IV I 3. Jayaditya Vyas – V C RUNNERS UP bagged by ‘Ganga’ House 1. Nihar Shah – III B 2. Harman Singh – IV F 3. Mahima Pasupula – V K Best Speaker of the Competition – Jayaditya Vyas – V C

29thJuly, 2016.
Basketball (U-19 Girls) l: Sports Update at DPS Bopal

Delhi Public School, Bopal, Ahmedabad U-19 Girls Basketball Team participated in District Rural SAG Basketball Tournament held at DPS Bopal Ahmedabad on 22/07/2016 and emerged as “Champions” & Qualified for State Level Tournament going to be held at Month of September 2016

29thJuly, 2016.
Basketball (U-17 Girls) l: Sports Update at DPS Bopal

Delhi Public School, Bopal, Ahmedabad U-17 Girls Basketball Team participated in District Rural SAG Basketball Tournament held at DPS Bopal Ahmedabad on 23/07/2016 and emerged as “Champions” & Qualified for State Level Tournament going to be held at Month of September 2016. Congratulations and Best Of Luck!!

29thJuly, 2016.
Visitor A Week – Dr. Hitesh Andharia at DPS Bopal

Professor of surgery at VS Hospital, was the visitor of the week at DPS Bopal on 29th July. He was welcomed by Ms. Nirmala Sharma and students of grade 7th, 8th and 10th followed by the tour of campus. He had an interaction with Incharge Senior Sec. Ms. Monita Dash and VP Ms. Neera Pandey. He interacted with the students of class XII B. He explained step by step process of surgery. The students were enlightened with the medical line. Mr. Andharia was impressed with the thought process of children. He also invited the students for internship at VS Hospital.

28thJuly, 2016.
Celebrated World Hepatitis day at DPS East

With an aim to keep our kids updated about health measures, DPS EAST organised a workshop on the occasion of World Hepatitis Day conducted by Dr. HIMANSHU SONI. The students were made aware of the meaning of Hepatitis, its types, the causes of the same and the hygiene measures to be followed to stay safe from hepatitis. The workshop opened many areas where we can prevent ourselves as well as our family members from getting ill by following simple and clean food habits. The children enjoyed the workshop and learnt the ways of preventing hepatitis A. A healthy body is the greatest asset of any nation. Let us be a part of creating a healthy India!

27thJuly, 2016.
Investiture Ceremony for Primary section at DPS Bopal

Leadership is unlocking people’s potential to be better. To aspire students to take on leadership roles and to instil the values of leadership, DPS Bopal marked The Investiture Ceremony of the Primary Section for the academic session 2016-17 on 26th July 2016. The event was graced by the Special Guest Dr Mit Mankad, the Principal Mr Sachdeva and all the dignitaries of the DPS and Kalorex family as well as the proud parents of the newly formed school council. The event started with our young hosts guiding the audience about the democratic selection process of the new Office Bearers. The Principal enlightened the Office Bearers about the role of a leader and their responsibilities in his captivating speech. The newly elected members of the School’s Student Council consisting of General Office bearers and House Office bearers pledged the oath of solidarity with utmost sincerity and a feel of responsibilities bestowed upon them. They were officially felicitated with badges and sashes amidst the energetic beat of drums by the enthusiastic School band. An enthralling dance performance – Amritam spread a positive vibe across. The Chief Guest gave a congratulatory speech followed by a benevolent Vote of Thanks by the Headmistress Ms Sabina Sawhney. The Office Bearers enjoyed refreshing light snacks with their peers, while their eyes sparkled with pride. The new School Council promised to uphold the values of the school and keep its flag flying high while gratifying their duties that symbolises responsibility, dignity and integrity. Indeed, a proud moment for our future leader!

23rdJuly, 2016.
An Internship Program at Emirates for DPS Bopal students

18 students of class X from DPS, BOPAL, went for an Internship at Emirates at 4 ‘o’ clock in the afternoon. It was addressed by Ms. Pialee Mukherjee. Mr Vishwanath Reddy, Mr Mahindra Pokhriyal & Mr Shalin Joshipura. The topic was Aviation Industry Career Prospects in which the students were given details on What is Aviation and were briefed about the International Air Transport Association (IATA) which is the International Trade Association of the world’s airlines and supports airline activities and its priorities are safety, security, simplifying the Business and Environment. They were also informed about the Airline Trade and the need, source and support of this trade and also the various industries which are directly or indirectly connected to Trade, which includes the hotels, travel insurance, car, passport, itinerary, money, VISA etc. Then the students were given briefing on the Aviation Career Prospects which included the information of the responsibilities and qualification of cabin crew, pilots, engineering, airport ops, PSS, Planning, Corporate Communication, Cargo, Crew Ops, Commercial, Finance/Audit Inquest, Flight Ops, Security, HR, IT, Legal, Tourism, Medical, Logistics, Corp Services, L&D, Dnata Travel, In fligt Catering, Global Opportunities, Retail and Contact Center. They were also told about the Emirates Sky Cargo and Directorate General of Civil Aviation. Then there was a quick Question and Answer session in which the students asked their doubt and at the end the students were given gift hampers from Emirates.

23rdJuly, 2016.
Math-e-Matrix @ Podar International School. Won by DPS Bopal

Delhi Public School, Bopal, participated in ‘, an event involving quiz, poster-making, and paradox, conducted by Podar International School, New C.G. Road, Ahmedabad. 15 schools participated in the event, Delhi Public School, Bopal, won the rolling trophy, specially designed by the students of Podar International School. DPS won the second prize in Quiz and third prize in poster making competition. Pratham Katiyar and Viraj Shah won the Quiz for DPS and Akanksha Shah bagged the prize in Poster making competition. Congratulations!!!

22ndJuly, 2016.
Jayaditya Vyas of DPS Bopal won first prize at Inter School Poetry Recitation 2016.

Congratulations! Jayaditya Vyas ! Students of D.P. S. Bopal participated in the Inter School English Recitation Competition called 'Poems Out Loud '. hosted by J.G International school on 22/7/16. About 25 reputed schools of Ahmedabad participated in it.The teams were divided into three groups of different age levels. Jayaditya Vyas of Grade V C (Group A) won the first prize and brought laurels to the school. Compete with yourself and not with each other was the underlying principle of the competition.

22ndJuly, 2016.

“If we want to live in a happy and a peaceful society , we can achieve it through the virtue of care and compassion”. DPS Bopal celebrated world population day on 22nd of July. The event was given a melodious start by students as they touched each and every heart by their singing skills. One of our student seized the opportunity to deliver his thoughts on care and compassion. He rightly quoted Dalai Lama , “ Care and compassion are necessities not luxuries without them the society cannot survive. “His speech was followed up by a video on the values of care and compassion. The students of our school in a very creative manner tried to make us understand that care and compassion is the only way in which we can pay back to the society . They promoted the idea of adoption to be the new standard of living. The special assembly ended with Principal sir’s view about how we want to do something for the society. He advised the young minds to inculcate virtues of care and compassion in one’s life. He also emphasized that it’s really important to respect everyone’s view. He threw light on how living in the present, is the key for mindfulness.

20thJuly, 2016.
Ek Muthhi Aanaj – Day 3 at DPS Bopal

Learning to care for those less fortunate who need a supporting hand to grow and survive, the students of the primary section are also contributing their part of sharing with the same zeal even on the third day. The event is undoubtedly giving them a platform to practically apply the values they have imbibed from home and from their school and helping them become responsible citizens of tomorrow. The eagerness of the dipsites to donate towards the Grain Donation Drive – Ek Muthi Anaaj continued for the 3 rd day. Shan Haresh Savaliya of class III D along with his mother Ms Manisha Savaliya took a big step of contributing 4 sacks of rice towards the cause. Our Head Mistress Ms. Sabina Sawhney personally appreciated the mother child duo for their initiative The enthusiasm exhibited by these youngsters towards the ‘Ek Muthi Anaaj’- Grain Collection Drive certainly carries a lesson for each one of us, not to underestimate the difference we can make in the lives of others but to step forward, reach out and help!

19thJuly, 2016.
Visitor of the Week – Mr. Rajneesh Thapliyal at DPS Bopal

Mr. Rajneesh Thapliyal, Business Head of DNA newspaper, was the visitor of the week at DPS-Bopal on 15 July ’16. He was welcomed by Ms. Sangeeta S, faculty member Social Science, followed by a tour of the campus. He had an interaction with Principal Mr. Surender Sachdeva and Sr. Vice Principal Ms. Vandna Joshi. He was highly impressed by the new medical facilities. He also interacted with the students of Class VIII. The children were enlightened with the print media and its benefits. Mr. Thapliyal was impressed with the thought process of children. He also invited the school for a visit to DNA printing press.

18thJuly, 2016.
RED Colour Day celebrated by CPS Jaipur

It is pleasing to share that we celebrated Red Colour day to introduce red colour to our little angels of Pre Primary section, cute faces all attired in the red colour, had a red colour food in their meals as well. The day started with special assembly. The children enjoyed the day by doing fun activities related with red sand.

18thJuly, 2016.
Ek Muthhi Aanaj DAY -1 at DPS Bopal

"Find out how much God has given you and from it take what you need and the remains can be served to the needy". Inculcating these values in children and being a helping aid to the needy, DPS comes with its unique campaign of pouring a handful of gain in sacks. An initiative DPS student witnesses each year and this year also the campaign has been successfully started with compassion and love for the needy of our nation. A handful of grain which many of us today comfortably ignore, could create a lot of difference in the lives of millions encompassed by poverty and deprivation. Children made a difference by pouring. Way more than a fistful of grain with all different items like rice, wheat, lentils, and many more cereals and pulses .There was an air of excitement seen in each every volunteer to help them fill up the sacks. Although any amount is not enough for such huge population but a handful of help also makes a big difference in life of poor. Power of small could not have been expressed better.

17thJuly, 2016.
1st Parent Workshop for Prep., Jr. KG and Sr. KG at DPS Bopal

Communication is the key to a positive parent – teacher association. To nurture this bond DPS Bopal Pre Primary organized a workshop for its parents. The teachers conducted the workshop and guided the parents about the methodology of teaching and elaborated on the syllabus for the upcoming session. The parents were also informed about the various activities conducted. The parents were positive praise about the Montessori Lab and Tab Lab which were introduced by the school this year, keeping the Dipsites at par with the Global Education System. The queries of the parents were convincingly answered by the teachers.

17thJuly, 2016.
DPS Bopal students participated in Entrepreneurship Education workshop conducted by EDI

To cultivate entrepreneurial mind set among the girls ,The Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India (EDI),Gandhinagar , conducted a workshop on Entrepreneurship education on 16/7/16. More than 30 girls/students of Grade X and XI attended the highly motivating workshop. The workshop educated the girl students about charms of being an entrepreneur and hence choose entrepreneurship as a career option. The entire workshop was designed to help them assess their entrepreneurial competencies through a well-designed psychometric test. It provided opportunities to Interact with women entrepreneurs to learn from their experiences and hardships and how did they overcome them. It was planned to create awareness about entrepreneurship among young girls while they are still in school in order to prepare them for the transition from school to work Dr. Sunil Shukla Director EDI introduced the idea of entrepreneurship along with Dr. Saxsena .Two prominent entrepreneurs Ms Ruzan Khambatta (Police Heart 1091) and Ms Vaidehi Chokhani of Kabhi B entralled the students about their entrepreneurial journey. The icing on the cake was the psychometric test conducted by By Dr Siddique . The workshop left a lasting impact on the young minds as it was meticulously planned backed with impeccable hospitality by EDI.

16thJuly, 2016.
A Plantation Drive by DPS Bopal

“Man shapes himself through decisions that shape his environment.” Rene Dubos Today, was an eventful day for DPS as we have lived the vision of Green Practices by organising the Plantation Drive. We abuse the land because we regard it as a commodity belonging to us. When we see land as a community to which we belong, we may begin to use it with love and respect. Planting a tree is not just using of resources sustainably, but arranging resource for future generations. The students enthusiastically participated in the drive. Mr. R. C. Patel, President BJP, Ahmedabad district and Smt. Jigisha Shah, Vice President of Bopal-Ghuma Nagarpalika, President of Lions Club International for Bopal and Chairperson cum Founder of Riddhima Foundation graced the occasion by being the guests of honour. Smt. Jigisha has undertaken numerous social works which includes plantation of trees in thousands. She also provided the school with the saplings for this year’s plantation. They were accompanied by the forest officer, Mr. Alpesh P. The drive began by welcoming the guests, Smt Jigisha Shah and Mr. Patel with tilak followed by Prayer and an article on importance of trees. Senior Vice Principal, Ms Vandna Joshi addressed the gathering on carrying it forward to the community by plantation in the neighbourhood. Smt. Jigisha Patel addressed the students and talked about the importance of plantation. Smt Jigisha, Mr. Patel, Senior Vice Principal, Ms. Vandna Joshi, Headmistress, Ms.Sabina along with the Green warriors planted saplings of Gulmohar and Garmara outside the Kridangan boundary wall. Fifty trees were planted in totality. The Green Warriors were extremely happy in ‘DOING THEIR BIT’ towards the environment.

16thJuly, 2016.
Activity on PEACE talks and PEACE studies at DPS Bopal

The Mock United Nations held on 16th of July, 2016, in DPS Bopal was an exemplification of Peace Talk/Studies activities. The Committee simulated was Human Rights Council, discussing extremism in North-eastern Indian states and how to curb them. It began with the President Shubhranshu Dutta addressing the committee on the agenda and the Rules of Procedure. If peace was a constitution, that constitution would be hypothetical. Even so, trying to defy logic, delegates of HRC tried to find solutions to the problem. Discussing the causes of extremism in North-East which ranged from ignorance on behalf of Indian Government, the plight of the tribal people in the region and economic issues. Most the delegates being first timers learned the spirit of diplomacy. The resolution passed, with delegates coming up with solutions like house search of the victimised in every 6 months, a report of funds, etc. The debate proved to be very fruitful and delegates went home enlightened

16thJuly, 2016.
DPS East celebrated GYANOTSAVA – 2016

Leaders are not born they are created!! And at DPS EAST we are glad that we are a contributor in this creation. The honour of honouring the champions is a pleasure in true sense. DPSEAST celebrated the scholar badge ceremony at GYANOTSAVA 2015-16 for the students of class X-XII. The student of the year awards were also given to the overall achievers. The toppers who fetched laurels by securing great grades at X-XII board were also felicitated. The parents could be seen holding that pride of being at DPSEAST. We are extremely happy with the students' performance and wish to see more in the list next year. The students when motivated with a zeal to know and realise their potential, can achieve great heights.

16thJuly, 2016.
Parent orientation about various facets of CCE at DPS Bopal

"Your children are not your children. They are the sons and daughters of Life’s longing for itself” An orientation was conducted in ‘ Abhivyakti’,.DPS Bopal on 16/7/16 to brief the parents about the various facets of CCE . school rules and policies .It started off with an introduction of faculties followed by briefing of discipline policy by Ms Ranjana . Principal Mr.Surender Sachdeva took over the keynote by enlightening the audience about examination policy according to CCE guidelines, assessment system, scholastic and co scholastic grades and internships offered by our school .He further stressed on the well being of an adolescent child and how we could handle them with care and affection also giving useful tips. The event concluded after a doubt clearing session. It was truly a morning well-spent.

14thJuly, 2016.
VIBGYOR DAY celebrated by Sr. K G students at DPS Bopal

As the rainy season began D.P.S. Bopal Pre Primary decided to bring down the colourful rainbow from the sky to its campus as the students of Sr. Kg celebrated “Vibgyor Day”. Teachers as well as the students came dressed in various colours of the rainbow and celebrated in high spirit. Various activities were conducted to deliver the concept of rainbow and enrich their knowledge about its colours. The art activity organized for them was to create a rainbow with the seven colours artistically. They were also shown an experiment of rainbow colour formation with the help of C.D. and torch. Finally, a quiz contest “Vibgyor Challenge” was organized for them, where they were asked questions related to rainbow formation and its colours. The winners were applauded with appreciation badges. The children had a wonderful day which had enhanced their learning in a wide spectrum.

12thJuly, 2016.
Internship Program organized by DPS Bopal for Grade X students

The students of Std X, Delhi Public School, Bopal , Ahmedabad took part in an Internship Program organized by the school on 9 July 2016. A group of 8 students visited the office of Mr Nikhil Upadhyay for internship in Computer Engineering. The students were shown all the components and processes involved in Computer Engineering. They were briefed about the advancements that have taken place in the recent years. The young and curious minds were also introduced to computer languages and programmes like C, C++ and Java. Also, the students had the opportunity to see how the servers and data transformation procedure takes place. It was an extremely informative initiative and now, they are aware of the steps involved towards the path of becoming a Computer Engineer.

11thJuly, 2016.
International Students Cell for Grade XI at DPS Bopal

A session for the parents of the ISC members was conducted on 8/7/16 in Delhi Public School, Bopal. The session was conducted by Ms.Pervin Doctor who thoroughly briefed the parents about all the procedures required for graduation courses in the United States. She gave brief accounts of eligibility tests (like SATs and TOEFL), Visa applications, American Universities and semester system as well as about the financial requirements. She also emphasized on the fact that parents should not pressurize their children into making career choices and also that the students should do their own research. Ms. Monita Das, Incharge, Sr. Secondary, was also present at the session. All the parents appreciated the initiative taken by the school.

8thJuly, 2016.
A talk on career choices & interest at DPS Bopal

"We should explore new careers and not follow the dreams of our forefathers” Mr. Himanshu Sharma, Head of International Relations and Web based Promotional Services at Zydus Hospital, was welcomed with the traditional DPS style before his meeting with the Principal, Mr. Surendra Sachdeva. His tour was followed by the meeting with the Sr. Vice Principal, Ms. Vandana Joshi. He then conducted an interactive session with the students of class 10-G, which included talks about their career choices and interests. He wisely enlightened the students, saying “Any career one goes in should not be for the advancements or even the money but for the feeling of desire to help”. He broke the stereotype of students by giving examples. The interaction was followed by a meeting with the Vice Principal Ms. Neera Pandey. He emphasized on the consequences of self medication, misuse of medicines and creating awareness among students about healthcare. In the end his words that struck the students most was that “We should explore new careers and not follow the dreams of our forefathers”.

5thJuly, 2016.
Special Assembly: Eid Mubarak by Grade IX.) At DPS Bopal

Eid and Rath Yatra were celebrated in Delhi Public School on 5th July 2016. The assembly started with an inspirational thought and story on ‘Care and Compassion’ followed by the World news. To start with the festivities an interesting article enlightening the students about ‘Rathyatra’ was read out. An admirable skit was performed by the students on Eid followed by a soulful Sufi song. A verse from the ‘Holy Quran’ was read out, transforming the aura of the assembly. The participants of Olympiad were felicitated by Principal Mr Surender Sachdeva. The celebration concluded with the principal’s enlightening words.

4thJuly, 2016.
Inter House Hand Ball competition (Boys) at DPS Bopal

The Inter-house Boys Handball match between Sabarmati and Narmada (Class 6 to 8) was played on 2nd July 2016. The event commenced with our guest Mr. Bikash tossing the coin and wishing best of luck to the teams. Both the team played very hard for the goals. In the first 10 minutes no goal was scored. After second half Narmada house scored 11 goals and Sabarmati house scored only 1 point. They were in little pressure during the entire match. Ananya of class 8 played captain inning with the score of 5 goals individually. Narmada house won the match by scoring 11-1

4thJuly, 2016.
Inter House Hand Ball competition (Girls) at DPS Bopal

The Inter-house Girls Handball match between Sabarmati and Narmada (Class 6 to 8) was played on 2nd July 2016. the event commenced with our guest Mr.Hardik Vaidya tossing the coin and conveying best luck to the teams. Mr. Neerav and Mr. Hardik shared their experiences with the students. In the first 10 minutes no goal was scored. After second half Narmada house scored 1 goal and Sabarmati house scored 1 goal at the same time. In the second half no goal was scored by any team. 10 minute extra time was given by the referee and in the last minute Navya of class 7 scored winning goal. Narmada house won the match by scoring 2-1.

2ndJuly, 2016.
Learning with Fun at DPS Bopal

Movie on Anger management. “What we learn with pleasure we never forget”. Delhi Public School ,Bopal organized an educational trip for Class 6, to view an educational movie on anger management titled ‘Angry Birds’ on 02 July, Saturday, with the motive of ‘Learning with fun’. The trip covered the Interdisciplinary Approach. Around 450 students went to the trip accompanied by 12 teachers. It truly was a day dipped in fun and excitement for the little ones. The children were captivated by the different characters of the movie. The movie covers the emotional aspect of dealing with one’s anger. While viewing such a thrilling movie, the students were served with popcorns and soft drinks. Every bit of time was savoured by all and the return journey to school with smiling and exciting faces was a delectable sight. The children always look forward to such occasions when they could be just for themselves, in the company of their friends and live each moment so merrily and take home a valuable message. AN EXHILARATING DAY INDEED WITH ANGRY BIRDS.

2ndJuly, 2016.
Primary School Activities at DPS Bopal

Inter-House Tiger Quiz Competition: Grade 3 – 5 To reap utmost dividends, it’s best to invest in knowledge as it always yields the best profits. With the aim to develop extra-educational knowledge and enhance team spirit amongst the students, an Inter-House Quiz Competition was conducted at DPS Bopal on 30th June’16 for classes III, IV and V respectively with the theme - TIGER. Known for its wide and razor sharp vision, the Tiger personifies the traits that today’s generation needs to possess to make a mark in this highly competitive world. Many attention-grabbing questions were posed, testing each aspect of their educational knowledge across different disciplines like current affairs, personality identification, and environmental science to name a few. The event proved to be very enriching and educative for these youngsters who were fervent participants, putting up a whole hearted effort. Many groups went through a tie breaker with one team from each class qualifying as winners and receiving due acknowledgment.

2ndJuly, 2016.
Pre Primary School Activities at DPS Bopal

“Pot Luck Day” Jr. Kg, Prep, Sr. Kg. (28th-30th June, 2016) D.P.S. Bopal Pre-Primary came enthusiastically to school carrying yummilicious snacks to eat and share with their friends on Pot Luck Day. There was lot of excitement in the air. The grounds were booked and the class rooms were converted into an inviting place filled with excitement and cheer. Food items of all kids’ choice like muffins, coin pizzas, wafers, sandwiches, Hakka noodles and every child’s favourite Tang to drink were invitingly displayed on the tables. While the tiny tots of Prep and Jr. Kg settled for a sit-down set-up with teachers serving them, the students of Sr. Kg went a step ahead and handled the entire show by going in for a buffet. They took turns to serve their friends and enjoyed each other’s company while joyously having the meal of their choice. The greatest achievement of the event was to see the kids’ contended looks after taking multiple helpings of their favourite dishes and happily rejoicing the day.

Visitor of the Week – Ms. Falguni Vasavda at DPS Bopal

Brand Management, media, Product..... These terms were explained to students of DPS Bopal on 1/7/16 by Ms. Falguni Vasavda, an Associate Professor with MICA, who visited the campus. She had an interactive session with students of humanities stream and editorial committee in which she informed the student’s basics about the aspects of advertising MICA deals with and its admission procedure. The children received a brief idea about branding in marketing management She interacted with the Principal, Mr Surender Sachdeva,Sr.Vice Principal Ms Vandna Joshi,Head Mistress Ms Sabina Sawhney, Vice Principal , Ms Neera Pandey and in charge Senior Secondary Ms Monita Dash.

30thJune, 2016.
Senior Assembly “Save our Environment” at DPS Bopal

"We have not inherited the world from our forefathers we have borrowed it from our children" The genesis of 30th June2016 saw the students of classes XIth and XIIth gather in Abhivyakti for an Assembly celebrating the coveted World Environment Day that enables everyone to realize not only the responsibility to care for the Earth, but also reminds one and all of their individual power to become agents of change. Starting off with a pious note, the assembly witnessed a divine chant of prayer in reverence to the Almighty. Following this were the videos shown which underlined the plight of Mother Nature. Subsequently, followed an ecstatic visual spectacle showcased by students of class 12 in the form of a dance-drama that focused on global awareness to take positive environmental action, to protect nature and the planet Earth. Pratyush Kundu, XII E was felicitated for his remarkable achievement in Finance Olympiad conducted by BSE. The Assembly concluded with an inspirational speech by Principal, Mr. Surender P.Sachdeva who emphasized that respect is much needed in the modern world to foster peace and kindness between all people and controlling one’s mind is important to ward off distractions that are prevalent in today’s world.

29thJune, 2016.
Science Workshop at DPS Bopal

A workshop was conducted for science teachers teaching class VI to VIII science and IX to XII Biology on 27th June, Monday from 1:30pm to 3:30pm in the AV room of the school. 15 teachers, including the DC, Ms. Monita Dash attended the workshop. The workshop was conducted by Dr. Neeraj Mahajan, MBBS, Ph D. (Endocrine Physiology), who is currently working as an associate professor at N. H. L. Municipal Medical College. The major points covered in the workshop were • Physiology of memory and learning • Physiology of respiration • Details of structure of brain and its functions.

25thJune, 2016.
Green School & Back to School and Eid-Ul-Fitr at DPS Bopal

A school assembly is one of the most important aspects of a school curriculum. Class 3A of DPS Bopal conducted its assembly on Green School, Back to School and Eid-Ul-Fitr on 27th June’16. Creating a welcoming ambience a song – Sing-a-welcome-song was sung with immense enthusiasm which was well reciprocated by all present. Along with the ‘Thought for the day’ and the ‘News’ a short skit on clean classroom and its green surroundings was presented to highlight the importance of Clean and Green environment. To strengthen the value of Unity in Diversity, information on the approaching festival ‘Eid-Ul-Fitr’ was imparted to the students. The assembly successfully helped nurture the development of intrapersonal intelligence of the young audience.

25thJune, 2016.
SPORTS UDATE: Table Tennis at DPS Bopal

Delhi Public School Bopal Participated in first Ahmedabad open Table Tennis tournament which was held at Club’O7 from 10th June to 12Th June 2016 , Delhi Public School participated in different categories andmade us proud by winning the following prizes 1. Riyan Dutta of class 10 - I participated in under-18 and become runner-up and won the prize money of Rs. 1050 2. Varenya Saini of class 8-A participated in under-15 and become runner-up and won the prize money of Rs.450 3. Adit Shah of class 9-H participated in under-15 and become runner-up and won the prize money of Rs.750 4. Anuj Joshi of class 6-D participated in under-12 and become runner-up and won the prize money of Rs.450 Congratulations!!!

23rdJune, 2016.

To celebrate June 26 as the International Day against drug abuse and illicit trafficking, DPS Bopal invited Mr. Hari Om Gandhi, Zonal Director, Narcotics Control Bureau to sensitize youth in particular to the menace of drugs. Today’s generation has been accustomed to a life full of stress and this has stimulated the consumption of drugs, alcohol and cigarettes. A documentary was shown to the students to make them aware about the harmful effects of drugs on a human being. Along with it he also shared a report by W.H.O, stating that drugs have a direct influence on a human brain and with the consumption of drugs it can turn a bright student into an average student. He also emphasized on the fact that $500 billion is the turnover for the drug industry, being the third largest business in the world. A video was shown, depicting that every cigarette, tobacco and alcohol reduce 6 minutes of one’s life. It’s high time we wake up and brace ourselves to make our country free from the vicious circle of drug abuse.

23rdJune, 2016.
Investiture Ceremony for the Academic Year 2016-17 at DPS East

Flew with pride the school flag so high when young leaders of India calls Ready in honour to serve the nation stands to be the sole aim of these souls D.P.S. East observed its Investiture Ceremony on 23rd June, 2016. The new Supreme council proudly stood in honour to serve for their school and the community with complete dedication. The ceremony was attended by the Principal Mr. Hitesh Puri, Level coordinators Mr Jaydeep Dave, Mr. Hiren Thakkar, Ms. Subamma Naicker, all the teachers, house wardens and the students. An energetic dance performance aroused the spirit of hard work and dedication among students. A new council of members was formed and they were presented badges as a token of the new responsibility to be shouldered by them. The assembly was very well conducted by the sports in charge. The members of the council took an oath to serve the school and the society with perseverance and honesty. Principal Mr. Hitesh Puri congratulated the new council and explained them the importance of their responsibility towards their work. The council promised their commitment to work with grit and conviction in all the duties given.

22ndJune, 2016.
“Aqua Fun” for Prep. At DPS Bopal

It’s no secret that kiddos love to play with water! The splish-splash of the water has a universal appeal to them. Therefore, DPS Pre Primary planned the Aqua Fun Day for the Prep children to indulge them and let them have some amazing fun!! The splash pool was full of kid’s squeals of delight as they threw water at each other and played with the toys in the pool. The little darlings looked gorgeous in their flowery and dotty swimming attire. It was a task to take them out of the pool and send them home with wonderful memories of a fun filled day!!!

22ndJune, 2016.
Collage Competition for Grade 1 & 2 at DPS Bopal

DPS Bopal gave the look of a wonder world of colorful bits of papers during the collage Competition held on 21st June’16 for classes I and II with the objective of providing the participants a first-hand experience of touching, feeling, sticking and creating a collage masterpiece. Unravelling the mysteries of the imaginations of their own world of colours, hues of lively, colourful bits were stuck on raw pictures to make them come alive. These young artists started enthusiastically using their creativity and fine motor skills. In no time a whole new wonder world was created out of bits of fluorescent papers. Butterflies, flowers, ice creams, birds, etc all fascinated their thinking and were given a perfect photo-finish by our budding talents. Judges had a tough time deciding on the ‘one best piece of art’ from each class. WINNERS OF THE COLLAGE COMPETITION-CLASS I S.No. Class Section Name 1. I A AJITESH PRAKASH 2. I B KRISHNA KHANCHANDANI 3. I C HIMANSHA AGARWAL 4. I D TAKSH NEGI 5. I E DIVYARAJ JETAVAT 6. I F NIHAAL TREHAN 7. I G TANISHKA BANJAL 8. I H MANAN PUROHIT 9. I I SHIMOLI DAS 10. I J VEDIKA MEHTA 11. I K SIDDHARTH MAKWANA WINNERS OF THE COLLAGE COMPETITION-CLASS II S.No. Class Section Name 1. II A DIVYA DAVE 2. II B DEVASHREE GOGOI 3. II C ANANT VYAS 4. II D SACHI SHAH 5. II E SAUMYA PATEL 6. II F MORYANSH SHETH 7. II G ADAH BAJAJ 8. II H KEYA PATEL 9. II I ARSHIA KASHYAP 10. II J SHREEDA SINGH 11. II K JIL PARMAR

22ndJune, 2016.
Celebrating International Yoga Day for Primary Section at DPS Bopal

With the health and fitness benefits of Yoga being universally acknowledged it’s time we start practicing it in everyday life in order to lead a holistic life that is healthy, humble and devout. Yoga is a physical, mental and spiritual practice attributed mostly in India and now has shared its invaluable gift with the whole world with the United Nations declaring ‘21st June’ as International Yoga Day. Fifth graders at DPS Bopal, along with their teachers zealously rolling out their yoga mats, performed varied asanas following the expert instructions of the Sports faculty. The session threw enough spot light on the importance of practicing this stress buster, for these youngsters to understand the true spirit of yoga and make it a part of their lives and eventually, discover the sense of oneness with oneself, the world and the nature.

18thJune, 2016.
International Yoga Day celebrated by DPS East

The body and the soul together when are full of energy we get the best outcome of our living. It was a great moment to share the space with lots of energetic students, parents, teachers and the public at large when DPSEAST celebrated its 2nd International Yoga Day at Vyayamshala Kankaria. The session was conducted by Shri Ratnakar Padh - gold medallist (yoga ) Gujarat Vidhyapith Ahmedabad. The guest to grace the event was Shri Santosh Rajput renowned businessman, Estate owner and IOC member. Shri Bansilal Prajapati Deputy Chairman, water supply AMC. The event received great appreciation from the guests and parents!

18thJune, 2016.
Educational Trip to Lokayatan and Balayatan Museum – DPS Bopal

Delhi Public School, Bopal organized an educational trip for Class 7 to Lokayatan and Balayatan Museum at Shreyas Foundation on 18 June, Saturday around 400 students went to the trip accompanied by 12 teachers The main objective of this trip was to enable students to develop love for their culture ,heritage and community Lokayatan Folk Museum contains objects of crafts, utensils , domestic items, costumes and ceremonial objects from different communities and tribes in Gujarat. With an aim to generate appreciation of local heritage, this place educates student about the rich diversity in traditions and lifestyles in the state. The Balayatan Museum has an extensive collection of toys, crafts and objects of performing arts. The highlight of this museum is the stupendous elephant skeleton. Other articles on display were puppets, masks, costumes, coins and toys. Special emphasis was on theatre and performing arts.Overall all the students showed a perfect example of being in discipline with enjoyment.

16thJune, 2016.
Happy Birthday to DPS East!

The journey started 8 years back with a single dream of delivering the best in education and nurturing the children shaping them into great leaders and achievers at various fronts. THE JOYOUS CELEBRATION OF THE BIRTHDAY OF DPSEAST!!! COMPLETING 8 GLORIOUS YEARS!!!! The love of children added flavour to the fantastic birthday mood today morning... With lovely dance party to the exciting games! It was all great... grand... and enthralling. ..Happy Birthday Dear DPS EAST! !!

16thJune, 2016.
Father’s Day campaign at DPS Bopal

Thanks a lot for your overwhelming response. We have selected and put up so far as per the entries received till 14 June 2016. We will be uploading 65 more shortlisted pictures later today from the entries received and acknowledged till 14 June.

14th'June, 2016.
Sports Update – Swimming DPS Bopal

Nivasharma of class VIIG participated in Gujarat State Age Group Aquatic Meet 2016-17 held at Gujarat Vidyapith Swimming Pool on 4th and 5th June 2016. She has won 1st position in 50 mtrFree style and 100 mtr Free style events. She has secured 2nd position in 50mtr Breast stroke and 100mtr Breast stroke events.

13thJune, 2016.
“Back to School” Prep, Jr. Kg, Sr. Kg – DPS Bopal

It’s School time again! Children returned back to school after a fun filled summer vacation of over a month.They were filled with feelings of excitement and probably a little sadness that the vacation was over. Teachers gave them a warm welcome and made them feel comfortable as they returned back after a long break. The day was filled with sharing of stories about their vacation, adventures and visits during the holidays. Finally, each child received a welcome back souvenir from their class teachers which made the first day special for them.

11th'June, 2016.
Canvas Painting Workshop for Teachers at DPS Bopal

Life is a canvas…let’s make sure we paint ourselves a whole lot of colourful days. The extremely talented Art and Craft Department of DPS Bopal provided this golden opportunity to the teaching faculty through a Canvas Painting Workshop on 9th & 10th June'16 wherein educators of the Primary Section eagerly volunteered to participate and exhibit their hidden talent. The participants exuberantly and wholeheartedly came up with their own imaginations to create their own version of canvas. The teachers were extremely surprised with the outcome of their masterpieces and were delighted to have added a new feather in their caps. They were honoured to have their motivational force, the headmistress, Ms Sabina Sawhney as an equally enthusiastic participant amongst themselves. The brush and paint session indeed served as a great source of stress buster and rejuvenated everyone for the academic session post summer break.

11thJune, 2016.
Medical Health Camp at DPS Bopal

is said that the productivity of an organization depends on the health and well-being of it's employees. With this very aim of a healthy DPS family a medical camp was organized on the 9th and 10th of June 2016 for all the staff members in collaboration with doctors from Krishna Shelby Hospital. Academic as well as Admin staff, visited the medical room, where they consulted a team of doctors i.e. an Orthopaedic Surgeon, General Physician, Nutritionist, Dentist etc. The medical camp was very fruitful as all the staff members showed interest and got their tests done to know about their Bone Mineral Density, Blood Pressure, Random Blood Sugar and Basic Metabolic Index. The General Physician and Nutritionist advised teachers on how to maintain a healthy diet and height-weight ratio. On the second day, a comprehensive Dental check-up was conducted. The Medical camp proved to be a positive step towards a healthy DPS-Bopal Family!!!

10th'June, 2016.
World against Child Labour – DPS Bopal

Yali Ho! World against Child Labour. Awareness about World against Child Labour for a week from 10.06.16 at Delhi Public School, Bopal, Ahmedabad To create awareness child labour at an early age in our students and through its students creating awareness in a society as a whole. Various activities have been planned. Kindly do your bit as well.

10thJune, 2016.
Workshop on the usage of Dictionary – DPS Bopal

If the path is beautiful, ask where it leads to. But if destination is beautiful, never mind the path. Keep walking…. Going by the same lines, an English workshop was conducted for the English teachers by the English teachers at Delhi Public School, Bopal on 8th June, Thursday. All the teachers of the Primary and Secondary Section of the English Department attended the workshop. It started with an ice breaker activity which created a congenial atmosphere. The workshop focused on the various uses of the Dictionary, using quotes in the classroom, and being expressive while teaching in the class. There were four presentations on the first day in which four topics were discussed – The uses of a Dictionary, Using Quotes in the Classroom, Being Expressive while teaching and the exact and precise way of writing an Article Writing. Teachers understood how the students could use the dictionary right from an early age. Also the use of quotes has now reduced and the workshop was an eye opener for using the quotes in different situations. It talked about how the stories in literature could be brought to life with the correct expressions and the non-verbal cues. It gave an opportunity to the teachers to show their oratory skills. Moreover, it was not a serious one-sided discussion about teaching English. It was and a highly refreshing experience for the teachers attending it. The entire workshop proved to be very effective since it helped to enhance the knowledge for English language and its effective teaching. It was a very useful session for updating one’s knowledge and recalling things used occasionally.

7th`June, 2016.
DPS East is Most Ideal School by Rashtra Bhasha Hindi prachar Sanstha

We are immensely happy to share that DPS East is presented the Most Ideal School award by Mahatma Gandhi Rashtrabhasha Hindi Prachar Sanstha. This award is the reflection of the hard work and enthusiasm of the students that participated in the Akhil Bharatiya Hindi Olympiad conducted by this organisation

31stMay, 2016.
Closing ceremony of Kalorex Summer Chill at CPS Jaipur

It gives us immense pleasure to share that closing ceremony of Kalorex summer chill was organised enthusiastically. Mr. Inderjeet Pal Head Operations Dainik Bhaskar Group of news paper for Jaipur and Ajmer region was the chief guest. The Ceremony was Started by Diya Lighting by Mrs. Suchita Pal. Students showcased performances based on learning of various activities during Summer Chill Programme like Dance, Spoken English, Taekwondo ,Art and Craft, skating, music etc. Performances amazed audience and lot of appreciations were received.

28thMay, 2016.
CBSE X Result – CPS Rajula

Calorx Public School, Rajula takes great pride in the results achieved by its students in the 10th Boards CBSE Examinations 2016.Dhruv Parsana and Jyoti Jetwani are the school toppers with a CGPA of 10 followed by Pavan Patel who scored 9.6 CGPA The school has a flawless 100% pass out for its students.

28th`May, 2016.
CBSE X Result – CPS Mundra

Calorx Public School, Mundra takes great pride in the results achieved by its students in the 10th Boards CBSE Examinations 2016.Saloni Sinha and Jyotsana Singh are the school toppers with a CGPA of 9.8 followed by Piyush Raj who scored 9.6 CGPA The school has a flawless 100% pass out for its students.

28thMay, 2016.
CBSE X Result – CPS Ghatlodia

Calorx Public School, Ghatlodia takes great pride in the results achieved by its students in the 10th Boards CBSE Examinations 2016.Bhavarth Dave is the school topper with a CGPA of 9.4 followed by Abhi Patel and Rahul Patel who score 8.8CGPA.The school has a flawless 100% pass out for its students.

28th`May, 2016.

Delhi Public School, East Ahmedabad is privileged to declare that it's students have turned in a remarkable performance at the 2016 10th Boards CBSE Examinations.They achieved a 100% pass out rate and 6 students score 10CGPA.

28thMay, 2016.
CBSE X Result – DPS Bopal

Delhi Public School, Bopal is proud to announce the stunning results achieved by its students at the 10th Board CBSE Examinations. The school average is 8.8CGPA also 24.5 percent students score 10CGPA i.e. 96/391 students were awarded the highest possible CGPA

21st`May, 2016.
CBSE 12th Result 2016 - DPS EAST

DPS-East takes great pride in the results achieved by its students in the 12th Boards CBSE Examinations 2016. Prerna Vats is the school topper with a score of 82.8% in the Science stream The school has a flawless 100% pass out for its students

21stMay, 2016.
CBSE 12th Result 2016 - DPS Bopal

DPS-Bopal was proud to celebrate the great success that its students achieved at today's 12th Boards CBSE results. Priyal Choudhary was the school topper with a score of 95.6% G. Anjanalakshmi scored the highest in Humanities with an overall score of 95.6% and Mauli Mehta was the Science stream topper with a score of 95.6%

Overall 99.66% students passed with 82.5% avg marks

17thMay, 2016.
Summer Internship Phase I : Career in the Aviation Sector – Class XII Students of DPS Bopal

"Welcome aboard an exciting and challenging career in the aviation industry. This is your captain Apoorv Mathur taking you through the exciting internship programme hosted by Emirates Airways .Kindly fasten your seat belts" The first day on entering the Fly emirates office we realised that it was going to be a journey way beyond what we were expecting. The international standards could be noticed everywhere in the office. The glamour was on top. We saw the costumer service team sitting on the counters with the emirates traditional dress and were impressed. The presentations shown to us and the information we inculcated changed our mind-sets towards the industry of aviation. We got to know that its not just about the aircraft flying with a cabin crew and a cockpit crew but its all about the environment affected by this industry. Creating about 58.1 million jobs with more than 3 billion travellers and costumers only in an year. We were briefed about the aviation courses, aviation institutes and the governmental organisation that look upon this industry. We came to know about all the other industries that makes up an airline company like the sales department, the IT department, the tourism department, the security department, the ground staff and a lot more. We were briefed about the perks and privileges of being an aviation employee. We met the airport staff too who briefed us about their jobs and responsibilities. They included the airport staff manager, the cargo manager, the sales manager and the aircraft engineer. They all were passionate about their job and ready to share their knowledge and that actually was very informative. We were shown informative videos about all the airport services. They would always say 'love what you do' that motivated us know more. Some of us didn't even know why they have chosen this field but even then it was one of their best experiences till date. We asked our doubts which were satisfyingly answered by the experts present there. The refreshments were given too each day. The golden opportunity that we got settled our minds a bit and broadened our vision. We were not only given the knowledge about aviation but also about living our lives with passion. It was definitely a great experience. Fly emirates has no doubt polished our minds towards the field of aviation in a fantastic manner. Heartfelt gratude to Emirates airways Ahmedabad. I hope you enjoyed the virtual journey as much as we enjoyed in presenting it to you. On behalf of DPS Bopal Grade XII .This is Apoorv Mathur saying goodbye and signing out. Yali Ho!

16thMay, 2016.
Workshop for Teachers “Teachers Speak” at CPS Jaipur

Workshops create learning environment encourages participants to exchange experiences, ideas and practices and create learning communities.These are very appropriate in this fast era as within reasonably short period of time substantial information on a desired topic is received.Pleased to share that day long workshop "Teachers Speak" was organised on 16th May 2016, wherein approx. 70 teachers of different schools participated.Dr. SM Seth Chairman Poornima Foundation inaugurated it

13thMay, 2016.
Summer Internship Phase I : To be a Chartered Accountant – Class X Students of DPS Bopal

Students of Grade XII ‪ Delhi Public School, Bopal, Ahmedabad learnt the meaning of accounting , auditing and practically performed auditing. They learnt the software of tally through which the books of accounts are maintained for a firm. They discussed some of the journal entries which are a bit difficult and different and entered them into the Tally software. We learnt the ways by which an entry is entered into tally, taxation process and the software Kitret . We discussed the difference between reserve & provision. The process of becoming a CA and the requirements of doing the same as per the cut out percent of CA. Discussion about CS and the Accounting standards followed in India. inflation, crony-capitalism index in which India ranks 9th. economic problems which can arise in future in India. Over all it was a great learning experience. . We are thankful to Mr. Ajit Shah for initiating Dipsites in the exciting world of CA.

13thMay, 2016.
Summer Internship Phase I : Getting to know about HR – Class X Students of DPS Bopal

Human resource is the least mobile of the four factors of production, and (under right conditions) it improves with age and experience, which no other resource can do. It is therefore regarded as the scarcest and most crucial productive resource that creates the largest and longest lasting advantage for an organization Keeping this in mind , Students of Grade XII ‪Delhi Public School, Bopal, Ahmedabad had an internship session with the HR department of Airtel. It provided them with the humanist approach of Human resource.The four days two hours sessions not only taught them about HR but also gave a close preview about the tricks of the trade rather than the trade . Mastering them is an art , which the resource persons, Ms. Bhumika and HR head Ms.ishita Medhekar skilfully explained. .The perspective of working with accuracy and dedication was also discussed with a vision to create difference in society as the Dipsites.

12thMay, 2016.
Summer Internship Phase I : Media & Advertising – Class X Students of DPS Bopal

inspired by .....Alyque Padamse....Prasoon Joshi.... Grade XII students of Delhi Public School-Bopal spent their time with Mr. Yash, the and Mr. Ajay Shah, the Sr. Manager at Krishna Communication Outdoor ( a part of Rakesh advt agency). They had in-depth conversation about the outdoor advertisements and how the creative ads were made.They very keenly enumerated the procedure of making outdoor ads. He used visual aid to help the students better understand various means of outdoor advertisement and enumerated on the marketing and revenue system of the same. This four day internship program helped the students learn and discover their inner interest, passion and paved the way for deeper understanding of the functioning of an advertising agency, and also brought in insights of the field of media. The students were awarded the certificate for successfully completing the internship, and the students in return gave the token of thanks by presenting Mr. Ajay with the ‘YALI mug’ and the thank you card.

9thMay, 2016.
Summer Internship Phase I : Journalism – Class X Students of DPS Bopal

Grooming the Barkha Dutts and Arnab Goswamis ....... Three students of Class XII were given an opportunity to visit the Amdavad Book Fair, Ahmedabad, to assist the media team of the Book Fair. They worked under the supervision of Ms Manisha Sharma , the incharge of the Fair . The two days internship consisted of interviewing authors, directors and the people who attended the Fair. The interns got an opportunity to interview Ms. Kusum Chopra, author of the book, Mastani , Mr. Utkarsh Patel, a professor, who came up with his new book, Shakuntala and a very renowned Gujarati film director, Mr. Abhishek Jain, who rose to stardom by directing films like Kevi Rite Jaish and Beyy Yaar . It was a wonderful experience for the students who wish to pursue a career in Journalism.

9thMay, 2016.
Internship Phase I : Journey to the legal world – Calss X students –DPS Bopal

Delhi Public School Bopal Ahmedabad sent 14 legal aspirants to the offices of Mr Anshin Desai, Mr Hriday Buch, and Mrs Megha Jani on the 4th of May to the 7th of May 2016. The interns were treated to multiple legal insights by interacting on a one-to-one basis with the practitioner.It opened up the perceptions of the legal world by giving real time cases to solve, relating feminism to the judiciary of India and how law can be a lucrative profession if one works hard enough. Also, the students were provided with real time case files to browse to stretch their brains and have the true feel of a lawyer. The interns also had a chance to visit the prestigious Gujarat High Court, and witness the litigators struggle for justice and righteousness. Candid and free interaction with the renowned advocates proved to enhance the knowledge of the Dipsites and to expand their horizons.

7thMay, 2016.
Pratibuddha & Nityam Award at CPS Jaipur

It is my proud privilege to share the grand celebration of Prathibuddh and Nityam Awards to felicitate academic achievers of session 2015-16.The Chief guest of award ceremony were Dr.Smitha Vaid(Gyanae.),Mrs Bindu Rathod,Dr. Rajesh Yadav .The programme was started with Diya Lightening . Cultural performances of students based on theme Hope and strong determination were appreciated by one and all .Students also displayed the cards prepared for mothers, shared their feelings through write ups and poems .Chief Guest Dr. Smita Vaid shared her thoughts and created awareness among the parents and children regarding Health, sanitation and adolescence issues.Gathering was more than 100.

7thMay, 2016.
Visitor of the Week : Dr. Khushnuma Banaji.

Dr. Khushnuma Banaji the renowned Psychologist and HOD of St. Xavier’s College for Psychology Dept.visited our campus for an informal talk with the students of 12th grade. She was extended with a warm welcome by our students, she met the Principal – Mr. Surrender P. Sachdeva, and Sr. Vice Principal Ms. Vandana Joshi. She discussed about her area of work and expertise and gave valuable suggestions. Dr Khushnuma Banaji, a distinguished psychologist with teaching experience of 25 years in college, she did all her education in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. She interacted with students about exam anxiety, study habits, time management and how to organise oneself. She also emphasised to become a good human being first and no shortcut for success. The students were very much delighted with interaction. DPS-Bopal looks forward to open up the young minds and expand their horizon of thinking by organising many such events and expert talks.

5thMay, 2016.
Internship of Grade X students of DPS Bopal at Zydus Hospital

Aspiring Doctors of Class X Delhi Public School, Bopal , Ahmedabad took part in an Internship Program organized by the school on 4 May 2016. A group of 15 students visited Zydus Hospital to get an insight of the Medical profession. Mr Himanshu Sharma, Head- International Relations, informed the students that Health Care is a huge and phenomenal industry. He told that health care is a sunrise sector and there are many fields related to this sector. He also briefed about working of a corporate hospital and promotion of Indian Medical Sciences at the international level. Then Mr. Ketan Patel, Head of Emergency Department informed about the different career options in health care. He also briefed about how an emergency department works and can handle all medical emergencies like trauma& accident, heart attack, burns, stroke and many more. He emphasized that first aid should be added in the curriculum of the students. The third session was taken by Samrendra Srivastava, who explained about wellness and customer interaction and media management. After this Mr Rohan Shah explained about how new advancement and technology has developed the medical sciences and also briefed about bio-statistics in health care sector. Mr. R.G.Krishna, Manager- Business Development took the students for a visit to the hospital where they were shown different departments like Trauma Centre, Cath Lab, Intensive Care Unit, Pathology Lab, Day Care Centre etc. and briefed about all the departments. It was really a very informative and interesting session for the medical aspirants.

30thApril, 2016.
Aqua Fun – Jr. KG & Sr. KG - DPS Bopal

Hurray! The Sun is out and it’s time to have some Aqua Fun. The children of Sr. Kg. & Jr. Kg. challenged the scorching heat by taking a dip in the splash pool. The children kicked off the heat with fun and enjoyment. They jumped, danced and splashed water on each other. Colourful balls and rings added to the excitement. Water sprinklers were also turned on by the teachers for some more fun. Kids were all soaked with joy and cheerfulness. It was a fun packed and thrilling experience for them with water, laughs, relaxation and happiness at the pool.

29thApril, 2016.
Accolades @ International MaRRs Spelling Bee Competition – DPS Bopal

DPS Bopal congratulates Suhana Mittal 3 J for securing 5th Rank and bagging a scholarship of $ 222 in the Marrs Spelling Bee International Oral 2014-15 held across 13 countries on 24th April’16 at Seth Juggilal Poddar Academy, Mumbai.

27thApril, 2016.
Visitor of the Week: Mrs Sasmita Chaurasiya. – DPS Bopal

Mrs. Sasmita Chaurasiya, a noted ISRO scientist with a Phd in the field of electronics is proudly associated with ISRO since last 15 years. Her main area of work being analysing data the genius engineers of ISRO sent in. . She was warmly greeted by the young IIT, ISRO, NASA, Engineering aspirants of 11th grade, with whom she chit-chatted about main purpose and work of ISRO. She delighted the biology students by saying that ISRO was equally involved in this field, making constant improvisation in the technology used for agriculture, which enunciated the growing need of botanists and biologists. By this 20 minute talk, she shone light about the future prospects of students and blossomed their aspirations, just as the sun outside shone on the colourful buds, nurturing them to bloom into a flower. DPS-Bopal looks forward to open up the young minds and expand their horizon of thinking by organising many such events and expert talks. She met the Principal – Mr. Surrender P. Sachdeva, Sr. Vice Principal Ms. Vandana Joshi, Vice Principal – Ms. Neera Pandey, and discussed about her area of work and expertise.

27thApril, 2016.
Day 2 of STROKES 2016 by DPS Bopal Students

Day 2 of the Art Exhibition presented by DPS, Bopal at Visual Art Centre, CEPT Campus, Ahmedabad saw indistinguishable galore as the students from the Preprimary and Primary sections displayed their paintings of fabulous art. Nearly 300 paintings were on display which fantastically highlighted the vision of these young artists and their perception on the universe they foresee. With the theme “Kaleidoscope – The Universe Through My Window", the exhibition captivated innovative masterpiece with fascinating aspects of children’s imagination. The unveiling of the exhibition was done by RJ Devki (93.5 Red FM) in the presence of the Principal, Staff and students of DPS Bopal on 25th April. The esteemed guest was spellbound by the creative expressions of the tiny hands and applauded their artistry, extending her warm wishes to them. The gallery which was open for all on April 25th & 26th for viewing, received a spellbound recognition and appreciation from a huge audience attracting a footfall of around 800 zealous viewers.

21stApril, 2016.
Day 1 of STROKES 2016 by DPS Bopal Students

DELHI PUBLIC SCHOOL, Bopal embarked its 10th year of Open Art Gallery Strokes Exhibition - Kaleidoscope - The Universe through my window , giving an chivalrous opportunity to its budding artists to showcase their novel creation. The exhibition was inaugurated by RJ Devaki (93.5 Red FM Bajate Raho) who made an eminent presence and motivated the young virtuoso. The exhibition can be viewed on 26 April 2016 between 4:00 pm - 8:00 pm.

19thApril, 2016.
Welcome Grade XI 2016-17 in special assembly at DPS Bopal

The Senior Secondary Section of Delhi Public School welcomed the students of class XI in a special assembly on 19th April 2016. The thought of the day was shared by Karan of class XI B describing that there is no alternative to hard work and how perseverance always pays. Ms. Bandita Roy ,Commerce Department welcomed the students and enlightened them about various activities, clubs, project based and skill based learning programmes such as Internship that are introduced by the school to ensure hands on learning by an informative PPT presentation. An entertaining skit with a clear message on consumer awareness was enacted by the students. Students were shared how everyone can be more alert and aware about their consumer rights. Principal Sir welcomed the students with his words of wisdom and experience. He introduced the marking scheme of the senior section. He also advised them that a well-planned time table will help them to understand the new subjects; they were studying in different streams.

19thApril, 2016.
Special Assembly – World Book Day at DPS Bopal

A reader lives more than one life. Those who love reading know how magical and supportive the books are; know how wonderful they make our life.” ‪DPS Bopal ‬ celebrated the World Book Day with enthusiasm and vigour. The Assembly commenced with a beautiful symphony by the choir group comprising the students of Class VI-X. It was followed by an inspiring thought by Edward Maldrin. A skit, depicting a virtual library, picturised in 2095, was enacted by the students. It was ‘une melange’, literally, a mixture, of scenes from books of different genres like fantasy, horror, autobiographies and travelogues.This was followed by felicitating meritorious students .

17thApril, 2016.
Young Chef Ahmedabad – Divya Harjani, student of Class XII of DPS Bopal

Students of Grade XI and XII, DPS Bopal participated in Young Chef Competition organised by IIHM( International Institute of Hotel Management. ) on 16 April 2016 at the IIHM, Ahmedabad. For the Young Chef Competition the students were allotted time limit of 1 hour which included 10 mins for selecting the required ingredients and the rest for cooking their dishes. The main task for them was to make a main dish and an accompanying dish . After an hour of hardwork the students prepared their dishes which was the followed by tasting round.The food was graded by a panel of four chefs. The chefs not only tasted the dishes but also quizzed their knowledge about the ingredients,name, techniques of cooking etc. Out of all 80 students present from various schools of Ahmedabad, only 10 were selected for the next level. Among these 10 lucky students Diya Harjani of Grade XII G, of‪ Delhi Public School, Bopal, and Ahmedabad will fly to Delhi for the next round. Congratulations and Best wishes for the next round!!!!

16thApril, 2016.
Parent orientation for Class IX parents at DPS Bopal

Delhi Public School, Bopal organized a parent orientation for class 9th on 16th Apr. 2016. The event started with an introduction to the school’s core values followed by a brief talk on discipline policy by Ms. Ranjana Ranjan and CCE evaluation pattern by the principal. The objective of the orientation was to make the parents aware regarding various important issues like positive discipline, code of conduct, minimum attendance required, transport discipline, CCE examination system, counselling facility and building skills, attitudes and values. Certain important rules of class 9 like minimum 75% attendance, compulsory pen and paper test, chances of improvement given in the SA2 exams, up gradation of scholastic grades, centralized system of question papers and Open Text Based Assessment were introduced to the parents to have a clear idea regarding the change in system from class 8 to class 9. The session ended with an open interaction between the parents and Vice Principal Ms. Neera Pandey, actively supported by Principal Mr. Surender Sachdeva. Overall the event was very informative, interactive and suggestive for both the parents and the school. Parents were very happy and satisfied with the session conducted.

16thApril, 2016.
Career Guidance session for grade X student at DPS Bopal

Empowering Students @Delhi public School, Bopal organised a Career Guidance session for the students of grade X on 13 April 2016. It was conducted by Ms. Iti Shukla, who is an RCI registered clinical psychologist with over 20 years of professional experience in educational, hospital and corporate sectors, practicing as a consultant at Sterling hospital. The session started up with the significance of making a right choice regarding one’s career. Firstly, she laid emphasis on the broad categories available to choose from and also laid emphasis on the various vocational courses available. She also explained the causes and the consequences of certain professions. Some key points were explained with the help of real life examples which helped the students to understand it in a better manner. Lastly, an interactive session took place where the students opened up about their doubts which were comprehensibly solved by Ms. Shukla .Vice Principal Ms. Neera Pandey delivered some truly inspiring words which helped the students to have a look at the broader picture. The Career Guidance session was truly educative and informative for the students.

14thApril, 2016.
An immersive violin recital by Padma Shri & Padma Bhushan awardee Dr. N. Rajam at DPS Bopal

On Tuesday, 12 April 2016, in Abhivyakti, between 8.30 a.m. to 10 a.m., students of std. 6 were enthralled by an immersive violin recital by Padma Shri & Padma Bhushan awardee Dr. N. Rajam, the famous violinist. The programme started with the welcoming of Dr. Rajam & other guests with the presentation of a sapling, which is part of the school’s Green School Initiative. Dr. Rajam interacted with the students and answered their queries, which made the entire session not just enjoyable, but also a learning experience for the audience. The major highlight of the performance was Dr. Rajam’s own creative touch to popular tunes. Accompanying Dr. Rajam were Pandit Ajit Pathak on the table, Dr. Rajam’s Shishya Ajay Kashyap, and Mr. Vishal & Mr. Karan from SPIC-MACAY. The event was attended by the Principal Mr. Surender Sachdeva, Senior Vice-Principal Ms. Vandna Joshi, Vice-Principal (Academics) Ms. Neera Pandey, Head of Prerna Ms. Sangeeta Hinduja, teachers & students of std. 6.

9thApril, 2016.
DPS Bopal runners up at Nationals BIFO Mumbai

BIFO (Bse international Finance Olympiad) is conducted by Bombay Stock Exchange and Eduheal three levels . Level 1 comprising of written test held in December 2015 held at respective schols, The second round online test for the shortlisted students in respective schools was held in the month of February 2016. Students from the facukty of Commerce enthusiastically participted in this financial quiz and 5 students qualified for the Nationals round which was conducted in Bombay Stock Exchange Convention Centre Mumbai on 8/4/16 ie Friday in Mumbai. Four of the five students (Alay Thanki, Jahaan Rangnani, Pratyush Kundu and Priya Bhayani) Aman Rastogi (did not participate due to prior engagements) from DPS Bopal participated in this highly prestigious event. 108 students from various schools of India participated in the quiz round in Mumbai. Quiz was conducted in two rounds_ ie written test which acted as elimination round and Finale quiz round. DIPSITES Alay Thanki, Jahaan Rangnani and Pratyush Kundu qualified for the grand finale in which 18 students participated. In class XII category Alay Thanki and Jahaan Rangnani bagged the second position and received a cash prize of Rs. 10000 and certificate. In class XI category Pratyush Kundu bagged the second position and received a cash prize of Rs. 10000 and certificate. Priya Bhayani too received a cash prize of Rs. 8000 and certificate for qualifying to level-3. DPS Bopal students have added one more feather to its quizzing cap by proving their mettle in Mumbai.

9thApril, 2016.
Grand Finale “Safety Week” – DPS Bopal

“Every SAFE CHOICE you make is an investment to a more beautiful and meaningful life” DPS Bopal observed Safety Week from 2nd April to 8th April 2016 to create awareness about safety in students. From 2nd April the teachers and the senior secondary students took the responsibility on themselves to guide the rest of the school about the need and importance of taking precautions to be safe. As a part of safety week all the classes and soft board were decorated on the theme of” Safety”. The smart boards were also used as a medium of educating on safety by using the ticker tape that carried the message “Stay Alert Stay Safe”. Poster making and Slogan making competition were also conducted on the theme “ Safety Awareness”. The various topics like cyber safety, road safety, fire and chemical safety, emotional well being and handling medical emergencies all found their way in the posters made by students. Grand Finale The Safety Week ended with a “Safety Awareness” programme conducted by senior secondary students on 8th April 2016 in the academic courtyard during long break through various activities like street play, dance and quiz to create awareness about safety and handling emergencies. The exhibition on cyber safety, handling medical emergencies, road safety, fire and chemical safety were appreciated by one and all. Senior secondary In-Charge Ms Monita Dash in her address to the students emphasised on safety not only during the safety week but on a daily basis. The safety awareness programme ended with a pledge to stay alert and be safe for a better tomorrow.

8thApril, 2016.
“Puppet Show”- Jr. Kg, Sr. Kg. & Prep – DPS Bopal

The new session started on a happy note with lot of activities planned to make the transition easy for kids who have stepped into the new environment. Stories play an important role in nourishing their hearts and souls. Hence a Puppet Show was staged for the children of Prep, Jr. Kg and Sr. Kg. The scene was set with puppets and props. The kids snuggled up on the mats eagerly to watch the puppet show. A teacher turned into a Puppeteer and narrated the story “The Cap-Seller and the Monkeys” with the help of puppets. The children were all involved in the show which could be observed by their expressions. They thoroughly enjoyed and participated wholeheartedly by answering questions. The show helped the teacher to develop a bond with the children and connect better with the kids.

5thApril, 2016.
Safety & Security Week for Class VI –X at DPS Bopal

Delhi Public School, Bopal, Ahmedabad held a special assembly for the children based on ‘safety and security’. The aim behind this assembly was to encourage children to be aware of danger and to help them become more responsible for their own safety. The assembly began with a thought and an article and was followed by a skit based on safety rules. The song by choir group was equally suitable for the occasion, "sadak suraksha". Safety education is vital to enable children to be able to keep themselves as safe as possible on the roads, while using the internet and mobile phones, while meeting strangers, in various different situations. The Principal, Mr. Sachdeva, guided the students with his enlightening words on how to maintain safety. The assembly helped the children to reflect on incidents and explore the implications of their actions in various circumstances.

4thApril, 2016.
DPS Bopal students participated in MaRRs Spelling Bee Championship 2014-15

Six Spelling Champions from the Primary Section are all set to appear for the last phase – International Oral Round to be held on 24th April 2016 in Mumbai of the MaRRs Spelling Bee Championship 2014-15 after successfully completing all the progressive levels beginning from the school level. WE WISH THEM, ALL THE VERY BEST!!!! Names of the Participants of International Oral Round 2014-15 are : 1. Ananya Shah 2. Suhana Mittal 3. Kaushik K. 4. Drishti Ranjan 5. Pracheta Mahapatra 6. Yuvan Agrawal

3rdApril, 2016.
Parent’s Workshop for Class IV at DPS Bopal

We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things out of curiosity and our curiosity keeps leading us to new paths. To create path breaking endeavours, on the onset of its new session DPS Bopal conducted 1st Parents’ Workshop for Class IV on 2nd April 2016, introducing the parents to the forthcoming academic session, objectives, teaching methodology, assessment patterns, co curricular activities, to facilitate smooth functioning for all its beneficiaries. The academic facilitators were comforting and instrumental in providing vital guidance and all the required assistance to bridge the gap and resolve all the queries and inhibitions of the enquiring parents. The initiative was indeed fruitful in bringing about satisfactory smiles on the faces of our valuable visitors of the day.

3rdApril, 2016.
Calorx Summer Fest at CPS Jaipur

Pleased to share Calorx Summer School Fest was celebrated enthusiastically on 3rd April, 2016. There was gathering of 550 existing and prospective parents. Existing parents shared their very positive views about school.

2ndApril, 2016.
Mykensho Orientation at DPS Bopal

An insightful and direction oriented session was conducted by Ms. Shikha of Global Education Solution to give the students & parents of grade 7 , a new direction towards knowing thyself and career during the programme. Mykensho is a unique career and identity development program for the students of VII - X std. The program helps the students make informed career choices based on self-awareness and their interests. It helps the child prepare themselves for the rapidly changing trends in the world. It was an interactive session with the parents wherein the parents got an opportunity to understand the implementation of the program and interact with a representative from Global Education Solutions. Vice Principal Ms. Neera Pandey addressed the parents by sharing the present need required to help our children towards right direction in understanding themselves and investigating the right career options for them.

2ndApril, 2016.
Achievement in the Green Olympiad (Junior) 2015 : Grade 4 & 5 – DPS Bopal

We make the world we live in and shape our own environment. To instill the value of responsibility and citizenship towards the Mother Earth an Environment Education & Awareness Exam was organised by TERI - The Energy & Resource Institute - Delhi, at DPS Bopal for grade 4 & 5 on 10 th Dec 2015. Twelve out of the 40 enthusiastic participants who appeared for the exam, received the Distinction and Merit Certificates. Our Headmistress, Ms.Sabina Sawhney while giving away the certificates, congratulated the achievers for their remarkable performance and encouraged them to keep working towards their goal for Green Globe.

1stApril, 2016.
Achievement in the Green Olympiad (Junior) 2015: Grade 4 & 5 - DPS Bopal

We make the world we live in and shape our own environment. To instill the value of responsibility and citizenship towards the Mother Earth an Environment Education & Awareness Exam was organised by TERI - The Energy & Resource Institute - Delhi, at DPS Bopal for grade 4 & 5 on 10 th Dec 2015. Twelve out of the 40 enthusiastic participants who appeared for the exam, received the Distinction and Merit Certificates. Our Headmistress, Ms.Sabina Sawhney while giving away the certificates, congratulated the achievers for their remarkable performance and encouraged them to keep working towards their goal for Green Globe.

29thMarch, 2016.
First assembly for Senior wing for academic session 2016-17 at DPS Bopal

Delhi Public School, Bopal, Senior wing held its first assembly for the session 2016-17 on Tuesday, 29 March 2016. The assembly was conducted by students of classes 8A and 8B. All the students from classes 6 to 9 had assembled and the Principal, Mr. Sachdeva, welcomed the students back for the new session.He motivated and encouraged the students to fill in the blank pages of their own report card. The assembly included an article on the theme" Acceptance" to welcome the session and a warm greeting to all the new students. Moreover, the school has commenced on its 21st year and to commemorate 20 years of its successful journey in education, a book titled ‘Ilustraceo – An Ode to Student Life’ was unveiled today by Mr. Sachdeva. Also, a trophy was given to the winner, Rayna Rocha of class 8, for a story writing competition held by School Post for classes 6, 7 and 8. To conclude, it was a warm and a cheerful start to a new session which invigorated the students for a healthy and competitive year ahead.

25thMarch, 2016.
Visitor a Week – Mr. Darshan Somaiya , Young entrepreneur - DPS Bopal Alumni

Mr. Darshan Somaiya , a young entrepreneur visited DPS BOPAL on 23rd March 2016 as visitor of the week. Mr Darshan, a talented young man with a vision, is associated with Hope Group of companies which deal in E-education, E-commerce & Entrepreneurship sector. Apart from this, as a motivational speaker, he conducts a variety of sessions for youths. After a traditional welcome he was taken for a school tour. During his visit, he interacted with the school Principal, the Sr Vice Principal and the Headmistress and was delighted to receive a Yali mug and a card as a token of remembrance.

25thMarch, 2016.
1st Parent’s Workshop – Grade III & IV at DPS Bopal

The secret to getting ahead is getting started. DPS, Bopal geared up to the new academic session 2016-17 with first Parents’ Workshop for class II and V on 23nd March 2016. The educators warmly welcomed and introduced the parents to the new classes briefing them about the curriculum, its objectives and methodology, giving an overview of the teaching pedagogy, important features of the School Portal, assessment pattern, introducing third language to class V and role of co-curricular activities to infuse holistic development for each child. They enthusiastically shared all the useful information and addressed the doubts and apprehensions of the parents related to the forth coming year. The initiative was instrumental in bridging the gap and building trust and confidence between the faculty and parents, paving way

23rdMarch, 2016.
Pre School activities - Parents Orientation at DPS Bopal

To bring about the holistic development of our little Dipsites, it is necessary that teachers and parents work in unison with each other. To orient the parents and making the transition easy for their little ones, Parents' Orientation Programmes were organized on 19th March for the existing parents and on 22nd & 23rd of March 2016 for the new parents. Parents were given detailed information by the individual class teachers about the school's policies and philosophy. They were also made aware about the methodology of teaching and co-curricular activities. Meanwhile all the new Dipsites were rejoicing themselves in another class, dancing to the music and watching cartoons while getting acquainted to one another. The workshop brought in a comfort level and deeper understanding between the parents and the class teachers. The day ended with parents personally interacting with the class teachers clearing their doubts, collecting stationery and uniform available in the school premises.

21stMarch, 2016.
New Academic session 2016-17 for Grade 1 -3 at DPS Bopal

Waking up to the new academic session 2016-17 with a strong determination, the exceptionally enthusiastic faculty of DPS Bopal welcomed the parents of grade 1 and 3 to the First Parents’ Workshop on the 21st of March 2016. With the belief that a lot can happen in a year if the parents and the school work in collaboration, the team shared important information on the term specific curriculum, its objectives and methodology also focusing on points relevant to the weekly tests/projects, assessment, extracurricular activities and various important features of the school Portal. Going the extra mile, they willingly provided guidance and useful tips and satisfied all the queries of the parents putting all their apprehensions to rest. The initiative ensured that the parents went home gladly looking forward to a successful new session.

21stMarch, 2016.
Akshat A Desai – DPS Bopal in Spelling bee...

Yali Ho! Akshat A Desai (Cat 4) a bright student of Delhi Public School, Bopal Ahmedabad a participant of Marrs International Spelling Bee Championship 2014-15 has successfully completed all the progressive levels of the competition beginning from the School level. Akshat has cleared the International written exam held on 14 February 2016 at Ernakulum and has qualified for the last phase of International orals to be held on 24 April 2016 at Mumbai.

15thMarch, 2016.
Workshops and training at CPS Jaipur

The Sun challenges us to Shine, the Clouds remind us to Move, the Birds tell us we too can Fly and the Sky tells us that there is no limit to our dreams and goals. We take pleasure in inviting for activity classes and night camp full of activities as camping is learning with a smile and a place to provide facilities for kids to enhance their sports abilities and their artistic talents.

14thMarch, 2016.
Visit to National Defence Academy, Pune by DPS East XI students

The students of class XI visited national defence academy pune as a part of motivational excursion!A wondrous way to experience the hard efforts and the honour of being an Indian. The students were briefed about air force training, army training and navy training. Also the team got a chance to click a selfie with film actor Ashish Vidhyarthi.

11thMarch, 2016.
Graduation Ceremony 2015-16 at DPS East

The tiny tots today stepped into a world of being more responsible and more confident. The Graduation Ceremony of the masters and miss of Sr. K.G. brought a flair of events full of joy and pride...With song, dance and skit performances the students won the hearts of all !!!

09thMarch, 2016.
Bidding Adieu to Grade 5  - DPS Bopal

Graduation is the beginning of a beautiful pathway loaded with lots of excitement and expectations. A sense of achievement was visible on the faces of the students of class V of DPS Bopal on 8th March 2016 as they wore their robes, satchel and graduation hats. All set to begin a fresh chapter of a new avenue with the transition from the Primary to the Senior School made them feel grown up. To gear up their moods further and to make it a day special for them, dance and musical activities were organised where they let their hair down and enjoyed whole heartedly. Our respected Principal Sir, Mr Sachdeva accompanied by the Headmistress Ms Sabina Sawhney,visited all the sections of class V to honour the students with the graduation hats and badges. A grand send-off by their lovely juniors and beloved teachers, who waved to each one of them 'Goodbye' and 'Good wishes' filled many a hearts with pride and eyes with tears as they set their tiny feet ahead and walked out through the corridors of the Primary Section to fulfill their bigger dreams.

9thMarch, 2016.
Value Day celebration – Grade – 1 – 3, DPS Bopal

Life is all about making the right decisions; it becomes easy, if you know what your values are. As a culmination of all the values imbibed through out the year, the students of DPS Bopal classes I to III celebrated Value Day on 8th March’16. Understanding thoroughly that they must try to become a person of values and not just success, the students did various activities displaying their perception of the significance of values in life. Blending fun with the theme, they made Value Necklaces/Bracelets, Value Badges for themselves specifying the values they regard the most. Third graders put forth their dedication towards different values through a Value Ranking worksheet. Highlighting the value of gratitude, they shared about the people whom they are thankful to in their life. As the event simultaneously marked the end of a fruitful academic session, special Thank-You cards crafted for the teachers, acknowledged their immense contribution in shaping the skills, thoughts and values of these tiny tots all through the year 2015-16

29thFebruary, 2016.
Monthly Activity –Talent Show at DPS East

"Talent is like a flower you have to fully tend to it if you want something special". Monthly activity talent show is a fun opportunity for parents at DPS East. It is a showcase of their talent and building up their confidence with their kids. Confidence of their kids gets a boost when kids see their parents performing. Parents served as a mentor, helping kids hone their acts and even performing with them on stage. The event includes activities of singing, dancing, poem recitation and storytelling. Icing on the cake was when grandparents played like kids in the one minute show of reverse counting (left hand), saree wrapping through newspaper, necklace making with newspaper and balloons blowing.

26thFebruary, 2016.
Visit to ISRO by DPS East students

Exploring with experience and learning with exposure has always been a core factor in learning process. And DPSEAST believes strongly that students must be given opportunity to explore and learn. It’s said that I hear and I forget, I see I remember!! So it was an informative learning experience for the students of DPSEAST when they visited ISRO as a part of educational excursion. Many informative interaction and activities were a part of this experience which includes... 1. INTERACTION ABOUT SPACE AND SATELLITE 2.IRNSS NAVIGATION SATELLITE EXPLORATION 3. QUIZ ON SPACE 4. EARTH OBSERVATION, COMMUNICATION AND NAVIGATION SATELLITE LOCATION IN SPACE 5.MOON MISSION DEMO 6. SPACE SUIT MODEL 7. GEOSYNCHRONOUS SATELLITE LAUNCH VEHICLE GSLV BRIEFING MODEL the experience was truly wonderful and the students sought for more such excursions!

26thFebruary, 2016.
We are very happy to share that we have started our e-journal……first issue will be launched by March end. The Editorial Board of the Journal consists of very high profile intellectuals and academicians as per the details given below. Prof. Rajendra Singh Jadeja (Former Director of H M Patel Institute of English Language, Vallabh Vidhya Nagar Editorial Board Prof. Hema Ramanathan, University of West Georgia Dr. Madhavi Sethna, University of West Georgia Dr. Raja Ganeshan, Former Head of Education Dept, Madras University Dr. Kamal Mehta, Saurashtra University Dr. Hemant Tiwari, NHL Medical College Dr. Sanjay Gupta, Kadi Sarva University Dr. Ratna Rao, CTU We are in the process of getting ISSN no so that each publication can count for promotions and placements as per UGC guidelines.

23rdFebruary, 2016.
NSO and IMO winners – DPS East

NSO Winners Gold Medalists 1. Devkumar Bhoi (Class : III) 2. Krishh Agrawal (Class : IV) 3. Priya Iyengar (Class : V) 4. Aman Kapadia (Class: VI) 5. Stuti Shukla (Class: VII) 6. Shail Shah (Class: VIII) 7. Jeet Shah (Class: X) 8. Rutik Isai (Class: X) Silver Medalists 1. Rutansh Gohel (Class IV) 2. Aayushi Muley (Class VIII) 3. Khushi Kapadia (Class X) Bronze Medalists 1. Mithil Pillai (Class : IV) 2. Parth Shah (Class:VIII) 3. Sunny Kushwaha (Class:X) IMO Winners Gold Medalist 1. Vihaan Namdeo (Class:I) 2. Saumya Shah (Class:II) 3. Shravya Mehtalia (Class:III) 4. Krish K. Patel (Class:IV) 5. Anuj Saha (Class:IV) 6. Akshat Jagwani (Class:V) 7. Rupak Ghosh (Class:VI) 8. Parth Shah (Class:VIII) 9. Deepak Sharma (Class:X) Silver Medalist 1. Prachi Samsukha (Class:I) 2. Arth Kakadia (Class:II) 3. Siya Oza (Class:III) 4. Tanisha Shah (Class:IV) 5. Swara Mehtalia (Class:V) 6. Niel Wostan (Class:VI) 7. Shail Shah (Class:VIII) 8. Deep Chaudhari (Class:X) Bronze Medalist 1. Jill Rawal (Class:I) 2. Ananya Nadola (Class:II) 3. Shikha Shahi (Class:III) 4. Meenal Goplani (Class:IV) 5. Nidhi Gupta (Class:V) 6. Kavya Chadda (Class:VI) 7. Aayushi Muley (Class:VIII)

23thFebruary, 2016.
Prep – Cultural Programme - DPS Bopal

DPS Bopal Pre Primary invited Prep parents to see their little angels give their first performance on 23rd February, 2016. The Headmistress, Ms. Sabina Sawhney graced the occasion. The environment was filled with enjoyment and vigour as the tiny toddlers came up on the stage to present various colourful programmes. The event started with the youngest Dipsites reciting some beautiful Shlokas followed by “Ganesh Stuti” a dance performance by the budding dancers. This was followed by another melodious dance by the tinytots. Some of the children beautifully enacted the story “Monkeys and the Cap Seller” which left the audience mesmerised and applauding. Few students recited rhymes to entertain the parents. Finally the peppy folk dance of Rajasthan performed by the students left everybody spellbound. The highlight of the programme was that these little ones introduced their programmes with confidence and clarity. The Headmistress, Ms. Sabina Sawhney appreciated the students’ performances and the teachers’ efforts. She also thanked the parents for their support and the co operation. The parents left on a cheerful and a happy note.

19thFebruary, 2016.
Sports Update: Chess - DPS Bopal

Akanksha Shah 10 ‪DPS Bopal , participated in Khel Mahakumbh State level Chess tournament (u-16) organized by Sports Authority of Gujarat. She stood third and secured a bronze medal bronze medal. Congratulations!

17thFebruary, 2016.
Sports Update: Swimming - DPS Bopal

Aryan Mehta – DPS Bopal, ahmedabad won 3 medals simultaneously in single tournament in different events in‪ Khel mahakumbh state swimming competition ‬ at Rajkot held on 15th of February 2016 in Boys Under 16 Age Group Events. His prizes include; 1) 50 Mtr. Breast Stroke: Gold Medal. 2) 100 Mtr. Breast Stroke: Bronze Medal. 3) 200 Mtr. Breast Stroke: Bronze Medal. Congratulations!!!

16thFebruary, 2016.
Sports Update: Football - DPS East

We are glad to inform you all that two students from our school, Pratham Pandit of class X & Jigish Patel of class IX are selected for state level football match in the ongoing event of khelmahakumbh. Even Our sports teacher Ms. Swati Sharma is selected as team manager for the same. Best wishes for all.

10thFebruary, 2016.
Campus Visit of DPS Bopal by Edith Cowan University, Australia.

Yali Ho! 21 delegates from Department of Psychology, Edith Cowan University (ECU), Australia arrived at our school campus to explore about Mainstream and special education. Dr. Ritu Sharma H.O.D Psychology. PDPU , Dr. Bronwyn Harman Coordinator, Psychology Honour Program at Edith Cowan University, Dr. Eyal Gringart w Coordinator, Psychology International Program were accompanied by 18 students of ECU and PDPU at DPS, Bopalon 9 th Febrruary. This program aimed at providing insight about psychology and its relevant Indian Perspective in various areas of Psychology. They visited our School to understand the various aspects and concerns handled at school level regarding discipline, Identifying learning difficulties, dealing and assessing special children, Special Education and exposure into psychology. PDPU,Gandhinagar had organized this Indian Exposure Program for students and faculty members

9thFebruary, 2016.
Pre–Primary School Activities - Parents’ Club Group Activities DPS Bopal

DPS Bopal, Preschool has been initiating lot of activities to involve parents in informative sessions and workshops. It has given an opportunity to parents and teachers to meet and interact more often and has helped in developing better bond and strengthening the relationship. On 6th February, a parent took the initiative to invite her acquaintance, Mr. Pratik Pujara, a Nutritional Consultant to conduct a special health awareness programme highlighting how to achieve optimal health and prevent lifestyle related diseases. He gave tips on maintaining good health in today’s stressful hectic life. There was also a question –answer session, where he satisfied the audience with his answers to the queries raised by them on health related issues. Such sessions organised by schools not only provide information but also boost our efficiency, create involvement opportunities and build trusting relationship.

8thFebruary, 2016.
Annual Day celebration at CPS Rajula

It gives us pleasure to share that 6nd Annual function "NAYA SAVERA" of Calorx Public school Rajula in school campus. Around 1300 parents have seen the wonderful programme. The entire team delivered a fabulous show that fetched lots of praises from the invited dignitaries. The students put up some great performances which made the audience mesmerized. The students amazed audience with some exceptional performance like Dash Avtar, MJ 5, Loongi Dance, etc. Total 16 programme performed by the students. This success was truly the hard work of a team.

6thFebruary, 2016.

Delhi Public School conducted an Inter House Best Out of waste competition for student of class seventh and eighth. Four students of each house participated in the competition and showed their creativity, their ability to think out of the box and their innovation .The judgment was done on the basis of creativity, material used and presentation. The students created the best and most useful things from things which were not useful. The students realized that even waste material has its own value and can be very useful. The winners were as follows: 1. Mahi house 2. Kaveri house 3. Sabarmati house

6thFebruary, 2016.
Salim-Suleiman Live In Concret- Income tax Planning

It is that time of the year now when we take a final look at our Income Tax ( IT) planning for the year and take decision(s) regarding our investments, donations and the rest, for saving our tax liabilities. And when it comes to taking a decision on donation there can be no better choice than the old adage, “ Charity Begins at Home” !! And then comes this opportunity of availing IT Deductions with an offer of attending an entertainment programme of a special kind, “Salim Suleiman Live in Concert- For Visamo Kids Foundation” ! In this connection, please refer the attached Appeal Letter mail by Project Administrator, Visamo. Would request you kindly consider the proposal and include our Visamo Kids as one amongst the list of NGOs that you would select for donation, in order to get IT benefits and also attend the Live Concert ! Looking forward to a positive response from each of you !

6thFebruary, 2016.
Inter-House Elocution Competition Grade 7 - DPS Bopal

The Inter house Elocution Competition for the students of class 7 was held on 6 February 2016 in Abhivykti with great zeal and enthusiasm. The oratory skills displayed by the students were of the highest level. The contestants were very well prepared and the flawless flow of the entire competition impressed the judges. It was a tough competition to judge. The event concluded amidst loud applause, with Tapti house leading; Sabarmati and Narmada house following as second and third respectively.

3rdFebruary, 2016.
Grade 7 students of DPS Bopal visited Shahibaug Police Station

A group of 7 students of Std. X visited Shahibaug Police Station on 30th January, 2016 for an Internship Programme. They were welcomed by the Head Constable Mahendra Singh Chauhan, who briefed the students about the several respectable positions of their force. He explained the crucial roles that the Assistant Sub-Inspector and the Department play. They went to the Inspection and Arms & Ammunition room, where he showed them the Musked rifle, Revolver and the Barbore rifle, which is the most powerful rifle. In the end, Mr. Dilip Thakur, briefed the students about how his creation, the Eklavya software has helped the police forces in tracking the owner’s by their vehicle numbers.

3tdFebruary, 2016.
DPS Bopal Sports Updates: Skating

Delhi Public School, Bopal, Ahmedabad participated in Rural Khelmahakumbh District level Skating tournament which was held at Eklavya Sports academy, Thaltej on 31st January 2016. 12 students brought laurels to the school by winning 10 Gold , 2 Silver and 8 Bronze medals and selected for State level Tournament. The names of the players are: 1.Niya Patel of class 4 I won two Gold medal. 2.Karman Soni of class 3 E won two Bronze medal. 3.Adhya Sharma of class 4 H won two Gold medal. 4.Vishakha Vachaspati of class 2 K won two Bronze medal. 5.Parv Vyas of class 2 K got Forth place. 6.Vrund Patel of class 6 E won two Gold medal. 7.Tanay Shah of class 6 H won two Silver medal. 8.Harsh Shah of class 6 I won two Bronze medal. 9.Atharv Bhavshar of class 6 A got Forth place. 10.Ayush Patel of class 8 H won two Gold medal. 11.Dhruvam Patel of class 9 E won two Bronze medal. 12.Devesh Kapkoti of class 9 G won two Gold medal.

3tdFebruary, 2016.
DPS Bopal Sports Updates: Athletics

Dhanvin Sood of class 10- I participated in Senior Athletics Meet organized L.A.Sports on 29/01/2016 at SGVP School,Chaarodi, Ahmedabad. Dhanvin became the Best Athlete and awarded a trophy in u-16 category. Congratulations Dhanvin for future tournaments.

3tdFebruary, 2016.
DPS Bopal Sports Updates: BasketBall –Boys

In the District Khel Mahakumbh Basketball – Ahmedabad Rural U-13 Tournament which was held at Delhi Public School, Bopal, Ahmedabad on 30th January 2016, DPS Bopal Boys team participated and became Runners-up. Selected players will play for the state level Khel Mahakumbh tournament. In the District Khel Mahakumbh Basketball – Ahmedabad Rural U-13 Tournament which was held at Delhi Public School, Bopal, Ahmedabad on 30th January 2016, DPS Bopal Girls team participated and became Champions. The entire team will play for the state level Khel Mahakumbh tournament. In the District Khel Mahakumbh Basketball – Ahmedabad Rural U-16 Tournament which was held at Delhi Public School, Bopal, Ahmedabad on 31th January 2016, DPS Bopal Boys B team participated and became Second Runners-up. Selected players will play for the state level Khel Mahakumbh tournament.

31stJanuary, 2016.
Pre–Primary School Activities - Parents’ Club Group Activities – DPS Bopal

For the holistic development of the child, it is important for the family and the community to play the role of partners with the school. Keeping this in mind and with the latest trend of organizing a series of workshops DPS Bopal Pre-Primary came up with yet another Parents workshop where the parents were invited to share their gift of strengths and talents with the many including those who were receiving and participating in the experience. We had a Yoga session which was taken by Mrs. Alka Tejwani. Yoga is more fun with friends was the experience of all during the yoga session. Parents and teachers were rejoicing together and developing better bonds. Next, we had Mrs. Komal Shah to share her talent of clay kneading, moulding and modelling. She showcased a lot of innovative and creative designs and shapes. Finally we had Dr. Manisha Tripathi who took out time from her busy schedule for a dental care workshop for one and all present and also guided and encouraged us on ways to keep our teeth and gums healthy and boosted us to wear a smile with full confidence.

25thDecember, 2015.
DPS East students rocks at Kankaria Carnival 2015

The December chill at the vibrant and the most awaited extravaganza Kankaria Carnival was filled with melodious music tunes when the Rhythmic Rays - music band of DPSEAST sparkled their magic spell on the audience! ! The students ranging from class III to XII comprises of this band. With huge applauds began the journey of our band!! DPSEAST performs regularly at the grand carnival fest exhibiting their potential at their best!! After swaying the audience at the green school campus of DPSEAST these rockstars swirled the apna amdavadis to their notes wishing best for the new year to come!!!!

24thDecember, 2015.
XII Alumni Reunion at DPS Bopal

The much awaited day for the alumni members from all the corners of the globe happened on 24 th December 2015 at the academic courtyard ,DPS Bopal. This year the alumni members of batch 2015 were felicitated on this day for their meritorious performance. Principal Mr Surender Sachdeva in his welcome address acknowledged the efforts of the alumni and congratulated them on their brilliant results.He also shared the developments of the academic year and asked them to excel in their chosen field. The prize distribution was followed by a memorial service for an alumnus of batch 2003 , who sadly passed away earlier this month. The cultural programme followed with innovative games like lucky 20 students in the 20 th year of DPS Bopal,Queen of Sheeba and Find your family ,skilfully anchored by Shishir and Shreya,This ice breaking session was followed by a song recital by alumnus Vhal Purohit , DJ dance party and a sumptuous dinner. The alumni members mingled with friends, teachers ,clicked pictures and literally let their hair down. Everyone one went home with a smile on their face and promised to come back again next year.

24thDecember, 2015.
Christmas Carnival 2015 at DPS Bopal

Christmas was celebrated in Delhi Public School, Bopal on 24th December 2015. It was commenced by informative news and a brief weather forecast. An informative article on Christmas was read. A very entertaining skit with a message on the value of ‘Gratitude’ was performed by the students, which was liked and appreciated by students as well as teachers. It was followed by a beautifully sung Christmas carol, which also included a cameo performance by Santa Claus. The prize distribution for the inter-school events conducted by Zydus School, Vejalpur & Hillwoods, Gandhinagar was also done today. The celebration concluded with an encouraging speech given by the Senior Vice-Principal Mrs. Vandna Joshi, praising and encouraging the students and also appreciating the efforts put in by the teachers in training the students. Like all the other festivals celebrated, Christmas was also celebrated with fun and frolic

24thDecember, 2015.
Christmas Carnival 2015 at DPS East

Yali Ho! With fun and frolic enjoying the chilly winds of December. .It was full on excitement at DPSEAST. .. The reason was obvious. It was the celebration of Christmas at East with the much awaited Christmas Carnival. The presence of Mr. MAYUR VAKANI -our beloved Sunder Mama of the famous Tele show Tarak Mehta ka oolta chashma as the chief guest added the flavour to the wondrous event. With performances like band, carols, skit and dance the students won the hearts.... The loving santa too could not resist joining this extravaganza! !! With hopes for the best we wish everyone a merry Christmas and a happy new year!!

23rdDecember, 2015.
“ahnkaram nashyati sarvam” – Annual Day celebration at DPS Bopal

Light symbolizes the absence of darkness, grief & unhappiness. Almighty's divine grace is spread all over by lighting the lamps. God’s first and foremost appearance is in the form of Light which we call as 'Divya Jyotir' or "Divine Light".

23rdDecember, 2015.
The Scout and Guide programme at DPS East

The Scouts and Guide programme at DPS EAST had its first official meeting. Ms. Shailaben Patel, leader trainer of Gujarat State, guided the students on various important aspects of this programme. The new generation is now ready and geared up to emerge as confident and determined leaders for their country.

20thDecember, 2015.
Christmas Carnival 2015 at CPS Jaipur

I am pleased to share grand celebration of Christmas Carnival with an explosion of music, creativity and dance and its amazing band which unparalleled the stamina of carnival. Mr. Kailash Verma (MLA Bagru) & Ms. Rama Sharma (Counsillor Pratap Nagar) were the special guests of the carnival. The youngsters made merry at various games stalls. A variety of food stalls, garments, merchandise, bouncy,puppet show and tattooing too, were the highlights of the show. Various stage performances like yoga, dance performances on jingle bells and message to save the girl child and raise her like trailblazer was given through skit by the talented students. There was gathering of approx 500 people.

19thDecember, 2015.
Annual Sports meet 2015-16 Escuela Dia(Senior) at DPS East

Our energetic students performed various drills. Our Honorary Principal Mr.Hitesh Puri encouraged our students with his vibrating speech. To enliven the sports event, the torch was lit by the chief guests.Guest of honour Mr. Ashok Mankad (GCA coach and Ranji Trophy player) and Mr. Prashant Shetty (State Level Boxing Player) declared the sports meet open. This year sports day witnessed the enthralling performances and hard work put-up by all our students. Multiple hours of training and strenuous effort taken by the students and teachers will ever be inscribed in the history

18thDecember, 2015.
Escuela Dia Junior 2015-16 at DPS East

The thrills and joy were at its peak when the sports beat throbbed in every heart at DPS East Annual Sports Day - Escuela Dia 2015-16. The event witnessed some fabulous drills, exciting events and motivational words of honourable principal sir Mr. Hitesh Puri. It was the first day of the sports meet. Lot more to come on the next day...

17thDecember, 2015.
Mr. Prashant Pinge visited DPS East

Mr. Prashant Pinge author of the book Adventure on wheels had a rendezvous with the students of DPS EAST during his visit to the school. When Mr. Prashant explained the importance of imagination and dedication the students lend their ears attentively. The session was interactive when the students posed variety of questions to the speaker. It was really pleasure to see our young children coming up with quality questions!!!

12thDecember, 2015.
Mom’s story telling Workshop

Calorx Public School Ghatlodia organized a ‘Story Telling Workshop’ for Mom’s on 12th December 2015. Our Super Moms participated actively. They entertained the students with their wonderful stories, colourful props and actions. Kids are happy to see their moms sharing stories. Many of them were glad to get an opportunity and thanked for the platform given by the school. All the parents have got participation certificate.

11thDecember, 2015.
CCST felicitation event at AMA

I, am pleased to share with you that, Felicitation Event of CCST -2015 conducted successfully at AMA on pleasant evening of 11th Dec. in presence of the Chief Guest – Dr. H. B. Raghvendra (Director General - PDPU), the Guest of Honour – Dr. Pankaj Patel(Dean - NHL Medical College), Shree Hiten Vasant Sir (Dir. - CERF), renowned educationists, invited principals, students with parents and Kalorex team members. Dr. H.B.Raghvendra shared extempore worthy speech with his rich experience of admissions & career selection experience in engineering with prospects of further careers in technology. Dr. Pankaj Patel shared challenges ahead in Medical field and paramedical branches. Shree Hiten Vasant Sir expressed the career options and selections of careers with changes in educations world and also shared the journey of Kalorex with growth in various verticals of education

8thDecember, 2015.
DPS KA BAZIGAR – Season 4 at DPS Bopal

“Business is a game, played for fantastic stakes, and you're in competition with experts. If you want to win, you have to learn to be a master of the game.” In the dawn of 5th December’15, Delhi Public School, Bopal woke up to a voracious display of business acumen of various schools across the city, as DPS simulated yet another chapter of DPS KaBaazigar. 20 years since its naissance, this time the school aberrated from the tradition of having an intra-school and metamorphosed it into an inter-school endeavour; and was conducted with a network of schools spread throughout the city, which portrayed the tradition of their profound vocation of business and their sharp determination to prove themselves as connoisseurs of commerce by sparring for the elusive title of ‘DPS KaBaazigar’. Commencing with a pious remembrance to the deities, the event progressed to a brief recapitulation of Baazigar conducted in the yesteryears. Mr. Adeel Sheikh, Head of Commerce Dept., who expounded on this odyssey; was preceded by an inspiring keynote by Mr. Surendra PSachdeva, the Principal. Students across Ahmedabad were treated to the various elucidations of Business Plans formulated by the teams. Each presentation was thoroughly scrutinized by the judges, Mrs Shubhra Gaur, a renowned psychologist and a professor of great repute at MICA, and MrsJyotiSudhir, an entrepreneur and co-founder of Invent Innovations Ltd. The candidates were questioned regarding the feasibility and effectiveness of their model.If there is one thing that each school should be proud of, then that is in the words of Mr. Tharoor, ‘Never the words got redundant’. All the presentations were thorough with new ideas and inculcated in them a sense of budding Ambanis of India. The auric finesse of rebuttals, interjections and verbal clashes filled the auditorium during the Debate Competition of Baazigar. It was juried by Mr. Saxena, Vice President of Aditya Birla Finance services, and Mr. AmrutMedhekar, Sr. Vice President of ZydusCadila Healthcare Ltd. The topic simulated was “Is India hostile to foreign investments?” The debate bore fruit as youngsters aged from 16-18 years, spoke their hearts out on this topic this is considered insurmountable for youth. This was succeeded by a new and innovative brainchild which s’appelled as ‘Ad-Mad’. Candidates had to brainstorm within a given time frame, and come up with unique way to introduce the product in the market. This event was a conflagration of distinctive ideas in the form of melodious jingles, sui generis role plays, and enlightening posters. The event then proceeded to the final test of business insight, the Business Quiz. The questions were constructed keeping in mind the commercial aptitude of the quizzers. Out of all the teams present that day, 6 teams qualified over their business expertise. It was heartening to see the audience never getting dull for a moment, and taking active participation in the quiz. All in all, it was not a particular team that won, but commerce prevailed over everything else. After an intellectual bout of debating, quizzing, innovating, and inducing new notions, few laurels were awarded, namely DPS KaBaazigar which was accomplished by NirmaVidyaVihar, Most Innovative Idea and Best Ad-Mad which was bagged by AnandNiketanShilaj, Best Debater was awarded to Maharaja Agrasen, and Best Quizzer, which was also awarded to NirmaVidyaVihar. Concluding with the vote of thanks the 7 hour event had culminated into something which carved its stature into the eternal crucible of time. Everybody had their fair share of knowledge and their horizons; broadened.

1stDecember, 2015.
Pratibha Gaurav Diwas at DPS Bopal

1st December saw DPS Bopal teeming with bright faces of children and parents gathered in the Academic Courtyard to celebrate the Pratibha Gaurav Diwas for Class X (2014-15). Welcoming the guests and inspiring the students with his motivating speech, Principal, Delhi Public School-Bopal, Mr. Surender P. Sachdeva focused on the teaching and learning environment created in the school. He informed the parents about the ISC and Patent Club introduced for the development of the children. Mr. Sachdeva concluded his speech with a message to save natural resources for the future in coordination with the theme of the programme- Green and Global practices. Students receiving the awards for their academic, sports and co-curricular achievements stood tall as they were honoured by the Principal, Mr. Surender P. Sachdeva and the guests of the day in the presence of their parents and classmates. Mr. Ashnin Desai, a renowned advocate, High Court, Ahmedabad congratulated all the awardees and extended his thanks to the parents and teachers for their hard work and sacrifice. In his speech, Mr. Toshniwal, Director, Gujarat Flotex Pvt. Ltd. laid emphasis on success which can only be achieved by hard work and the courage to dream. The award session was interspersed with a song and dance performed by the students of Delhi Public School in synchronization with the vision of the school -- Green and Global practices. The director of Green School Committee, Rinshi Jain, a student of Class 12, in her speech, shared the successful practices and endeavours by the students and teachers towards motivating a green environment. They have touched 45 countries and over 5000 schools in their efforts to spread awareness for a safe and green environment. It was a proud moment for the parents as their misty eyes glowed beholding their child being recognized and appreciated for daring to dream and proving their worth in this colossal world. The award ceremony was a stepping stone for the promising achievers to leave an undeniable mark in the fields of their choice. The Pratibha Gaurav Diwas ended with the vote of thanks by the Sr. Secondary Incharge Ms. Monita Dash. Taking the opportunity to encourage all students present, she extended her gratitude to the guests of the day and all present to make the programme a success.

10thNovember, 2015.
Diwali Milan samaroh at CPS Jaipur

Pleased to share that Diwali Milan Samaroh was organised by Pratap Nagar Housing Society on 7th Nov, 2015. There was gathering of approx. 500 residents. Education minister Sh. Ghanshyam Tewari was Chief Guest. Cultural program was given by our students. Message given through the program was Say No To Crackers and Save Girl Child. Lot of appreciations received from one and all. Photographs are attached herewith.

8thNovember, 2015.
DPS Bopal celebrating 20 years of its glorious journey

Celebrating 20 years of its glorious journey ‪ DPS Bopal planned a fun filled nostalgic evening in the academic courtyard on 7 November. Principal Mr. Surendar Sachdeva ‬welcomed the august audience comprising of members of Altus Learning Pvt Ltd and staff members of DPS Bopal along with their spouses.Mr Hiten Vasant Trustee DPS Bopal and Ms Manjula Pooja Shroff were welcomed by the Principal along with other dignitaries. A Commemorative album marking the 20 years was launched by Pro Vice Chairperson, Kalorex Ms Manjula Pooja Shroff. Ms Shroff took the audience through the journey of 20 years covering all the milestones.The value of ownnership was highlighted by a vivid example from the 9/11 incident. She acknowledged the support and cooperation of all the family members for making the 20 years journey possible. This was followed by a cultural extravaganza planned and executed by the talented members of DPS family. A fusion Dance,Parody ,impromptu quiz all were the fun filled activities. The icing on the cake was the catwalk by staff members representing the Pre Primary,Primary,Secondary, Dance and Music,Sports Department,Computer Department,Art and Craft department , admin Department and the management with Head mistress Ms Sabina Sawhey, Vice Principa lMsNeera Pandey and Sr Vice Principal Ms Vandna Joshi .The showstoppers were Principal Mr Sachdeva and Pro Vice Chairperson Ms Shroff . in all it was an atmosphere of bonhomie and good cheer with pictures being clicked in the photo booth ,dancing to the tunes of DJ followed by sumptuous dinner with fireworks display .

8thNovember, 2015.

DPS Bopal campus transformed into a vast garden with varied flowers and leaves everywhere when our 1 and 2 graders enthusiastically gave shape and colour to their imaginations during the ‪Rangoli competition ‬ on 6th Nov’15. Students were assisted by their teachers, to create eco- friendly and aesthetically-appealing ‘ Rangolis’. Geometrical shapes, birds, diyas/lamps, patterns, etc. were made picture- perfect by using fresh flowers, leaves and crumpled bits of paper, further completed by lighting diyas/lamps - spreading the message of happiness and prosperity. All were ‪masterpieces in themselves but the maestro gets the feather in the cap by giving a masterstroke to its creation. The following classes stood as winners. WINNERS of RANGOLI COMPETITION -CLASSES II and II S. No. Class Section 1. I C 2. I F 3. II B 4. II G

7thNovember, 2015.
Sports Update; Karate - DPS Bopal

Delhi Public School, Bopal, Ahmedabad participated in 6th International karate championship 2015 organized by SKIS’s on 30th & 31st October 2015 at Amar Palace,jaipur. Yuvraj Chauhan of Class 8 participated in under 12 and 13 categories and won 2 medals respectively. He earned a Silver Medal in Kata event and Gold Medal in Kumite event. Congratulations!!!!

6thNovember, 2015.
Workshop on Intellectual property rights at DPS Bopal

A proud moment for DPS Bopal when GUJCOST (Gujarat Council of Science and Technology) in association with Delhi Public School, Bopal organised a workshop on patency and copyrights for students of grade XI and XII. The workshop was conducted by Dr. Padmin Buch on 5th Nov. 2015. The basic vision of the workshop was to encourage students to trigger within themselves the innovative aspect and incorporate their novel ideas into useful products. These products, processes, thoughts and ideas can be patented.

6thNovember, 2015.
The Senior Secondary Section of Delhi Public School celebrated honesty as the theme of their assembly on 6th November 2015

Honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom. Thomas Jefferson ‪Senior Secondary Section of Delhi Public School celebrated honesty as the theme of their assembly on 6th November 2015.The thought of the day was shared by Radhika of class XII G describing that honesty is not only about speaking truth but also being honest in one’s action and behaviour. Ms. Ruchira Jha of Science Department enlightened students on implementation of honesty and integrity in the classroom in order to be the best student and person one can be. Principal, Mr Surender Sachdev shared his words of wisdom with the students encouraging them to be true towards their academic commitments. He quoted that honesty is the backbone of one’s character and it gives us power to tackle any circumstance in life. It is also considered to be the best tool of success in the life. At the end of the assembly, one is deemed to reminisce what William Shakespeare once said-No legacy is as rich as honesty.

4thNovember, 2015.
Kuchh Meetha Ho Jaye: An initiative of CPS, Gandhinagar at Visamo Kids Foundation

Inspired by 'Ek Mutthi Anaaj', a campaign spearheaded by DPS Bopal in August 2015, CALORX Public School, Gandhinagar took ahead the idea, wove it well and presented to Visamo in a different and interesting format, that of "Kuchh Meetha Ho Jaye...". Today, a bunch of 23 young kids from CPS led by two teachers visited Visamo with a huge sweet box, filled with 'just jiggery'...a healthy sweet dish. Kids and parents teamed up to collect jiggery, a unique way to express their healthy and sweet wishes for V-kids just when we are ready to send away our kids back home to enjoy their Diwali break, amidst their families. Must say, it was a great initiative, thanks to the kids, staff, parents and teachers and of course, Nirja ma'm, for her ideas, facilitation and kind efforts.

3rdNovember, 2015.
Pratibha Gaurav Divas - Grade 8 at DPS Bopal

In acknowledgement of their efforts towards excellence, ‘Pratibha Gaurav Divas’ is celebrated in the school every year for students of all grades. This ‘divas’ literally means taking pride in one’s talents and achievements. This year too, the 3rd November proved to be a red letter day for the meritorious students of class 7, presently in 8th. The program began by invoking the blessings of Goddess Saraswati, in a humble prayer to bestow wisdom.In highly motivating words of wisdom, the Principal, Mr. Surender P. Sachdeva, urged the students to excel in various spheres and abide by rules, while stressing that he had high hopes for this new generation.The award ceremony was graced by eminent personality, Mr.Ajay Pareek, a management consultant and Mr.Pradeep Pandey, a civil engineer. Congratulations to all!

31stOctober, 2015.
NPre–Primary School Activities - “Rangoli Competition for Pre Primary Parents” at DPS Bopal

In line with the aroma of festivities in the air, D.P.S.Bopal Pre-Primary organized a “Rangoli Making Competition” for the parents of little Dipsites. The designs showcased by the talented mothers had a traditional feel as it captured the imagination of today’s women. They all displayed abundant talent and creativity through their presentations. The event had its first ever male participant Mr. Saroj Mishra who chose to showcase his talent with a “Go Green” theme. The enthusiastic mothers put their heart and soul into the presentations and the venue was abuzz with the festive spirit. The event was judged by the honorable principal of Blue Bells School, Ms. Shalini. The participants were judged on the basis of their uniqueness, creativity and theme based presentations. The 1st prize went to Ms. Nikita Chandak, who chose the theme of “Girl Child”. The 2nd prize was bagged by Ms.Devika Patel whose theme was “Save Water”. Last but definitely not the least, the 3rd prize winner Ms. Reshma Zaware’s rangoli was made with a unique blend of a high tea complete with sugar, tea leaves and biscuits not to forget the cups!! The deserving winners were felicitated with eco-friendly gifts. The parents were pleased and thanked the school for the unique bonding between parent and school.

28thOctober, 2015.
DPS Bopal - Educational Trip to Gandhi Ashram

Grade 1 visited, the peaceful and serene Gandhi Ashram, on 28th of October 2015 as part of their educational trip. The Ashram was the residence of Mahatma Gandhi, who lived there for about twelve years along with his wife Kasturba Gandhi. The Indian government has established the Gandhi Asharam as a National Monument in recognition of the significant influence, the March also known as the Salt Satyagrah on 12th March 1930, had on the Indian Independence Movement. The students got the opportunity to see Mahatma Gandhi’s Cottage ‘ Hridaya Kunj’ where some of the personal relics of Gandhi are displayed. The Charkha used by Gandhiji to spin khadi and the writing table he used for writing are few of the priceless items kept in the Ashram. They also saw Magan Niwas which exhibits different designs of Charkha’s, Nandini – old ashram guest house , Vinoba Kutir and the Upasana Mandir- an open- air prayer ground.Students were greatly inspired by Gandhi’ s Gallery which exhibits major events of Gandhiji’s life from 1915 to 1930 in Ahmedabad and the Painting Gallery which displayed Eight life size paintings and more than 250 photographs of some of the most vivid and historic events of Gandhiji’s life. The visit gave the students an insight into the life of Mahatma Gandhi , his genesis from Mohanlal to Mahatma and then to Bapu and was a great learning experience.

28thOctober, 2015.
The Inter house debate competition at DPS East

Debate is one of the academic activities that gives students creative room to express what they feel. The length and breadth of knowledge that they gain through this is simply unparalleled. The Inter house Debate competition for the students of classes VIII to X was held on 28th October,2015. The competition was adjudged by Mr. Hiren Thakkar and Ms. Leena Pillai. It was very evident that the teams were well prepared and they used various skills like overstatement, definition, irony etc. to convince the audience. The participants, armed with statistics and data made their arguments more emphatic with their righteous facial expressions, body movement and gestures. All the four teams exhibited great oratorical skills.

27thOctober, 2015.
DPS East students visited Community Oncology centre and Cancer Exhibition

PS East has been exploring every possible initiative which makes students learn the importance of well being. We all are bestowed upon by God with one beautiful life. Our temptations become our habit! In pursuit of learning through excursions and visits DPS east has organized a visit to "The Gujarat Cancer Research Centre" The students were briefed by Dr.Darshana regarding the hazards of consuming tobacco/alcohol in any form. The sole aim of this initiative is to make students aware of the ill effects of the addictions! Let's arise,awake and spread awareness against this evil that takes into stride many souls and shatters the physical as well as mental being with painful,unsympathetic and ruthless effect on body.

21stOctober, 2015.
The Inter house sports event at DPS East

The Inter House events are best medium to give exposure to the students. With various inter house sports event knocking the doors, DPS East witnessed one of the most popular sport ‘Football ’at the school campus where all four houses Ganga, Yamuna, Narmada And Sabarmati competed among each other for the inter house football championship title. The first match was played between Yamuna house and Narmada house whereas other match was played between Ganga house And Sabarmati house with thrill, excitement and enthusiasm started the finals between Yamuna house and Sabarmati house!Finally the inter house football championship title was won by Sabarmati House.

21stOctober, 2015.
Oldie Goldie Day and Dusshera celebration at DPS East

The wrinkled eyes saw lovely things with beauty of life in every being. Their blessings with us made our day their presence cherished us all the way. It was wonderful sight at DPS East where the Oldie Goldie Day and the Dusshera celebration put up for the grandparents of students from Classes Nursery to V. A wide range of events and performances were presented before them which included welcome dance, drama by students and games for our dear grandparents along with melodious music performances. The students put up their best to bring a smile on the face of their grandparents! The grandparents too were touched by the efforts to make them feel special! As the event named Oldie Goldie we all were truly blessed to have with us the Golden experience of the pillars of society.

20thOctober, 2015.
Navratri celebration at DPS East

Festival of Navratri is full of lights, joy and festivity. Navratri festivities got underway at The DPS East with amazing zeal amongst the Parents,teachers & students to celebrate the festival,to commemorate and invoke the blessings of Goddess Durga in her various forms. Special dance was performed by the students of class X in which Garba was presented in the traditional way; Team East & Students offered prayers and presented a beautiful recital. The entire school cherished the Garba celebration held on 19th October in the Hockey ground of DPS East. The students of all classes from Level I to Class XII came dressed in traditional and Dandia attire which made for a spectacular visual treat for everyone to see and relish. Event was end up with prize distribution in various categories. Best Participants among all were felicitated with token of appreciation from our honourable principal Mr. Hitesh Puri........

19thOctober, 2015.
Navratri & Kavi sammelan at DPS East

The evening at DPS East today was musical and lyrical with a lovely blend of two vibrant events! Kavi Sammelan and Navratri celebration!! When the lyrics of poetry swayed the hearts in joy the beats of dhol made every heart dance in enthusiasm. Lovely participants for both events were adding flavour to the evening. The winners were awarded with token of love and appreciation....

18thOctober, 2015.
Pre–Primary School Activities - “100th Day”- Jr.Kg, Sr.Kg & Prep at DPS Bopal

We’ve come to school for 100 days. The time has just flown by, Five months, two seasons and we’re half way done. For tomorrow will be the 101,So let the celebrations begin!!” Jr.Kg and Sr.Kg students completed 100 days in school on 13th October while the Prep toddlers completed on14th October. The kids welcomed the 100th day with great eagerness. Every child was dressed up creatively for fun. The little Dipsites at the campus celebrated this turning point with everything 100. They performed various activities related to number 100 like counting the numbers, jumping, clapping, tapping their foot hundred times etc. Children with 100% attendance were awarded with certificate and a star badge and they also made cards captioned “Yali says, I am 100 days smarter”. They went back home singing ……………..”Hip Hip Hurray for the 100th day.”

17thOctober, 2015.
avratri Celebration at CPS Gandhinagar

Calorx Public School -Gandhinagar celebrated Navratri with great joy and vigour on 17th Oct.2015 in the school ground. Parents, Teachers, and Students came in traditional dresses.All of them celebrated the day with great enthusiasm and joy. It was a colourful event in which parents took part in Diya decoration, Lantern making and Rangoli Competition and students took part as a prince and princess of CPS-Lekavada , Gandhinagar and performed garba steps. CPS-Gandhinagar enjoyed the music beats and blessed to seek blessing.

16thOctober, 2015.
Yashvi shah of class X G brought laurels to DPS Bopal in Athletics

Yashvi shah of class X G brought laurels to the school in Athletics. She participated in West Zone Athletics Competition organized by Athletics Federation of India at Ajmer on 10th and 11th October 2015. She was a part of Gujarat’s Relay team and secured Second place with Silver medal in the tournament. Yashvi also participated in 400 mtr Sprint individual event and stood 4th in the finals as well.

16thOctober, 2015.
G.K and E.E Quiz Competition Grade 3 – 5 @ DPS

Quiz competitions are instrumental in promoting knowledge, educational recreation, they warrant fun element and affirm that wonderful things can be achieved through teamwork and collaboration. To enhance and promote this thought, Delhi Public School Bopal organized G.K Quiz Competition for classes III to V on 15.10.15. It was a class activity conducted in respective classes by the class teachers.

divided into six groups. The students displayed their intellectual skills and participated with utmost zealattempting the questionnaire given to each group. The competition was thoroughly enjoyed by all the enthusiast teams. Great display of teamwork was put forth by the teammates to ensure victory for their respective team. The winning team from each class was acknowledged with a team certificate.

16thOctober, 2015.
Sports Update “Athletics” – DPS Bopal

Yashvi shah of class X G brought laurels to the school in Athletics. She participated in West Zone Athletics Competition organized by Athletics Federation of India at Ajmer on 10th and 11th October 2015.

She was a part of Gujarat’s Relay team and secured Second place with Silver medal in the tournament.Yashvi also participated in 400 mtr Sprint individual event and stood 4th in the finals as well.

16thOctober, 2015.
Visiting the 'Gandhi' – DPS Bopal

"My life is my message"... What best way to get insights into the life of Mahatma Gandhi, than visiting the Gandhi Ashram located in the Sabarmati suburb of the city on the banks of the river Sabarmati. Grade 2 students of DPS Bopal were extremely excited to visit the Ashram on the 14th of Oct'15 as an educational trip and went around the place admiring the Mahatma's Statue, his Cottage ‘ Hridaya Kunj’ , where some of his personal relics like the Charkha used by him to spin khadi and his writing table are displayed. Children were amazed to see a woman weaving thread from cotton with the help of charkha.

Some of them eventried their hands on the wheel. Under the guidance of their teachers they also saw Nandini – old ashram guest house, Vinoba Kutir – cottage named after Acharya Vinoba Bhave who lived here, Upasana Mandir- an open- air prayer ground. Visiting the Gandhi’s Gallery which exhibits major events of Gandhiji's life inspired our young minds to a great extent to be truthful, to be kind, to be physically fit, to eat simple food and thus avoid junk food as Gandhiji believed in ‘Simple Living and High Thinking'. Visit to the Ashram was one of the most memorable experiences for all as they felt peaceful and relaxed due to the serene ambience of the place with the Sabarmati River flowing quietly alongside.

16thOctober, 2015.
Visitor of the Week: Ms Naivil Mahadevia at DPS Bopal

Inter House Lawn Tennis Tournament Winner

Ms Naivil Mahadevia visited DPS Bopal on 15th October 2015 as the Visitor-of-the-Week. Ms Naivil is a Nutritionist & Consultant Die titian and runs a consultancy named Feel Fresh. She was extended a traditional welcome by the students followed by a tour of the school campus. During her interaction with the students of class V, she explained the underlying principles and need of maintaining a healthy diet. She had a brief meeting with the Headmistress and the Principal. As a token of remembrance Ms Naivil was presented with Yali mug and a card.

15thOctober, 2015.
Inter House Lawn Tennis Tournament @ DPS East

Inter House Lawn Tennis Tournament Winner

1. Rudraksh Trivedi – Sabarmati House Runner

2. Maan Patel – Yamuna House Winner

1. Smriti Roy – Sabarmati House Runner

2. Netra Dhariyal – Ganga House

15thOctober, 2015.
Inter House Karate Tournament Junior Boys @ DPS East

Inter House Karate Tournament Junior Boys Winner

1. Apple Patel – Yamuna House Runner-Up

2. Yash Patel – Narmda House

15thOctober, 2015.
Inter House Karate Tournament Senior Girls @ DPS East

Inter House Karate Tournament Senior Girls Winner

1. Vaidehi Pandey – Sabarmati House Runner up

2. Kavisha Patel – Yamuna House

15thOctober, 2015.
Inter House Cricket Tournament @ DPS East

Inter House Cricket Tournament Sabarmati House won the match

Runner -Up Narmada House To be a champion, you have to see the big picture.

It's not about winning and losing; it's about every day hard work and about thriving on a challenge.

It's about embracing the pain that you'll experience at the end of a race and not being afraid.

I think people think too hard and get afraid of a certain challenge...........

Cricket Winner – Sabarmati House

Players Name

1. Dhruv Mevada – Captain

2. Devraj Patel

3. Adnan Ravani

4. Tanvir Avadia

5. Ankit Sharma

6. Siddharth Shukla

7. Dollar Goswami

8. Het Bhavsarp

9. Shivam Sood

10. Rushin Soni

Runner -Up - Narmada House

Players Name

1. Aayush Kriti – Captain

2. Jaint Maheshwari

3. Darshil Nayak

4. Jaival Vikal

5. Jitesh Sharma

6. Aryan Kumar

7. Vishwendra Gajjar

8. Jeet Shah

9. Varun Lohar

10. Tahir Avadia

11. Smit Shah

15thOctober, 2015.
Inter House Badminton Tournament @ DPS East


1. Janmay Patel – Sabarmati House Runner

2. Shubham Patel – Ganga House Result of Inter House Badminton (Girls)Winner

1. Vipra Dhariyal – Yamuna House Runner

2. Ishwa Priyadarshi – Narmada House

13thOctober, 2015.
International Students Cell: Education Fair @ DPS

The ISC (DPS, Bopal) hosted the second U.S.A. EDUCATION FAIR at Abhivyakti, DPS BOPAL on 13/10/15,with the assistance of Ms Kamya Suri. It was an interactive session with over 16 universities from all over the USA coming over.

The delegates guided the young minds and briefed them about the importance if overseas education. After the introductory session the students visited the stalls set up by the various universities.

The universities were: The Troy University, The Academy of art university, The Suffolk University, The Full Sail University, Florida, The Buffalo State University, The Old Westbury University, University of Cincinnati,The Winona, USA. To name a few. Email and contact links were shared with the students.

13thOctober, 2015.
CPS Gandhinagar invites you for celebration of Navratri

Calorx Public School -Gandhinagar feels immense pleasure to invite you all on 17 th Oct.2015 to celebrate Navratri with us.

Lets enjoy the beats of music and seek blessing from Ma. Ambe.

Your benign presence will motivate our students.

Time-5.00 p.m to 8.00 p.m

Day---17th Oct.2015


Venue-Calorx Public School,Lekawada-Gandhinagar

(The competitions kept for parents are-Diya decoration, Rangoli making and Lantern making and for students are Best dress-up best action and Prince and Princess of Calorx Public School, Lekavada-Gandhinagar)

13thOctober, 2015.
Sports Update: Basket Ball at DPS Bopal

Yali Ho!

Delhi Public School Bopal Ahmedabad participated in the West Zone Inter DPS Basket ball tournament (Girls) held at DPS Navi Mumbai from 11October to 13 October and were crowned second runners up.

Congratulations to our Sports Department. The team qualifies for the Nationals. Best wishes DPS family.

13thOctober, 2015.
Special assembly: Green Assembly at DPS Bopal

The Green Warriors of DELHI PUBLIC SCHOOL, BOPAL conducted a Green Assembly on the 13 October 2015,to reinforce the role of students towards the environment. This was an initiative to instigate and arouse a sense of eco-friendly attitude through song & skit.

Our Principal Mr. Surender Sachdeva, has always rendered his support & guidance to the educational fraternity towards community outreach in alignment to the Vision of ‘Green & Global Practices’. His message to the students through the assembly was to be ‘Earth Smart’ along with ‘IT Smart.’

10thOctober, 2015.
Pre–Primary School Activities - “Educational Trip” Prep -DPS Bopal

An educational trip for our tiny tots was organized to Sundarvan on 9th of October.

Our little angels were filled with excitement to visit the nature discovery centre, a small zoo located in the heart of the city in Ahmedabad. The kids got an experience of getting close to nature and seeing various species of birds including peacock, duck, love birds etc. Reptiles small mammals like rabbit and guinea pigs were also seen.

The children were overjoyed to see the colourful and beautiful creatures. The peaceful and refreshing atmosphere energized the kids and the visit turned out to be fun filled with learning.

10thOctober, 2015.
Make In India: Teamwork at DPS Bopal

The second Session of the Entrepreneur Club for classes XI and XII started with the topic teamwork by Mrs Rajal.Patel on 9/10/15 at A.V. room. Mrs Rajal is a senior research associate with over 11 years of biotech industry experience. Highly motivated, detail-oriented and Expert in high density DNA micro array genotyping and Next-generation (454) DNA sequencing operations. She started off with the basic definition of a team and went on to explain the various aspects affecting a team as well as various aspects of a team.She discussed efficient ways to choose an efficient team and steps to use the team to achieve goals. For eg .Different skills and level of skills to be kept in mind

She gave key points which should be kept in mind while forming a team and dealing with a team effectively.for eg non cooperation conflicts.

She talked about the important factors upon which a team should concentrate and cover for eg. Resources available, deadlines .

She elaborated various roles of team members and the need for backups and planning along with practical examples of a marketing team. The session concluded with the students filling up a questionnaire. She met Principal Mr Surender Sachdeva and discussed about the club and the proceedings.

10thOctober, 2015.
Senior School Assembly: XI –XII at DPS Bopal

As per the value of the month Care &Compassion the Assembly began with the soothing chants of Guru Brhama Guru Vishnu followed by a beautiful song sung by the choir and a school prayer.

The thought of the day was presented advising students to imbibe the value of caring and sharing to heal the wounded. It was followed by News updates.

Mr. H.R.Sundresha and Mr. Umesh Sharma shared their views on care and compassion. followed by an extremely heart touching video based on Compassion.

Principal Mr Surender Sachdeva addressed the young minds to understand that this was the right time to do what is right which would help students to think twice before wasting their time. .He narrated a story of a

small kingdom that valued time and a kingdom where people did not understand its importance, to focus on their academics and prepare well for the exams.

10thOctober, 2015.
Sports Update: Swimming – DPS Bopal

Yali Ho!

Niva Sharma of class 6 G participated in CBSE Cluster IX west zone Swimming competition being held at Sanskruti school, Ajmer from 3rd to 6th October 2015, Niva brought Bronze medal in 50mtr Breast stroke Event.

Aryan Mehta of class 9J participated in CBSE Cluster IX west zone Swimming competition being held at Sanskruti school, Ajmer from 3rd to 6th October 2015, Aryan Mehta brought Bronze medal in 50 mtr Breast stroke Event.

ARUSHI SKM student of 6F has participated in U-14 category and won the following medals at the CBSE Cluster IX west zone Swimming competition being held at Sanskruti school, Ajmer from 3rd to 6th October 2015.

1. Gold Medal – 200 mtr Individual Medley event

2. Silver Medal – 100 mtr Free Style event

3. Silver Medal – 50 mtr Butterfly event


09thOctober, 2015.
Career Counselling workshop @ DPS EAST

The Career counselling workshop was organised for the students of Classes 9 to 12.

Every day different careers and professional opportunities are emerging. No matter how much you want to do all of them you will have to prioritize and choose the best option for you...

09thOctober, 2015.
Informative Workshop organized at DPS East

An informative workshop was organised at East premises for the girls of Class VI, VII and VIII. Dr. Safalta Gupta (MBBS-DGO) addressed the girls on 'Smooth Dealing with Puberty Concerns '.The workshop cleared many misconceptions arising in young minds!

08thOctober, 2015.
SPIC MACAY event at DPS East

The SPIC MACAY event at DPS East was a wonderful experience. There were performance by artist Pt.Pushparaj Koshti on surbahar and Shree Vivek Karungale on pakhawaj. The dignitaries encouraged the students during interaction!!

08thOctober, 2015.
Indian Air Force Day celebrated at DPS East

The Indian Air Force proudly celebrates its 83 anniversary on 08 Oct 2015. A scintillating air display by various aircraft will be the hallmark of the Air Force Day Parade cum Investiture Ceremony at Air Force Station Hindan (Ghaziabad).

The Indian Air Force is the air arm of the Indian armed forces.

Its the World's 4th largest Air force. Its primary responsibility is to secure Indian airspace and to conductaerial warfare during a conflict....

Jai Hind

07thOctober, 2015.
Make in India: Entrepreneurship Club - – DPS Bopal

Entrepreneurship Club

Entrepreneurship is more than a career path , it is a lifestyle !!!

Our Goal is to provide our students with the tool to help them to advance both personally and professionally.

Under the able guidance of DPS Bopal Vice Principal, Mrs. Neera Pandey DPS Bopal initiated the project of investing our resources in terms of expertise and skills to develop the areas less explored by our children

The project was introduced formally to the students on 7.10 .2015 . In his address Principal Mr Surender Sachdeva initiated the leadership grooming process with interesting anecdotes. Although we as family in DPS believe in developing the core value of our scholars but at same time we also adhere to the changing world system which will help them perform better in their life . Mrs Rajika Kacheeria a prominent leader , social worker , a facilitator,and the list goes on was invited to present before the students a model talk about leadership and its meaning , taking the example from the life of Prime Minister Mr. Narender Modi instilling the difference between positive and negative leadership ,emphasizing on the psychological therapy of SWOT analysis, she went on to explain the advantages of the analysis in the bonding of the team members and the leader .

The seminar ended with a question answer session between the students and the resource person on a positive note.

06thOctober, 2015.
Sports Update; Tennis – DPS Bopal

Prakhar Tyagi of class 8E has become champion in U-14 category in All India Tennis Association’s Talent series Tournament being held at SRAG tennis academy, Gurukul road from 3rd and 4th October 2015.Congratulations!

06thOctober, 2015.
Self Defence Training for girls @ DPS EAST

Our school have initiated Self Defence Training for girls of Classes I to X from 05/10/2015.

This will be conducted for 15 working days. These sessions, coordinated by Ms. Swati, are conducted by Mr. Kamlesh (Karate Trainer) in morning hours in Hockey ground. Currently this sessions are done for Class VI to X.

The self defence course is designed to make our girls more aware, prepared, and ready for any situation that may occur in their everyday life on any given day....

06thOctober, 2015.
Sports Update: Karate – DPS Bopal

In the State Level Sports Authority of Gujarat Karate Tournament held at Sayla, Surendranagar on 2nd and 3rd October 2015, Bhakti Mishra of Std 11H bagged Silver medal in Under 19 category.Congratulations! Keep it up!

05thOctober, 2015.
CPS Jaipur Participated in 11th National Tae kwondo championship organised in SMS indoor stadium

CPS Jaipur is proud to share that 9 students participated in 11th National Tae kwondo championship organised in SMS indoor stadium from 2nd to 4th Oct,2015.Out of 9, one student won silver medal and 4 students won bronze medals.

03thOctober, 2015.
Grand Parents Day celebrated at CPS Jaipur

It is with great pleasure I would like to share that Grandparent Day was celebrated on 3rd Oct, 2015 to honour the special relationship of grandparents and their children. More than 130 parents and grandparents attended the function and enjoyed various activities like games, quiz, health check up and seminar on healthy living. Enchanting dance performances, songs & poems were presented by the students which captured the attention of the gathering.

02thOctober, 2015.
"Financial Education Training Program" @ DPS, BOPAL

"Financial Education Training Program" @ DPS, BOPAL Conducted by the National Centre for Financial Education (NCFE) in collaboration with the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) and facilitated by the National Institute of Securities Market (NISM) 30 September - 01 October, 2015.

26thSeptember, 2015.
Yellow Day celebrated at CPS Jaipur

I would like to share that yellow day was celebrated by Pre Primary section to reinforce the yellow Color.It was introduced in the classes using yellow things from the environment, to recapitulate and reinforce the color this day was celebrated.Children came to school dressed in yellow attires. They brought yellow food stuffs for lunch. Focusing on the theme teachers planned art and collage activities, their art work is displayed on the soft boards.The children enjoyed this activity and were very happy when they received sunflowers to take home.

25thSeptember, 2015.
CPS Jaipur Nationally ranked 268th in Indian school rankings 2015 by Education World

Pleased to share the good news that Calorx Public School, Jaipur has ranked 268th in National ranking, 19th ranking in Rajasthan State and 15th in Jaipur city in the Education World- Indian School Ranking-2015.

24thSeptember, 2015.
Visitor of the Week: Mr Harin Rajguru at DPS Bopal

Mr Harin Rajguru, Station-In-Charge Aviation Security visited DPS BOPAL on 24th September 2015 as the Visitor of the Week. Mr Rajguru is working with Tata SIA Airlines Pvt Ltd. After a warm and traditional welcome by the students he was taken for a school tour. He interacted with the students of class V C and briefed them about aircrafts, their make, history and development of Aviation Industry.

He posed a few questions to the students and gifted a book on aircraft to the winners as a token of appreciation. Mr Rajguru had a brief interaction with the Sr.Vice Principal and the Principal. He was presented with a Yali mug and a card as a souvenir.

24thSeptember, 2015.
Exhibiting recital skills at DPS Bopal

The public recitation of great poetry is a way to honour the speaker, the poem and the audience all at was once again an occasion of joy to see the spellbound spectators when the students of grade 1 and 2 passionately recited poems during their Hindi Recitation Competition on 23rd September 2015. A plethora of subjects like life, animals, environment, family, friendship, courage, fun, etc. found its way through aesthetic appeal when the budding artists delivered with zest and fervor. The contestants were judged on the criteria of content, pronunciation and presentation. After a tough and enjoyable round of recital expressions the following partcipants were selected as winners:


S.No. Class Section Name
























24thSeptember, 2015.
Pre–Primary School Activities - “Vegetable Market Scene” Prep, Jr.Kg, Sr.Kg – DPS Bopal

All the green grocers in Ahmedabad were quite perplexed. They found all their vegetables missing. Upon investigation, they found them at the DPS Bopal Preschool campus!!!

The vegetable market was set up in the campus where some of our little ones came dressed as vegetable vendors and others were ready to buy the fruits and vegetables. These sari clad little girls and moustache painted boys called aloud, “ Bhaji le lo, Sasti aur tazi sabzi lelo…………..”

Some students became the buyers and bargained to get the best discounts on fruits and vegetables. The shopping experience was made realistic by giving them play currency notes. The children were given hands on experience on weighing scales, traditional and an electronic one. Our little vendors carefully tried to balance the scale and weigh the vegetables. The children got the opportunity to see, smell, touch and learn about seasonal and unseasonal vegetables.

Overall it turned out to be an enriching experience for the little ones as they learnt how the market transactions are done with money. They went back home with the excitement of selecting and buying their choice of fruits and vegetables, the next time they visit the vegetable market with their parents.

Prep celebrated “Vegetables Day” where some of the tiny tots turned up in school dressed up as red and robust tomatoes, fresh and green cucumber, crunchy carrot, the majestic brinjal with its royal crown and the cabbage in all its leafy glory. These little angels spoke a few lines about the vegetable they depicted and coloured vegetable mobiles for their classroom. This magnificent show, full of vitamins and minerals, left us with a feeling of health and happiness!!!

24thSeptember, 2015.
Sports Update: Athletics - DPS Bopal

In the Taluka level U-14, 17,19 SAG Rural Level Athletics Tournament which was held at Physical Education College, Hathijan, Ahmedabad on 19th September 2015, DPS Bopal Boys and Girls Team participated and achieved 18 placing in different events. Selected players will play for the District level tournament.

The names of the medalists are:

U-14 Vaidehi upadhyay 8A Long jump- Gold, High jump- Gold

U-14 Ahna sameja 8I 200mtr- Bronze, 400mtr- Silver

U-14 Meghna mandal 8C 80mtr- Silver

U-14 Mitanshi kanakia 7C 100mtr- Silver

U-14 Jyotiraditya jethva 8E 100mtr- Gold

U-14 Devvrat rajput 7D 200mtr- Silver

U-17 Yashvi shah 10G 400mtr- Gold, 200mtr- Gold, Long jump- Silver

U-17 Dhanvin sood 10I 100mtr- Bronze

U-17 Harshil pujara 10A 400mtr- Silver, 800mtr- Bronze

U-17 Shresth 10J Shot put- Silver

U-19 Mahavir rajput 11F Shot put- Gold, Discus throw- Bronze

U-19 Kushal golecha 12F 100mtr- Bronze

23thSeptember, 2015.
DPS Bopal organized Inter House English Quiz Competition for grade 3 to 5

‘When you compete with someone as good or better than you, you may not always win, but you never lose’ Keeping up with the spirit of healthy competition, DPS Bopal organized Inter House English Quiz Competition for grade 3 to 5 on 23rd September 2015. The competing teams were decided after a meticulous preliminary round conducted in individual classes. It was amazing to see the manner in which students answered questions posed to them.

Though questions were intricate, students tackled them confidently to gain brownie points for their respective houses. The audience made their day as well, since questions that could not be answered by the competitors were turned to them, answers flew from all corners. It was just a ram to ram balled between all houses but as it ought to have only one winner at the end of the competition, Sabarmati House were the winners.








22thSeptember, 2015.
Workshop on Portrayal of Drama at DPS Bopal

A workshop on Drama was held on 22/9/15 at Abhivyakti from 8.00 am to 9.00 am. It was conducted by mr Unmesh Dixit

He explained the basic nuances of drama , the characters portrayed , the connect between-audience and the character, story or performance- He also gave a few tips about the upcoming Senior secondary Annual Day Programme.

22thSeptember, 2015.
CPS Jaipur participated Inter school dance and sports competition.

It is a pleasure to share with you all that today our students participated in inter school dance and sports competition, which was organised by Pearson School. Our students won in Relay race. Rakhi Making competition was organized in school. Everyone participated enthusiastically

22thSeptember, 2015.
STEP – Inter school competition at DPS East

STeP is a DPS East initiative under which every year the school organises Inter School competition on different themes. STeP is a group of Student, Teachers and Parents who compete with other school groups .

STeP organised dance competition with 'Save Environment' as its theme. We witnessed some of the fabulous and creative performances which left our judges in tough situation to decide the winners. DPS Bopal school grabbed the winning trophy and Sakar School marked itself as runners up!

We are truly thankful to all for adding flavour to the STeP Dance Competition for making it possible for their students, teachers and parents to participate in the event travelling long distances.

22thSeptember, 2015.
Sports Update: Karate - DPS Bopal

Delhi Public School, Bopal, Ahmedabad participated in 27th State level girls karate championship-2015 organized by Mahajan Shaktidal inspired by respected Shri Mota and Shitoryu karate do India on 13.09.2015 At Leauva Patel Wadi, Naroda. Mahajan Shaktidal is non profitable trust which conducts free camps and tournament to empower girls since 19 yrs.









20thSeptember, 2015.
Sports Update: Swimming - DPS Bopal

ARUSHI SKM student of 6F has participated in U-14 category and won the following medals at the SGFI State level School games competition held at Rajkot on 12th and 13th September 2015.

200 MT Individual Medley - GOLD,

200 mt Free Style – GOLD,

50 mt Butterfly – SILVER,

100x4 Freestyle Relay – SILVER,

100x4 Medley Relay – Bronze.

She is selected for the National Games going to be held at Kolkata.

20thSeptember, 2015.
Sports Update: Football - DPS Bopal

DPS Bopal Boys team are 1st runners up in the.TOI Adani Shantigram T Soccer. FINALS 2015, The final match was played between Navrachana High school Baroda. And DPS Bopal 20/9/15 at Adani Shantigram, Ahmedabad. The result via penalty shootout was. 3-2.The chief guest of the event was Mr Bhaichung Bhutia Well done!

19thSeptember, 2015.
Scholastic Book Fair at CPS Mundra

We are glad to share that a Scholastic Book Fair was organized for three days i.e.17th to 19th Aug.,2015 at CPS Mundra, under the theme " Join hands to explore knowledge " in association with the Scholastic Group - a leading group of publishers.

CPS Mundra selected the best books for the students from various categories from the variety displayed.

Around 150 associated parents visited the fair & appreciated the efforts.

18thSeptember, 2015.
Visitor of the Week: Mr Pinu Dutta at DPS Bopal

Mr Pinu Dutta Operation and Sales Head of Fluorish Pure Foods (Claris Pharma Group) visited DPS BOPAL on 18th Sept 2015 as the Visitor of the Week. Mr Dutta is a Hotel Management Graduate with vast experience in Hospitality and Health Care Industry. He was extended a warm and traditional welcome by the students followed by a tour of the school campus. He had a brief interaction with the Principal and the Sr.Vice Principal. As a token of remembrance he was presented with a Yali mug.

15thSeptember, 2015.
DPS East students visited IDP Education fair

At DPS East we advocate the need of exploring every avenue to get the best out of our children. In pursuit of the same, our students visited Hyatt Hotel for IDP Education Fair where universities from US, UK, Canada assembled to provide guidelines and address queries of students for admissions. The students were presented with a vast range of university and their study information to choose the correct field they would like to pursue their education in to.

15thSeptember, 2015.
Special Assembly – Ganesh Chaturthi at DPS Bopal

Special assembly on Ganesh Chaturthi was conducted by the students of classes III B and III G of DPS Bopal on 14th September 2015. A small skit was played to explain the importance of all the body parts of Ganesha . The significance of 17th September celebrated as Lord Vishwakarma Pooja Day in many parts of India such as Assam, Bihar, West Bengal was shared. A skit based on the value of the month – “Responsibility” was presented by the students. They danced gracefully on the song of Lord Ganesha. They were very enthusiastic to present the special assembly.

27thSeptember, 2015.
“Soccer Tournament”- Jr. Kg. & Sr. Kg. – DPS Bopal.

“Bend it like Beckham” was the motto of the day as the children of Jr. Kg and Sr. Kg participated in the Soccer tournament organized by Olive Green Kids School. It was a spectacular event with our Preschoolers putting up a great show. The event commenced with the Flag March of all the teams. Mr. Amitabh Shah of YUVA fame was there to encourage the children.

The kids were eager to play; equally excited were the parents, even the bright sun could not deter their enthusiasm. Once the match started, the parents could be heard shouting and cheering for the teams. The Sr. Kg. students’ team tore through the opponent teams to reach the finals. They gave the tough fight till the end. Medals as well as Certificates were given to all participants.

It was a great opportunity for the Ronaldos , Messiss and Baichung Bhutias in making!!!

15thSeptember, 2015.

CPS Mundra team

14thSeptember, 2015.
Sports Update: Karate - DPS Bopal

DPS Bopal brought laurels to the school in the karate school Game Selection for Ahmedabad (Rural) It was held on 11th September at Ellishbride Arogya Samiti, Paldi.

The following students from Dps bagged the following medals :

1.Bhakti Mishra Std 11H Gold U-19

2.Kavish Arora Std 9A Silver U-17

3.yuvraj chauhan Std 8C Silver U -17

Congratulations! keep it up!

14thSeptember, 2015.
‘VIKAS’ – Value Integrated Knowledge Assistance Scheme – DPS Bopal

As a part of ‘VIKAS’ DPS, Bopal Counsellors conducted Occupational Interest Inventory to guide students of municipal school of grade 10 to 12 in choosing the Occupation of interest to them.It was held on 12.9.15 from 9:30am to 11:00 am at C.J Municipal School. Vadali. Himmatnagar. 48 students participated in this test. ‘VIKAS’ – Value Integrated Knowledge Assistance Scheme - an Initiative by Dr. K. R. Shroff Foundation aims at making quality education available to the rural and tribal government schools, with a mission to bring out a positive change in a school.

The students co-operated eagerly . They were grateful to receive guidance about career choices an information they have never received till date . They will be guided with individual and group career counselling also in the upcoming month.

Facilitator: Ms. Suman Trivedi , Ms. Devika Wala, Ms. Hiral Shah

13thSeptember, 2015.
“Theatre in Education – unleash the child’s potential" – Two days workshop attended by teachers of DPS Bopal

Theatre in Education... Knowledge is limited while imagination encircles the whole world, making it relatively more important. With the aim to enable themselves to make optimum use of a child's imagination in the process of his learning a group of teachers from DPS Bopal attended a two day workshop on “Theatre in Education – unleash the child’s potential" at CTU on 11th & 12th September 2015. The workshop, conducted by actor, writer, director and designer Mr Walter Peter associated with National School of Drama, New Delhi proved to be an ideal platform to help educators in seeking knowledge of theatre elements that could be applied in actual classroom teaching. It used drama as a toolbox wherein the teachers learnt to impart knowledge using body, mind, emotions and social interactions and revealed ways to encourage maximum participation in classroom, use of role play as an effective teaching tool to eventually bring out the creativity and imagination among students.

The workshop successfully enhanced the expertise of the teachers, enabling them to transform the classroom experience by making it all the more interactive and captivating for the learners.

11thSeptember, 2015.
Learning by doing – Calorx philosophy at DPS Bopal

Ms. Asha Nambiar, General Manager at Altus Learning Pvt. Ltd conducted a workshop of two hours duration about Calorx Philosophy and Attributes, organized at Delhi Public School, Bopal on 12th September,

Calorx Philosophy includes the vision, mission and core values, its service promise and its Mascot ‘Yali’. Ms. Nambiar guided the teachers about the Calorx promise of serving with a smile. The yellow rose signifies courteousness, empathy, understanding and problem solving. Calorx Mascot ‘Yali’ encourages everyone to be quick and flexible like a snake, sharp and smart like a cat, friendly and intelligent like an elephant, ad confident and independent like a lion

Ms. Nambiar also spoke about Calorx Pre School and Public School Taxonomy which includes workshops, overall development of students, role of a mentor in guiding the students, life skills and learning by doing. Ms. Nambiar believes in taking education to a new level with its media skills, literary and financial skills, and hands on learning. She talked about the attributes of Calorx teachers who excel in 21st century competencies of collaboration, communication, creative thinking and critical thinking. Financial literacy, communication skills, academic excellence, digital literacy, 21st century skills, life skills, media literacy etc. are the things which make Calorx students and teachers excel in the world. The workshop concluded with a take – home activity for the teachers where the teachers summarized what knowledge they had gained from the workshop. The innovative workshop was attended by all the class teachers of Grades 6 to 8

11thSeptember, 2015.
Tiny steps towards a Green Thumb! “Visit to Nursery” Prep, Jr.Kg & Sr.Kg – DPS Bopal

With a belief that learning is enhanced by exposure to environment, the Pre Primary children of DPS Bopal Preschool were taken for a visit to a plant nursery. The kids embarked on their journey to Yoga Nursery on a positive and enthusiastic note. They were fascinated to see the variety of flora and fauna and observed the different types of plants and flowers carefully while the teacher explained as they walked through the nursery. It was a wonderful learning experience for them.

We were also able to imbibe the vision of the school “Green & Global practices” in the minds of the little ones during the discussion on the importance of plants in our lives. It was an enriching field trip for the children.

11thSeptember, 2015.
Visitor of the Week: Mr Sachchidanand Pareek at DPS Bopal

Ex Assistant Governor Mr Sachchidanand Pareek visited DPS BOPAL on 10th September 2015 as the Visitor of the Week. With a vast experience of over forty years in diverse fields,Mr. Pareekat present works for various social causes like Girl Child, Education of the Children from Slums etc.After a warm and traditional welcome by the students he was taken for a school tour. Hehad a brief interaction with the Principal and the Sr.Vice Principal. He was presented with a Yali mug and a card as a souvenir.

4thSeptember, 2015.
DPS Bopal celebrated “Teachers Day

Teachers have always been a guiding force for the students. Right from nursery, they teach us to recognize alphabets, to the ones in college; they not only teach but also enlighten us on all aspects of learning. Teachers Day is celebrated in India on 5th of September on the birthday of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, the second President and a great scholar. It is a special occasion for students to honour and pay respect to their teachers.

The day was celebrated with great joy and fervour at D.P.S. Bopal Preprimary Campus. The programme began by paying tribute to the great visionary-Dr. Radhakrishnan followed by various musical solo performances by the tiny tots.They came prepared with various dance numbers and put their best foot forward to impress their teachers.

In the classes, the teachers and the students swapped roles for some time and acted like each other. The little angels also brought beautiful handmade cards to show their love for their teachers.

3rdSeptember, 2015.
Session on Neuroplasticity at Visamo Kids Foundation

We had the opportunity to learn about’re-wiring' of the most complex part of our body, i.e., brain, during a two hour session presided by Dr. Shaiendra Gupta. In all, we were six of us including admin and teaching faculty participating in the session at Visamo.

The key take home messages were: "Rewire, Revive and Adapt"

All of us enjoyed the session and we hope that we are able to improve the quality of our lives and those connected with us, in a more meaningful manner.

3rdSeptember, 2015.
Calorx Champion Search Test - 2015 - Announcement

Calorx Champion School is pleased to announce its flagship event (test) of the year – Calorx Champion Search Test – CCST 2015

CCST 2015 would be conducted for classes VII to X and XI & XII (Science). The examination would test the speed, accuracy along with academic aptitude of a student.

1. The exam would be based on MCQ pattern of examination. The test timing will be 2 hours for Class VII to X and 3 hours for class XI & XII (Science).

2. CCST would be conducted across selective Schools and locations in Gujarat .

3. Students appearing for CCST will be given a detailed and comprehensive performance analysis of their strengths and areas of improvements in each subject area.

In CCST, students are administered with a question paper on MCQ model with an objective of testing the students’ aptitude in maths and science. The questions are drawn from what they have already studied in the previous classes. The syllabus for the exam is carefully chosen to cater to different schools following different Boards. The questions in the CCST exam are categorized on three levels (i) Factual/ information based, (ii) Application, and (iii) higher order thinking skills.

The CHAMPIONS qualifying the exam would be felicitated along with the Principal of the School in a grand felicitation function, to be held at Ahmedabad. Along with prizes and certificates, top students are even offered scholarships. Also, the top performing Schools in CCST 2015 would be felicitated and awarded with prizes. Schools are awarded with prizes for overall student performance in CCST 2015, also.

2ndSeptember, 2015.
DPS Bopal Preschool celebrated “Grand Parents Day”.

DPS Bopal School strongly believes that progress with values, family bonds and academic excellence with compassion are the essential ingredients for the holistic development of a child. In keeping with this belief, DPS Bopal Preschool celebrated Grandparents’ Day on 1st and 2nd September and invited grandparents of Prep and Jr. Kg. students to school. The tiny tots were thrilled to see their grandparents and the grandparents were also elated to spend quality time with their grand children in the school. The Pre Primary students presented few dances for them

Children were asked to bring different fruits from home. They not only prepared delicious salad but also garnished and presented it in beautiful platters.

The grandparents sang songs, shared stories and anecdotes from their school days. Games were played and the harmonious beats of music created magic for one and all. The vibrancy of the music was such that the grandparents were overwhelmed and willingly joined in to participate in the dance. Every class teacher communicated and expressed her deep rooted emotions to make the guardian angels of her class children feel special. The glow of happiness and love was visible on their faces as they mingled and jingled in the revelry of the day. The children gave their grandparents a bookmark/card as a token of love and remembrance.

31thAugust, 2015.
DPS Bopal Preschool celebrated “Fruit Fiesta”.

“A Fruit a day, keeps you healthy and fit in every way.” This old adage became the style of the day as Prep children of DPS Bopal Preschool celebrated “Fruit Fiesta”.

Children were asked to bring different fruits from home. They not only prepared delicious salad but also garnished and presented it in beautiful platters. The teachers narrated simple stories to explain the importance of fruits. They also learnt more about different fruits taste, smell, colour and their texture.

This activity encouraged children to inculcate the habit of eating fruits to satisfy hunger which has taken a back seat in today’s world of fast foods. All in all, the tiny tots had a “Fruity” day!!!

28thAugust, 2015.
“Protect girl child and raise her like trailblazer” Workshop organized at CPS Jaipur

I am pleased to share the details of the event based on social cause Protect girl child and raise her like trailblazer. Approx 100 persons took oath to join the movement for removal of this evil from society.

We organised an awareness program to protect a girl child at Mc Donald's Gaurav Tower Malviya Nagar .Students presented a short play to protect a girl child also inspire visitors to take a pledge to be a part of movement for protecting the girl child and raising her like a star. Event was covered by 93.4 My FM and ETV

27thAugust, 2015.
Gold Medal in 4th Gujarat State Kudo Championship – CPS Mundra

CPS Mundra team is pleased to share that Nupoor Bhatt reading in I Grade secured the Gold Medal in 4th Gujarat State Kudo Championship 2015 in the category of Girls under 6 kumite held at Navasari & selected for the national championship to be held in the month of Nov., 2015.

24thAugust, 2015.
“Ownership” workshop by Unmesh Dixit at CPS Gandhinagar

CPS Gandhinagar is pleased to share "Ownership" workshop by the resource person Mr. Unmesh Dixit on 22 Aug 2015 from 12:00 noon to 2;00 p.m The workshop was found quite interesting and it was based on activity and video clips

The monthly activities include Fancy Dress, Solo Dance and Group Song.

Student's participated enthusiastically in all the three activities. The theme given to the students for the same was Patriotism.

24thAugust, 2015.
Rakhi making competition at CPS Jaipur

It is a pleasure to share with you all that today our students participated in inters school dance and sports competition, which was organised by Pearson School. Our students won in Relay race. Rakhi Making competition was organized in school. Everyone participated enthusiastically.

22ndAugust, 2015.

COIS SOCCER CHAMPIONSHIP - 2015 took place over the weekend of August 21st and 22nd an event hosted at the state-of-the-art facilities at the Calorx Olive International School of Ahmedabad near Bhadaj.

Temperatures soared in to 30’ Celsius as 63 teams of approximately 1200 boys and girls seen charged competing and cheering for their teams to make the atmosphere electric at the lush green campus of Calorx Olive International School. The participants were from SN Kansagra(Rajkot), Navrachana (Baroda), Fountainhead (Surat), Eklavya, Anand Niketan Shilaj and Satellite, DPS Bopal, Nirman, and the clubs – Kahani, Flory, Legen Soccer, Rising Sun , Soccer Champ are the main participants in all the 4 categories of the tournament i. e. Under 8, Under 10, Under 12,Under 14, and Under 16. The event has been sponsored by Dangee Dums and Dubond.

The two day mega event was inaugurated by Mr. Bharvin Patel the C.M.D. of Dubond products. Day One saw teams across four age group divisions played well in the knockout stages to conform a place in the next round of the tournament. The knockout stages themselves provided all the typical drama of the ‘beautiful game’ with several games decided by last minute goals or the dreaded penalty shoot-out.The chief guest of the event was Mr. Silvestr D’souza Assistant Commissioner with Income Tax Department, better known as the Meradona of Gujrat.

There were notable achievements throughout the two day tussle between the teams. In Under 8 category Riverside won over Kahani to claim the trophy in the finals. In Under 10, it was Flory B who defeated Navrachana A. In Under 12 category, it was Navrachana who defeated S. N. Kansagra Rajkot. Kahani again won over in Under 14 against Flory and got the trophy. The most adventurous match was played between Anand Niketan Shilaj and Navrachana and Navrachana, Baroda won the final to win the championship Under 16 category.

COIS could make it to Semifinals in Under 8 and Quarter Finals in Under 10 categories. In total there were over 60 matches played and more than 120 goals scored over the weekend in the tournament.

22ndAugust, 2015.
DPS Bopal is Champion at STEP Interschool competition

STeP is a DPS East initiative under which every year the school organises Inter School competition on different themes. STeP is a group of Student, Teachers and Parents who compete with other school groups . STeP organised dance competition with 'Save Environment' as its theme this year.

We are proud to share that- our 8 students, 2 teachers and 2 parents participated in this event.They gave a scintillating performance to highlight the causes. and threat posed to the environment followed by the simple solution on how to save the environment.

DPS Bopal emerged as Champions by winning the first prize.


22ndAugust, 2015.
“STEP” interschool competition at DPS East.

STeP is a DPS East initiative under which every year the school organises Inter School competition on different themes. STeP is a group of Student, Teachers and Parents who compete with other school groups . STeP organised dance competition with 'Save Environment' as its theme. We witnessed some of the fabulous and creative performances which left our judges in tough situation to decide the winners. DPS Bopal school grabbed the winning trophy and Sakar School marked itself as runners up!

21stAugust, 2015.
DPS Bopal – Sports Update : Volleyball

DPS Bopal is proud to share that the S.A.G. U – 14 District level Girls Volleyball Tournament was held at AIS School, Bodakdev, Ahmedabad, on 19th August 2015,

Delhi Public School Bopal, Ahmedabad U-14 Girls team participated and bagged the first position.


21stAugust, 2015.
Math Made Easy: Honing – up Mathematical Skills at DPS Bopal

Grade 1 students of DPS Bopal were all geared up on 20th August 2015 for an enthusiastic round of Just-A-Minute Game Show, a Math Quiz competition held to hone-up their mathematical skills. Two participants from each section, represented four teams: The Penguins of Madagascar, Kung Fu Panda, Minions and Avengers. There were four rounds of questions namely Memory ka Kamaal, Number ka Chakkar , Jumping Japak and lastly the Rapid Fire Round – Jo Jeeta Wahi Sikander. With each passing round, the cache became all the more captivating and challenging. Our budding mathematicians left no stone unturned to put their best foot forward. The audience also had their fair share of participation through the audience rounds. The teachers’ round of Jumping -Japak added the fun element to the event. Eventually, team - Minions represented by the following members, outshone with a thin margin.

members, outshone with a thin margin.


S.No. NAME Class and Section






21stAugust, 2015.
Visitor Of The Week: Dr S Lakshmi at DPS Bopal

Neuroscience Researcher Dr S Lakshmi visited DPS Bopal on 20th August 2015 as the Visitor of the Week. Ms Lakshmi is a Drug safety research analyst working with Argusoft India Ltd. She is also associated with NIPER Ahmedabad as contact lecturer. After a warm and traditional welcome by the students she was taken for a school tour. During her interaction with the students of Class V J, Dr Lakshmi satisfied the inquisitive minds by answering their queries related to medicines, drugs etc. She had a brief interaction with the Sr. Vice Principal and was presented with a Yali mug and a card as a souvenir.

21stAugust, 2015.
Mykensho Programme at DPS Bopal

The Mykensho Programme began with its classes on 28th June, 2015. Since then, the program has been witnessing an enthusiastic bunch of students of 7th, 8th and 9th standard actively participating in the program. The classes for Mykensho are conducted after school hours wherein the students have to stay back for an hour every week. The counselors mentor the students in performing various activities on the Mykensho portal along with other group activities.

The 7th and 8th standard students are exploring more about their Attributes, Learning Styles, Interests, Life Types, Values etc through the portal. The 9th students after getting to know about their Strengths & Weaknesses, Interests, Occupation Groups have started exploring the available Career Pathways and Educational opportunities in the real world. Here are some glimpses of the Mykensho learning experience.

20thAugust, 2015.
My classboard Mobile App introduced at DPS East

Pleased to Introduce the MyClassBoard Mobile App for Parents.all can download this mobile app in their Android phones and start using the app right away and be connected with the School. It will be useful towards the following:

1. Announcements

2. Assignments

3. Class Dairy

4. Event Photo

5. Messages

Towards the same, kindly intimate the parents so that they can start using the app immediately. The App can be downloaded from the following link:

Alternatively, you can download it directly in your mobile through Google Play Store.

Also a manual is attached herewith to help you in installing the app. This app is now free of cost for 6 months.

18thAugust, 2015.
“KADAK BADSHAHI” Movie Shoot at DPS Bopal

Lights Camera Action....... Roll camera ....... ‘Kadak Badshahi’ movie shoot

The shooting for a dance on the song ‘Mijaj Amdavadi’ of the movie Kadak Badshahi took place on 9 August, 2015 (Sunday) at IIM old campus. 30 students from our school of classes 9, 10, 11 and 12 got selected and performed in this song. The practice started at 7:00 a.m. in the morning where they were welcomed by the cheerful Ms. Mallika Sarabhai. The students practiced the sequence for an hour along with the other performers. After a short break the recordings started . After every 10 minutes the formations were changed and shooting was done from different angles.

The most exciting part for all the participants was when the shooting was conducted by a drone which is like a flying camera to get an aerial video of us.Students performed different combinations of sequence which were taught by the son of the filmmaker Ms. Mallika Sarabhai, Devanta Sarabhai. As each school or group of students was assigned a color as dress code, overall the whole group in their respective positions looked wonderful and colorful! The singers of the song along with the composer also danced with the students. One of the singers was the voice of the popular navaratri garba song ‘Bhai Bhai’; he was certainly someone who did not let the level of excitement come down.

The shooting continued till 1:00 p.m. the students headed by the cultural director Snehal Garg (12 G) thanked Ms. Sarabhai for this lovely opportunity and also clicked a photograph with her. She was truly an inspiration for all; her energy and enthusiasm were unbelievable!

18thAugust, 2015.
INTERNATIONAL STUDENT CELL conducted a session at Abhivyakti, DPS, Bopal for students of Classes: IX to XII (Registered students from the ISC)

The session was conducted by Ms Sabrina Moss

Ms. Sabrina Moss, International Admissions Counselor from the University of Washington conducted a session for the students of International Student Cell at Delhi Public School, Bopal on 14 August 2015. She guided the students about the admission process, courses offered, provision of scholarship etc. in University of Washington. She briefed the students about the Universities which have an international reputation for academic excellence and delivers graduates that make a difference in their local and global communities. She emphasized that the students receive a high quality and distinct education and experience a supportive environment enabling them to reach their individual potential.

She also enlightened students with information about the various requirements and criteria to be fulfilled and looked into, before applying to the universities abroad. A brief description about the Applications and their fees, Transcripts, Tests (TOEFL, SAT, IELTS, etc.), Personal essay, Recommendation Letters, Portfolio, Financial Statement of Support (for F1 Visa process), etc was provided in the brief interactive session that lasted for about an hour.

An important area of focus was the fees and the criteria for getting acceptance by the various Universities. Students were informed that while majority of the good universities would require a SAT score of more than 1850 for admission and consideration for scholarships, there are a couple of other universities which do not require the SAT, but would judge the student based on his/her academic performance in the 9th, 10th and 11th grade, participation in cultural or social activities, recommendation letters, leadership qualities, etc.

Students were guided through the various other related aspects of pursuing education in the United States and recommended to personally research about the freedom of flexibility, guidelines and requirements of the universities they aim for, and narrow down the options accordingly.

15thAugust, 2015.
Pratibha Gaurav Divas at DPS Bopal

Pratibha Gaurav Divas is one of the most important events on the school calendar because it is an occasion where we acknowledge through awards and performance of students, academic achievement, citizenship, student potential, a commitment to excellence and student leadership.


15thAugust, 2015.
69th Independence Day celebrated at CPS Jaipur

It is with great pleasure I would like to share that 69th Independence Day was celebrated with great excitement & patriotic fever by students & staff of Calorx Public School, Pratap Nagar, Jaipur. The program commenced with the unfurling of the Our national flag by our honorable Chief Guest Mr. Mahendra Jain (Chairman PRSI), accompanied by Mr. Ashok Chaturvedi( Senior Person PRSI),Mr. Roopesh Mathur (Head Sales & marketing Fortis Healthcare) followed by National Anthem

The flag hoisting ceremony was followed by the Investiture Ceremony, in which the school Head boy & Head girl along with few other students were assigned the responsibilities for various tasks in the school. The school also gave a Tribute to our honorable past President Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam JI.

The school campus was decorated with tri -color posters, frills & balloons.

An eye catching dance performance was given by the tiny tots of pre-primary & primary which was followed by the fashion show, patriotic songs, poems, speeches, dance & pyramid making, which were the highlights of the celebration.

A Fancy Dress Competition was also organized on this occasion. The little ones were well dressed as freedom fighters.

So, it was a rich learning experience for the students who cherish the value of freedom & patriotism. Overall, a day marked by a promise to serve our nation.

15thAugust, 2015.
69th Independence Day celebrated at CPS Gandhinagar

CPS- Gandhinagar has celebrated 69th Independence Day with the great patriotic feeling Hoisting the National Flag.

The Chief Guest invited for the day was Mr. Ketan Mehta past president of Rotary Club the other invited guest were Mr. Dilipbhai Patel immediate past president of Rotary Club.

To keep alive the flame of patriotism the students from classes I to VIII performed patriotic dance, patriotic song that awakened everyone's feeling to our Mother land.

It was a privilege to inaugurate the school Basketball ground by Mr. Ashutosh Dave on this day. The match was played between KV CRPF and CPS-Gandhinagar.

15thAugust, 2015.
69th Independence Day celebrated at CPS Ghatlodia

CPS, Ghatlodia, celebrated 69th Independence Day on 15th of August’15 on its premises with great pomp & show. After the unfurling of the flag, which was done by the topper of the school’s 2014-15 10th batch, followed welcome speech by the Principal. He reminded everyone present about the great responsibilities entrusted on us by our great leaders & freedom fighters. The school also organized an Inter-House Debate competition on this pious occasion. All the four houses participated with great zeal & enthusiasm. There were few group songs on patriotism, also presented by classes VII to X. A solo song & an instrumental performance also enthralled one & all presented there. Overall the entire event rejuvenated the feeling of being proud Indians. The day ended with vote of thanks & refreshment.

15thAugust, 2015.
69th Independence Day celebrated at DPS Bopal

We warmly welcome the special guest Dr. Parindra Desai who is currently practicing as a consulting neurologist in Hope Neurocare Center and CIMS Hospital, Ahmedabad. With him we have Principal Mr. Sachdeva , Sr. Vice Principal Ms. Vandna Joshi, Vice Principal Ms. Neera Pandey, Sr. Secondary In charge Ms. Monita Dash, Head Prerna Ms. Sangeeta Hinduja , special invitees and dear parents. The celebration begins with the flag hoisting and the national anthem, which induces the spirit of national integrity and patriotism among Indians. March Past marks a tradition in our country to give respect and cherish the memories of great leaders who fought for our freedom. Organization, Synchronization and discipline are the key aspects of a march past. It not only portrays devotion but signifies a focused vision for building a strong nation.

India is the cradle of human race,

The birthplace of human speech

The mother of history

The grandmother of legend

The great grandmother of traditions.

When we say we are Indians a sense of pride envelopes us and makes us raise our head and say ‘Yes, I am an Indian’.

14thAugust, 2015.
Pre–Primary School Activities- “Patriotic Week” Jr. Kg. & Sr. Kg. (10th - 14th August, 2015) at DPS Bopal

Patriots show their patriotism through their actions, he loves his country the most, who strives to make it the best. Grade 3-5 of DPS Bopal expressed their true spirit of patriotic sentiments through an Inter Class Competition as a part of Independence Day celebrations. Geared up students and teachers participated wholeheartedly in this week long craft activity by embellishing their classrooms with innovative craft articles. It was a zealous sight to see them engrossed in giving the best look to their classrooms and adding a splash of tri-colour to the campus to proudly celebrate being-Indian. The judges complimented them for their excellent team work and vigor and expressed their dilemma in picking up the winning class. The winners were announced in the Special Assembly on 12th August 2015 and were conferred with a certificate of recognition by the Headmistress Ms Sabina Sawhney. The result of the competition is as follows:


14thAugust, 2015.
Inter Class Competition: Grade 3-5 at DPS Bopal

Patriots show their patriotism through their actions, he loves his country the most, who strives to make it the best. Grade 3-5 of DPS Bopal expressed their true spirit of patriotic sentiments through an Inter Class Competition as a part of Independence Day celebrations. Geared up students and teachers participated wholeheartedly in this week long craft activity by embellishing their classrooms with innovative craft articles. It was a zealous sight to see them engrossed in giving the best look to their classrooms and adding a splash of tri-colour to the campus to proudly celebrate being-Indian. The judges complimented them for their excellent team work and vigor and expressed their dilemma in picking up the winning class. The winners were announced in the Special Assembly on 12th August 2015 and were conferred with a certificate of recognition by the Headmistress Ms Sabina Sawhney. The result of the competition is as follows:


12thAugust, 2015.
Education for Real Life! – CPrS Paldi students visited COIS campus

Calorx Olive International School (COIS) is all about arriving at the next level, reaching out for the extraordinary and making that quantum leap, from a linear ‘teaching’ environment, to a friendlier ‘learning’ environment. COIS believes in helping the students to align better to a world where change is inevitable and adapting to that change rapidly, which is the most crucial aspect of today’s education .

On the 5th of August 2015, the tiny tots of Calorx Pre school paldi had visited Calorx Olive International School to celebrate Brotherhood day. It was indeed a great learning experience for the students as each one of them had an opportunity to interact, and celebrate the occasion adding value to the overall learning experience.

10thAugust, 2015.
PARENT ORIENTATION - CLASS 10 Seminar on Education System in Delhi Public School, Bopal.

Enough food exists to feed everyone in the world, and yet, the United Nations estimates about 800 million people—approximately one in nine are undernourished today. With the objective ‘to feed hungry children and take a step forward to fight the persistence of hunger in a world of plenty and the slow progress of hunger eradication ’, DPS Bopal started a campaign ‘Ek Muthhi Anaaj’- a Grain Collection Drive. The drive started from 10 August 2015 and was open to students and staff members for the whole week. Teachers and students of DPS-Bopal came forward to donate grains like wheat, rice and pulses.

The drive began with a lot of excitement among students who brought grains as much as they could manage. The enthusiasm among students to donate grains was a sight to behold. Even though they were asked to bring a fistful of grain, students went out of the way and brought multiple fistfuls of grains. In the primary wing children donated with a lot of energy and enthusiasm. As days passed, the drive became stronger. The number of children donating grains was more than what was seen on day 1. The value of caring and compassion for those in need was evident.

Jahanvi Galani of class X donated 25 Kgs of wheat and other grains as well.

The same zeal was also seen among the senior students. A sincere desire to help someone in need could be seen in the students. Grains came along in various quantities - rice, wheat, green gram dal and black gram dal - from all the students who wished to see a smile on the face of less privileged children.

Teachers joined hands in this noble endeavour to help the needy people. With their dedicated involvement in the drive, the mission to collect grains became more purposeful and more invigorating than before. Not only students and teachers but also the housekeeping staff donated a variety of grains…which is truly heartening.

Indeed, it is moments like these that convince us that children are truly destiny’s chosen ones… There was a great coordination by staff and teachers to manage this event and a big support from parents who inculcated the value of sharing and helping needy among their children.

10thAugust, 2015.
PARENT ORIENTATION - CLASS 10 Seminars on Education System in Delhi Public School, Bopal.

A seminar was conducted by Delhi Public School on 10th August, Monday. It chiefly addressed the examination system pertaining to students of Grade 10. Parents were invited and engaged to make an important decision of choosing between School examination and Board examination. The School Principal Mr Sachdeva himself addressed the audience and guided them towards their choice. The Principal also explained the importance of co-scholastic activities as sports, art life skills, thinking, attitude and other skills, and stressed that the school also monitors the performance of the child continuously through the CCE. More than 400 parents attended this session which concluded in an interactive mode.

One of the parents Seema Dhall quoted “Interesting facts were discussed today. A detailed analysis of the CBSE Board and pattern of marks has given me direction for my son’s planning”

Another parent Sarika Bhatt said “I have finalised the examination pattern for my son. I was in dilemma before this session. I feel quite relieved and reassured. Thank you DPS staff!! “

The orientation concluded with an optimistic note. A seminar on career counselling for students was requested by parents at large.

5thAugust, 2015.
Students of DPS Bopal qualified at INTACH Heritage Quiz 2015:.

10 students of DPS Bopal participated in the Ahmedabad City Round of INTACH Heritage India Quiz 2015 held at Shreyas Foundation, Ambawadi, Ahmedabad on 4 Aug, 2015.Indian National Trust for Art and Heritage (INTACH) is dedicated to conservation and preservation of India's natural, cultural, living, tangible and intangible heritage.It organises a heritage quiz for school students each year.

We are proud to share that Shreshth & Simrit Kaul of 10J topped the city round and qualified for the State round. They were the second runners up in the state round and did the school proud. Keep it Up!

4thAugust, 2015.
DPS Bopal - Senior School Assembly to pay a tribute to the late Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, the 11th president of India.

“There is no short cut to success. It is only hard work”

Keeping this thought in mind, Delhi Public School held an assembly for classes XI and XII on 3rd August 2015 to pay a tribute to the late Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, the 11th president of India. The day started with Saraswati Vandana which was sung beautifully by the school choir and an inspiring thought of the day. This was followed by a display of motivating quotes said by Dr. Abdul Kalam followed by a presentation on interesting excerpts from his life. The assembly then moved on to some encouraging thoughts given by Principal, Surender P. Sachdeva. He inspired the students by asking them to have a sense of control over their lives and a clear objective in mind regarding their roles. He ensured that following these two steps was a recipe for success. The assembly was then dispersed with the aim to achieve all the objectives discussed.

3rdAugust, 2015.

We all are aware of the growing need for alternative source of energy as we cannot depend on earth’s resources of fossil fuel in long run. It is estimated that the earth’s fossil fuel resources shall be available to us only till 2050. In such a grim scenario, when our lives are wholly dependent on energy for all activities, it becomes extremely important that we look for an alternate source for our future needs. In order to educate the students of DPS, Bopal a session was organized by the Green Drive on 30 July 2015. Mr. Ashok Patel, Sr. Manager Adani Infra India Ltd. along with Mr. Santosh Kumar Sinha Euro Premium Solar system, Channel partner explained how solar energy could bring about a visible change in the consumption of electricity. Students were amazed to know that solar power could run so many appliances at home as well as industries, leaving a profound impression on the young minds. Students were enthralled to see the solar panel which could convert the solar energy into Direct Current. Students also satisfied their queries in the interactive session after the presentation. They were motivated and enthused with the idea of using solar power and wanted to spread their learning to their parents and community about the viability of running appliances on solar power most of the time with minimum dependency on power grid, thus contributing to greener footprints.

3rdAugust, 2015.
Visitor of Week – Ms. Neeta Bapna at DPS Bopal

Ms Neeta Bapna, a professional Zumba trainer, was the Visitor of the Week on 30th July 2015. Ms Neeta is also associated with The Times of India initiative - Happy Streets. After a traditional welcome by the students, she was taken for a school tour. She was briefed about the functioning of the school and its various other aspects like infrastructure, teaching methodology, sports, curricular activities etc. She interacted with the students of Class V G and taught them some basic dance steps. The students enjoyed the session. She had a brief interaction with the Headmistress, the Sr. vice Principal and the Principal. As a token of remembrance she was presented with a Yali mug and a card.

1stAugust, 2015.
Inaugurate SRIJAN 2015 at DPS Bopal

The leaders of Delhi Public School, Bopal the Principal, Mr. Surender Sachdeva, Sr. Vice Principal - Ms Vandna Joshi and Vice Principal-Ms. Neera Pandey, Sr. Secondary In-charge - Ms Monita Dash and Headmistress, Ms Sabina Sawhney, Prerna In-charge - Ms Sangeeta Hinduja and all the other dignitaries graced the occasion. The traditional LAMP-LIGHTING ceremony was truly a tribute to Mother Saraswati, the Goddess of knowledge. All the judges were welcomed with a sapling, signifying our endeavours to protect Mother Nature. The preparation and presentation in each area was nothing short of impressive.

As it is rightly said “The beginning is the most important part of the work.” So now waiting for the events to start....

31stJuly, 2015.
"Celebrating Creativity... SRIJAN 2015 at DPS Bopal"

Greetings from DPS Bopal.

"Creativity involves breaking out of established patterns in order to look at things in a different way" - Edward de Bono

It is a phenomenon whereby something new and somehow valuable is formed. The created item may be intangible (such as an idea , a scientific theory , a musical composition or an original physical object (such as an invention , a literary work or a painting ). . DPS Bopal cordially invites one and all to a kaleidoscope of creativity as part of its 20 years journey of creative excellence .SRIJAN 2015...We believe that :

"A creative mind is motivated by the desire to achieve and not by the desire to beat others," - Ayn Rand

30thJuly, 2015.
Volleyball girls team of DPS Bopal champions at S.A.G. U – 19 Girls Volleyball Tournament

In order to succeed, your desire for success must be greater than your fear of losing…..

True to these words the Girls Volleyball team of DPS Bopal, emerged as Champions, at the S.A.G. U – 19 Girls Volleyball Tournament Which was held at Hiramani School, S.G. Highway, Ahmedabad, on 31st July 2015.The Captain of the team was Palash Desai. The best player award went to Preet Choksi. A proud moment for the School as well as the Coach Mr. Nishit Raval.

30thJuly, 2015.
DPS Bopal Pre-School organized a fireless cooking activity “Kiddies Kitchenette”

Exposing kids to food's myriad colours and textures provide them with a whole new creative palette —and palate. By trying simple, nutritious and easy to make recipes with the kids, we can teach them principles of good nutrition and also help them develop a healthy hobby.

DPS Bopal Pre-School organized a fireless cooking activity “Kiddies Kitchenette” for the students of Sr. Kg. where in the children prepared the entire dish of “Papri-Chaat” almost by themselves with minimum involvement of the teachers.

The children got hands on experience in putting together the yummy dish they had so often eaten. The smart little chefs arranged the ingredients and presented it with tasty toppings and lip smacking chutneys! The proud kiddies of this little kitchenette went home with great plans to prepare the same for their families!!!

30thJuly, 2015.
CAREER COUNSELLING: Career in design by Mr. Anup Sharma & Mr. Gunjan gurjar at DPS Bopal

A session on Careers in Design was conducted by Mr. Anup Sharma & Govind Gujar Relationship Managers from DSK International, Pune for Class XII (science & Commerce) & Class XI( Commerce& Humanities) students on 27/7/15. DSK International offers various courses in design animation, industrial design and gaming.

The session was very interactive and lively and gave students an idea about designing and animation. The resource person showed animation videos created by their institute and explained to them about hard work behind the creation of animation. The students also were given a basic idea about gaming and the scope of gaming as a career opportunity. The session was very interesting and informative.

29thJuly, 2015.
CPS Jaipur participated in Workshop organised by Fortis Hospital on Risk behaviour management.

We pleased to inform that teachers of CPS Jaipur participated in workshop organized by WORLD and Micro soft. WORLD is a leading wildlife, environment and social welfare organization of Rajasthan. WORLD is patronized by Justice Anshumaan Singh, Former Governor of Rajasthan and Justice Rajendra Saxena, Former Judge, Rajasthan High Court.

The Microsoft Create to Inspire School Program is a thought leadership initiative for schools on environmentally sustainable living and it has introduced exciting and engaging exercises for the students.

Teachers attended workshop organised by Fortis Hospital on Risk behavior management.

29thJuly, 2015.
Pre Primary School activities at DPS Bopal

DPS Bopal Preschool celebrated colour days to introduce the four basic colours to our little angels. Every week one colour was introduced along with an array of activities. The teachers as well as the kids came beautifully dressed in the designated colour of the week. Luscious watermelon, cool cucumbers, crunchy corn, and tangy blue mock tail were served to the preschoolers on these specific colour days to make them relate better to the concepts. Making collage, scribbling with crayons, sponge painting, were some of the fun filled activities planned for the children to reinforce these colours and make the day enjoyable for them. The giveaways of the same colour were also given to make the learning more effective.

29thJuly, 2015.
Workshop on Attributes of Calorx teachers at DPS Bopal

“Teaching in the internet age means we must teach tomorrow’s skills today.”

Jennifer Fleming

The workshop was conduted by Ms Sujata Paul on Attributes of Calorx teachers on 24/7/15 at DPS Bopal . She started with a quick activity of the teachers introducing their partners.

A power point on Bloom’s taxonomy was shown. The topic “Teaching in the 21st century” was emphasised upon. Teaching today should not be based only on content facts research etc but should also be skill based. The child should be taught values like responsibility, reliability and integrity also. The humanistic approach, patience , scholastic approach should be imbibed in teachers.

The concept of “flipped classroom” was introduced. It emphasized the changing role of a teacher in today’s technology driven world.

It was attended by the DC’s, SCs, AC’s and the class Representatives of class 1 to 12.

29thJuly, 2015.
AYMUN 2015 organized at DPS Bopal

The day dawned with excitement in the air as the students of DPS Bopal participated in the much-awaited Asian Youth Model United Nations'15 (AYMUN), held from 24th and 26th of July, at PDPU, Gandhinagar. Around 300 students participated in the event with DPS accounting for 63 of them. The MUN consisted of 9 different committees, ranging from committees like BJP vs Congress, to the one on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space. The atmosphere was brimming with potential and energy of the young delegates. Dipsites spoke with utmost enthusiasm and decorated the committee with astonishing speeches.

The closing ceremony was the icing on the cake with DPS winning the title of the Best Delegation. Aksh Panchal, Jayati Bist and Karan Desai bagged the Best Delegate Award; Ishan Khalsa and Shishir Chagavit were awarded the High Commendation; Yashvi Soni, Ishan Rangrajan, Dhruv Kedia,Shreya Toshnival,, Ananya Nair and Ansh Desai won the special mention award.

Four of our students, Shubhranshu Dutta, Pratyush Kundu, Kahinee Bhatt and Nandini Dave were a part of the organising committee.Nisarg Patel and Shubhranshu Dutta also chaired committees during the session. AYMUN'15, like any other MUN, gave the Dipsites a taste of global affairs, and trained them to take major decisions one day at a global level for a better future. It certainly proved to be a thrilling ride leaving no stone unturned in its endeavour to provide a rich learning experience.

29thJuly, 2015.
Parents Day celebrated at DPS East.

No love is greater than mom's love and no care is greater than dad's care. Class 1 kids share their gratitude towards their parents at Parents Day celebration at School.

27thJuly, 2015.
Inter School Poetry recitation Competition “POEMS OUT LOUD 2015- 2016 " at DPS Bopal

JG International School, Sola Road hosted Inter School Recitation Competition ”Poems Out Loud” on 24th July 2015. 6 Students of DPS - Bopal participated in this competition, Shreya Joshi of Class VII B and Aditi Iyer of class IX-G both won the third prize in their respective categories. Total 33 schools of Ahmedabad participated in this competition which was adjudged by a panel of distinguished educationists. A wide variety of poems were recited beautifully; keeping in mind the rhythm, mood, diction and expressions. Certain poems recited, managed to create images in the minds and spread the aroma of poetry

25thJuly, 2015.
The video recommended by CBSE for awareness of Child Sexual Abuse.

Please click the following link and watch the video recommended by CBSE for awareness of Child Sexual Abuse. KOMAL A film on Child Sexual Abuse CSA English

25thJuly, 2015.
Visitor of Week – Mr. H Malik at DPS Bopal

Mr A H Malik, Director - G M Fluid Tech Pvt Ltd, visited DPS BOPAL on 23rd July 2015 as the Visitor of the Week. He has a vast experience and international exposure in the field of Water Treatment especially desalination of sea water. After a warm welcome by the students he was taken for a school tour. He was briefed about the functioning of the school and its various other aspects like infrastructure, teaching methodology, sports, curricular activities, usage of portal etc. He had a brief interaction with the Headmistress, Sr.Vice Principal and the Principal. As a token of remembrance he was presented with a Yali mug and a card.

25thJuly, 2015.
Budding Writer : Khush Ramani of DPS Bopal

Yali Ho!

DPS Bopal is proud to share that Khush Ramani of VIII A has co authored a book with Dhavan Gupta "THE SECRET OF THE CRYSTAL CAVE". The book has been published and Khush intends to write a sequel to the same. Congratulations! keep it Up!

25thJuly, 2015.
Career Counselling Workshop on GOAL SETTING for Class X at DPS Bopal

The session of Goal Setting was conducted by Mr. Mohit Mangal Director CSR initiatives iQue Ideas and his team for Class X students on 20/7/15. Mr. Mohit Mangal an M.Tech from IIT and M.B.A from Nirma University has a vast experience in counseling and training the students for various career opportunities.The session was very enriching and useful for the students as they are in the path of choosing their preferred stream of education towards the end of this academic session. The session focused on how to choose their stream of education based on their interests rather than succumbing to various pressures of the environment.The resource person also gave a bird’s eye view about various techniques to analyze their interest and choose the best option among the various career options available.The session focused on the need of being the best in whichever stream they would like to pursue their career and being passionate about the same. It was indeed an informative session.

Feed Back

We could relate the session with the problems faced by us.

Ishrit Gupta XA

I was confused as to which stream should I choose after class X, but after his session I became somewhat clear about what I want to do.

Achint Chhabra XG

I came to know that I can opt for many fields other than Maths.

Aditi Bhagat XH

25thJuly, 2015.
NCPS Bharuch students visited at DPS East –Solar Plant

Group of students from Narmada Calorx Public School visited Delhi Public School East as an Educational Excursion Trip.Students visited Solar Panel Plant after getting knowledge of "How solar energy is converted in to electrical energy" in the presentation given by Ms. Anagha.

24thJuly, 2015.
Pratibha Guarav Divas at DPS Bopal

‘All roads that lead to success have to pass through hard work boulevard at some point.’

The dream became reality to many of the students who worked with persistent determination and commitment to achieve their goals.DPS Bopal guerdoned the budding stars for their impeccable efforts and glorified achievements on the eve of Pratibha Gaurav Divas of Class 4 and 5 of the academic year 2014-15 which was held on 21st and 22nd July 2015 respectively.The school recognises the students’ accomplishments in academics, sports and 100% attendance under the umbrella of varied awards namely - Pradyut, Prabudh, Kushagra, Satatam and Utkrisht Satatam.The felicitation was envisioned and applauded by our esteemed guests Mr Dhiren Shah, Mr Mukesh Pathak and our Principal Mr Surender Pal Sachdeva along with all the dignitaries of DPS family and the proud parents of the awardees.It was indeed a zealous moment for the achievers to pose with their trophies and certificates awarded to them.

24thJuly, 2015.
Fancy dress competition at DPS East

From the dabbang salman to the dashing super heroes.Be it traditional touch of India or the classy spice of Hollywood! !They had it all when the dpsites rocked the ramp with fancy dress as their monthly activity. Students also surprised the judges with their royal look as well as secular citizens!!

24thJuly, 2015.
Recitation competition at CPS Jaipur

Education is not just about learning facts, but more so about learning how to think. It is learning to make good choices. It is learning to act with purpose.We are pleased to share that Recitation competition for classes 1 to 3 , Elocution for classes 4 and 5 and Debate competition for classes 6 and 7 was organized successfully. Students participated enthusiastically.

23thJuly, 2015.
Humour Day celebrated at DPS Bopal

Humour in uniform!.....Tiny tots...

Kids with a well-developed sense of humour are happier and have a higher self-esteem.To add some happy moments to their day, DPS Pre-School organized Humour Day on 23rd July for the students of Sr. Kg.Children came prepared with all kinds of humorous jokes, stories and incidents.Peals of laughter could be heard from the classrooms as the kids’ shared funny jokes one after the other. Humour not only breaks barriers and reduces stress but also strengthens relationships. The children bonded well with each other as they enjoyed and clapped on each other’s jokes.This activity provided the pre-schoolers with some comic relief and a life skill, they will always value!!

18thJuly, 2015.

“The Smallest Act of Kindness is Worth More Than The Greatest Intension.” Oscar Wild

A true believer in ‘Service before Self’ DPS Bopal has started a ‘Book Collection Drive’. The Drive is led by the Social Service Committee wherein the students and the staff members are collecting books and stationery which will be donated to the children those who are deprived of basic assets of education. To promote this Drive RJ ARCHANA from MY FM was invited to school. She talked to the ‘Society Saviour’ about their experience as to how they feel being a part of this book collection drive. The ‘Saviour’ also got a chance to share their experiences and exchange their views on to how this collection drive can be made more effective.

The idea behind this act was to create awareness about “giving" in the form of books and other stationery. The Drive will go on till 24 July 2015.

At East you will find that every initiative is taken with a motive to inspire the emotional as well as the learning quotient of the children.

The early years bring the importance of physical as well as mental wellness necessary at the school. The importance of psycho motor skills cannot be undermined at this age. It includes running, jumping, hand eye co ordination etc. To enhance the motor skills in students the school also has a special pottery section wherein the students can watch a lump of clay being transformed into lovely articles. They also make them with their hands.

Such initiative encourages children to improve their motor skills.

We invite all(Students and teachers) to visit our green school, East,and witness the actual working of solar plant/pottery two of the most interesting and creative initiatives.

17thJuly, 2015.
DPS East Initiatives : Solar Plant and Pottery

The green school D.P.S.East is eco friendly in its true sense. At East the electricity used is the renewable source of energy, the sunlight.

The school has about 150 solar panels which transforms the solar energy into the electricity with the help of generator.

The solar model has become a model with a difference. Many visitors get surprised and show their keen interest in knowing the working of the solar panels.

At East you will find that every initiative is taken with a motive to inspire the emotional as well as the learning quotient of the children.

The early years bring the importance of physical as well as mental wellness necessary at the school. The importance of psycho motor skills cannot be undermined at this age. It includes running, jumping, hand eye co ordination etc. To enhance the motor skills in students the school also has a special pottery section wherein the students can watch a lump of clay being transformed into lovely articles. They also make them with their hands.

Such initiative encourages children to improve their motor skills.

We invite all(Students and teachers) to visit our green school, East,and witness the actual working of solar plant/pottery two of the most interesting and creative initiatives.

16thJuly, 2015.
Sr. KG of DPS Bopal celebrated VIBGYOR DAY

Rainbow, Rainbow in the sky, Pretty colours up so high Oh! I wish that it would stay, Bringing colours everyday!

The most amazing and beautiful thing that rain brings with it is the rainbow which is formed by the rays of the sun passing through the drops of water. These seven vivid and wonderful colours of the spectacular rainbow together make the word VIBGYOR.

Sr.Kg children of DPS Bopal Preschool celebrated VIBGYOR Day on Thursday, 16th July, 2015 With smile on their faces and bounces in their steps, the students came attired in the assigned RAINBOW colours. The little kiddies created a rainbow in the Campus by standing in the sequence of the VIBGYOR colours. Rainbow’s vibrant colours were shown to them with the help of a CD and a torch. Students showed their creative streak by creating a rainbow in their art book.

The energy and excitement vibrating in the air made the school environment bright, colourful and fun filled!!!

16thJuly, 2015.

Poetry, as they say is the essence of life, the Recitation Competition solemnized on 15th of July 2015 at DPS Bopal in grade I and II, spoke of the essence-of-life in its true sense. All were rapt when the budding recites’ plunged into soul-stirring poems related to animals, family, objects, friendship, environment, school and various other topics close to our life. The competition witnessed poised contestants who recited poems from all walks of life. It was a moment of dilemma for the judges to decide upon the winners. We took the plunge to decide upon the following winners of the phenomenal event.


S.No. Class Section Name













S.No. Class Section Name












16thJuly, 2015.
Workshop on manners & Etiquettes at DPS East

Its truly said that the wellness begins with a appealing positive aura. In this modern era the importance of manners and etiquettes cannot be undermined. Such guidance stands fruitful if given at school. In the same regard, Honourable Principal Mr. Hitesh Puri interacted with the students of class IX-XII through his workshop on manners and etiquettes.

16thJuly, 2015.

FACILITATORS: Ms. Vibhuti Singh, Ms. Suman Trivedi, Ms. Khushali Adhiya (Department of Psychology) AND selected presenters of grade XII

PARTICIPANTS: Psychology students of grade XI B, XI H, XI I

OBJECTIVE: Peer learning, sharing and interaction upon research Grade XII Psychology students present research findings of previous year. Discussion of research, its implications and applications Mark the 20th year of celebration of DPS, Bopal With an objective of discussing the importance of research and its application, of peer-learning and practical knowledge empowerment, the Department of Psychology, DPS, Bopal, organized a unique event - a peer learning seminar.

The seminar was facilitated by the teachers of psychology as well as the current year XII Psychology students. The meaning, types, importance and applications of research in general and in psychology was discussed. This was succeeded by research paper presentation by top 6 selected students of grade XII, who presented their research findings and conclusions in various topics in a manner as presented at state level, national and international conferences.

The participants benefitted immensely from this peer learning seminar. They gained clarity on how a scientific research is conducted. They were highly motivated by the level of presentations, topics and results; they now endeavour to take the level of research a notch higher this year onwards.

Towards the end, the kind, encouraging and spirited words of respected vice principal Ms. Neera Pandey further infused a spirit of hope and will in the participants and also appreciated the efforts of grade XII student researchers as well as the Department of Psychology for their initiative. The warm presence and active

participation of respected senior vice principal Ms. Vandna Joshi and In-charge, Senior School Ms. Monita Dash was an encouragement to all presenters and participants.

16thJuly, 2015.
Mithil Pillai in SOF Olympiad – DPS East

Mithil Pillai (presently in Class IV) participated in the II level of SOF Olympiad and secured International Rank:59 and Zonal Rank:4. He was felicitated with a bronze medal, cheque of Rs. 1000 and books worth Rs. 1000 in the morning assembly on 16-Jul-2015

16thJuly, 2015.
Jr. KG of DPS Bopal celebrated Colour Day

It was raining colours at DPS Bopal Preschool as the teachers and children of Junior Kg. came dressed in a variety of colours to celebrate Colour Day!!

The day was organised to do a recap of colours and the children were asked to bring an object of the colour they were allotted. Each child had something to say about the object he/ she brought when they were put on display. This activity also helped them to relate different colours to a wide range of objects. The concept of colours was further reinforced by playing the game- “Tippy Tippy Top….What colour you want?”

Rhymes on colours were sung by the children and a PPT on the same was shown. It was a real fun filled and exciting day for the little ones!!!

15thJuly, 2015.
VEDIC celebrated The World Youth Skills Day at CII, Ahmedabad.

VEDIC is pleased to celebrate “The World Youth Skill Day” today. We are invited at CII House today, for celebration and felicitation of VEDIC Trainees. We are also invited to share our views on AIR (Ahmedabad)– live after PM ‘s address today to the whole nation.

To raise awareness about the importance of investing in youth skills development, the United Nations General Assembly has decided to celebrate the first World Youth Skills Day (WYSD) on 15 July 2015. WYSD celebrations coincide with an important year of setting the agenda for the future: a new climate agreement and the adoption of the Sustainable Development goals are just around the corner. That is why this year’s theme is “Youth skills for work and life in the post-2015 agenda”. WYSD is in line with the upcoming Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for 2030, which propose two goals on education and skills for employment: - See more at:

We are pleased to share VEDIC contribution for Skill Development and Education provision for deprived section of the society as follows,

  • Rotary VEDIC Apparel Training Center (Formerly M. J. Pherwani Garment Training Center) : Total No. of Batches since 2011 – 25 , No of Candidates Trained – 502 (Rural & Urban BPL Youth)

14thJuly, 2015.
Rajasthani Folk Dance in SPICMACAY at DPS Bopal

Folk singers and dancers promoted by SPICMACAY; belonging toManganair communities came to DPS Bopal on 13th of July’15 to showcase their art tradition. The Manganiar and the langha communities residing in the desert of Rajasthan, in Barmer and Jaisalmer district, along the border of Pakistan. They consider themselves as the descendants of Rajputs and are renowned as highly skilled musicians. Their music and dance adorned by dholaks, khadtals and Kamaicha, was compelling and it emotionally captivated the audience. Their musical compositions are very complex and virtuoso rhythm playing largely added to their performance. When questioned about their inspiration to follow their tradition; they simply said sangeet ; it always touches the heart. They also said that they recognized appreciation for their art in younger generations. Even their international audience savors their music which is evident in their endeavours in 39 countries. It was a privilege to host such connoisseurs in the field of dance and music and we wish them luck for their future.

14thJuly, 2015.
Visited Vintage Village as Educational Trip by DPS East students

It was fun, frolic and learning when the students of class II visited the Vintage Village as a part of the educational excursion. The students were amazed to see the collection of vintage cars, bikes and chariots. For them it was truly an astonishing moment to see that such cars and transport vehicles did exist. They enjoyed the rides and the play area along with the yummy tummy filling food....

14thJuly, 2015.
Pre primary School activities at DPS Bopal

Headlines Week – Sr. Kg. (6th -10th July, 2015)

The Sr. Kg. children of DPS Bopal Preschool are learning the ropes of reporting!! This activity encourages them to develop the habit of reading the newspaper and also provides them a platform to enhance their oratory skills. The students came prepared to share some of the current news. It was astonishing to see some of the enthusiastic children moving ahead from the headlines and reading entire news articles. It was simply wonderful to see them showing and discussing their news clippings with the friends

A good activity for confidence building and enhancing their knowledge!

13thJuly, 2015.
Parenting Tips by DPS East

Allotting TV time... All children like to watch tv. But there are certain things that you should bear in mind, while watching tv . GO FOR EDUCATIONAL VALUE- Children love watching cartoon shows. but make sure that you find some time to choose channels that will increase children's knowledge, and have some educational value. DON'T USE TV AS A DIVERSION- - Allot special times for watching TV, and stick to its schedule. SELECT AGE APPROPRIATE CONTENT- always keeps an eye on what children are watching. Most tv's today have the facility to block off certain channels, or to put a child lock on them. It is not safe to give the child remote control to browse tv channels. SIT WITH THEM- it is good to sit with the child while watching tv.You can have chats about the shows the child watches. Ask them good questions about what they like. Always make sure that children have adequate outdoor activities, thereby allowing them to interact and play with other children. Also engage them in activities.

13thJuly, 2015.
The Investiture ceremony 2015-16 at DPS East.

“Leaders are not born, they are created”

The quote itself defines the importance of the medium, the creator who moulds young minds into strong leaders! Such miracle is not a one day achievement it is the grueling efforts that are invested in a child at its school. To see the sense of satisfaction of delivering the best brings a sense of joy to the hearts. Such was the day at DPSEast when the new supreme council stood before all with a promise in their eyes to guard and inspire the school students to take care of the discipline and the honour of the school. The Investiture ceremony 2015-16, showcased the members of Junior as well as senior supreme council ready to take the oath for a new and a promising year ahead. The students’ performance took the hearts away. The students of the school band gave an enthralling performance by creating music from the non musical instruments. The students also presented semi classical form of dance and a contemporary dance with an inspirational message. Their performance contained thrills, determination and pride to be a student of DPSEast. The new team and Student of the Year were honoured by honourable Principal Sir Mr. Hitesh Puri .

We wish the new team best of wishes to deliver their duties with sincerity and honesty.

  • Sr. Head Boy

Sunny Kushwaha Class – X

  • Sr. Head Girl

Akshata Shetty Class – X

  • Sports Captain Boy

Jayant Maheshwari Class – X

  • Sports Captain Girl

Priyanka Sharma Class – X

  • Jr. Head Boy

Vansh Dhariyal Class – V

  • Jr. Head Girl

Manasvi Saboo Class – V

  • Jr. Sports Captain

Pathik Bhavsar Class – V

Ganga House :-

Senior Wing

Captain - Harshika Mehta

Class – X

Vice Captain:- Netra Dhariyal Class – X

Prefect:- Jigish Patel

Class - IX

Junior Wing

Captain - Rudra Patel

Class – V

Vice Captain:- Nidhi Gupta

Class – V

Prefect:- Bhoomi Sangtani

Class – V

Yamuna House :-

Senior Wing

Captain - Khushi Shah

Class – IX

Vice Captain:- Shweta Shukla

Class – IX

Prefect:- Hetarth Thaker

Class - IX

Junior Wing

Captain - Vivan Patel

Class – V

Vice Captain:- Akshat Jagwani

Class – V

Prefect:- Dhwani Shah

Class – V

Sabarmati House :-

Senior Wing

Captain - Aditya Gajjar

Class – X

Vice Captain:- Deepak Sharma

Class – X

Prefect:- Adanan Ravani

Class - X

Junior Wing

Captain - Taniya Rathi

Class – V

Vice Captain:- Supriya Sitory

Class – V

Prefect:- Krish Patel

Class – V

Narmada House :-

Senior Wing

Captain - Jeet Shah

Class – X

Vice Captain:- Shagun Sharma

Class – IX

Prefect:- Jaival Vikal

Class - IX

Junior Wing

Captain -Sujal Desai

Class – V

Vice Captain:- Tanisha Shah

Class – V

Prefect:- Krish Sonvane

Class - V

11thJuly, 2015.
Runners up in Football Tournament – DPS Bopal.

Yali Ho!

Sports Update: Football

DPS Bopal Boys Under 14 Football team participated In Ahmedabad Rural Under 14 Shubroto Cup Football Tournament held at JG International school, Sola Road on 11/07/2015. DPS Bopal team were the runners up in the tournament .Congratulations!

06thJuly, 2015.
Class II of DPS East visited Vintage Village.

Class III visited Vintage Village as a part of educational excursions. They enjoyed and explored the learning need in them through the field trip. The auto exhibition was unique. Rides were the main attraction and children enjoyed them. The yummy food and cool weather added special effects. "

06thJuly, 2015.
Parents Orientation Programme for Class XI – DPS Bopal

DPS Bopal hosted the Parent Orientation Programme, for class XI on 4th July 2015. The Orientation programme was designed with the purpose to deal with the queries pertaining to Examination System, Use of Portal as well as to provide basic guidelines on discipline and code of conduct. Parents joined this collaborative effort in large numbers. The Principal Mr. Surender P. Sachdeva addressed the gathering and briefed the parents on transition from class X to class XI. He also shared the commendable result attained by DPS students in all the three streams (AISSCE 2015). The programme ended with an open forum where the parents posted their queries. The parents were extremely happy with this interactive session.

06thJuly, 2015.
Dr. Mallika Sarabhai - Dance Legend in Campus at DPS Bopal

Dr. Mallika Sarabhai and her dance troupe came to DPS BOPAL on 6th July'15 for conducting the auditions for her upcoming feature film, 'Kadak Baadshahi'. Everybody in the campus were excited about this audition and upto 120 students showed to try their hand in getting into one of the songs of her feature film. The day started with the initial warm up by her son himself, 'Mr. Revanta Sarabhai'. Easily connecting with the crowd, it was he who was choreographing the moves and teaching the Children. The students were supposed to dance on the number 'Apnu Amdavad', a song which personified the zeal of our city. The paradigm shifted when the students were asked to form groups of 15. This was the final selection where students had to showcase what they had learnt. Though only a few students made the cut but what was heartening to see was that the students who weren't selected were not at all dejected but left the hall full of laughter and smiles. Because ultimately, it was the dance which stole the heart of every individual privileged enough to have been there. The program concluded with the vote of thanks and everybody left with a heavy heart.

06thJuly, 2015.
Power point Presentation on “Conservation of energy” at DPS Bopal

‘Energy Conservation is the foundation of energy independence.’ It’s hard to imagine life without electricity. Climate change is an issue that everyone, young or old, needs to take seriously. We at Delhi Public School, Bopal ensured to inculcate the importance of saving energy and conserving it to reduce emission of green house gases that contribute to global warming. The students of class I- V were enlightened through a power point presentation on ‘Conservation of Energy’ which envisioned them on the value of the non renewable resource. Further, the students did various age appropriate activities which helped reinforce the different ways and measures to save energy in their everyday life. The school had deputed ‘Green Warriors’ who were further instrumental in spreading the word across the campus and during the school assembly with their message...Our actions can make a for the Earth and rest assured to be taken care of !!

06thJuly, 2015.
Exploring Shapes & Patterns – DPS Bopal

Imaginary shapes and symbols, undoubtedly occupy some place in our dreams and are charged with some or the other meaning but it's the real shapes and patterns which are the DNA of give our students a clear vision on how they are an important part of our life, we at DPS Bopal celebrated Shape Day in grade 1 on 6th July 2015. Making drawings and designs with different shapes were the highlights of the activity along with the dresses with different patterns worn by the students and not to forget the food items of various shapes which attracted special attention from each other. With shapes and patterns making their presence felt, students couldn't resist exploring more and more on the topic. The event successfully shaped up a clear understanding of the existence of Shapes and Patterns observed in real life.

06thJuly, 2015.
Sports Update: Chess – DPS Bopal

Yali Ho!

DPS Bopal is proud to share that the Common Wealth Chess Championship was held in Delhi from 22nd to 30th June, 2015 Akanksha Shah of class 10 I,played in the under 16 category. She achieved the 9th position. . Different players from different countries as Pakistan, South Africa, Russia, Bangladesh, and Maldives participated in the event.

Congratulations Akanksha, we are very proud of you!

06thJuly, 2015.
Celebrating Girl Child campaign at DPS Bopal

Yali Ho!

As part of our 20 years of academic excellence DPS Bopal joins the campaign of celebrating the girl child, who is a treasure to behold.

A daughter is the happy memories of the past, the joyful moments of the present, and the hope and promise of the future. A daughter may outgrow your lap, but she will never outgrow your heart. There is no kind of affection so purely angelic as of a father to a daughter. To a father growing old nothing is dearer than a daughter. Thank you parents for your overwhelming response to our initiative. Those who haven’t mailed in their selfies do the needful at .

05thJuly, 2015.

An inter house Tableau competition was held on 4thJjuly,Saturday. The theme was` Cultural Heritage of India’. 15 students from each house participated.Following themes were taken

Mahi House – Dances of India

Ganga House – Tribal life of Jharkhand

Tapti House – Festivals of India

Narmada House – Navratna of Indian Classical music

Kaveri House – Religions of India

Sabarmati House – Brides of India

The event was judged by two judges, Ms. Sangita Arora and Ms. Mahasweta. They appreciated the event.following is the result

1st position- Kaveri

2nd position- Narmada

3rd position- Ganga

05thJuly, 2015.

A kick start to being fit.

The morning today was unusually energetic where DPS Bopal whole heartedly participated in the Ahmadabad Mirror's fitness drive at YMCA International Centre, SG Highway early this morning. Ready to shake a leg, all set to set foot to be fit were seen enthusiastic parents, students and teachers. It was remarkable to see the zeal of the chair person, Ms. Manjula Pooja Shroff, the Vice-Principal, Ms. Neera Pandey and Prerna Head, Ms. Sangeeta Hinduja.

04thJuly, 2015.
Pot Luck Day at Delhi Public School, Bopal

It’s a Pot Luck Day; bring something to share….. To eat with the friends who love and care! DPS Pre primary organized a small get together for the children. Their favourite eatables were called for; it turned out to be a feast for kids with a perfect menu - from appetizers to desserts. The delicacies included Tangy Tang, delicious scene stealing pasta, French fries and chips with saucy dips and tempting vanilla, pineapple and chocolate cake slices.

Celebrating pot luck day was indeed a great idea to inculcate the value of sharing. Fun and frolic was in the air and the event turned out to be delightful and enjoyable for the little ones.

04thJuly, 2015.
Pre–Primary School Activities - Sr. Kg. 1st Parents Workshop – DPS Bopal

Collaborative effort of parents and teachers is a prerequisite for the overall development of the child’s personality. DPS Bopal Preschool organized a workshop for the parents of Sr. Kg. students on Saturday 4th July, 2015. The teachers briefed the parents about the methodology of teaching, the curriculum and comprehensive range of activities planned for the students.

The workshop turned out to be a success as parents attended in large numbers, extending their full co-operation and support.

03thJuly, 2015.
Invitation for Scholars’ Day and Launch of NRUPS Visamo+ Project at C N Vidhyalaya.

A warm invitation to you all.... Please join us to felicitate the young achievers at Prathna Mandir for Scholars Day and Launch of NRUPS Visamo+ Project.

Time: 10.00 to 13.00 Hrs. On 05th July,2015, SUNDAY Prarthana mandir, C.N. Vidyalaya, Ambawadi, Ahmedabad.

03thJuly, 2015.
Mr. Kalrav Dave –a performing artist and a Dancer visited DPS Bopal

Mr. Kalrav Dave visited DPS BOPAL Campus on 2nd July 2015 as the Visitor of the Week. Mr. Dave is a performing artist – a dancer with a vast experience and has performed at various popular events like Vibrant Gujarat, Swarnim Gujarat etc. He was given a traditional welcome by the students and then taken for a school tour. He was briefed about the functioning of the school and its various other aspects like infrastructure, teaching methodology, sports, co curricular activities etc. He enjoyed interacting with the students and teaching them some simple dance steps. Students were excited to meet Mr Dave and appreciated his performance. During his visit he also interacted with the Headmistress, Senior Vice Principal and the Principal. As a token of remembrance Mr Kalrav Dave was presented a Yali mug.

03thJuly, 2015.
African dance workshop by Ms.Jeannine Osayande

Approximately 200 students participated from the Sr. Section .Each day different African instruments were used to initiate the students about the rich cultural heritage of Africa. Dance and music department taught 'Garba' to Ms. Jeannine along with the students. Programe ended by the vote of thanks of Dr. Bhavna Shukla. Workshop started from 24/6/15 and ended on 29/6/15. It was five days workshops. It was an amazing and interesting session.

03thJuly, 2015.
Delhi Public School, Bopal participated in the IIMUN Vadodara

31 students from Delhi Public School, Bopal participated in the IIMUN Vadodara chapter held from 26-28 July'15 at Gujarat Public School. This United Nation simulation, a considerably modern form of debate has taken the world by storm where there is holistic development with enormous ease. In this vadodara chapter, DPS Bopal won 5 prizes with Shubhranshu Dutta (11-H), Ishan Kaur (11-I) and Kahinee Bhatt (12-G) securing the first positions and Pratyush Kundu (11-E ) winning the second and Nandini Dave (12-G) securing the third position.

Eashan Utthaiya a pass out of Class XII as well as the head boy of 2014-15 batches also won the first prize in the WHO - a committee exclusive for college students.

A journey filled with insurmountable fun and frolic, it was something which proved to be unforgettable to students from all dimensions - ranging from class 7 to class 12. This voyage and this journey is something that every student was lucky enough to savour. This event has paved the way for the youngsters to take the centre stage.

02thJuly, 2015.
CCS - Launching Saadhara IX, X & XI Programs at Modasa

We are pleased to share snaps of CCS – Programs – launched at Modasa on 2nd July, 2015

CCS Programs for std. IX, X & XI (Science) launched at B Kanae (CBSE) School at Modasa. 32 students are admitted and further 17 students are registered for CCS Value added Supplementary programs.

The students will attend CCS programs for the academic year 2015 – 16.

01thJuly, 2015.
Bharat Khandelwal – IIT JEE AIR 5th at DPs East

‘Success is when your signature turns into an autograph.’

Getting success brings a feeling of satisfaction as well as an urge to strive towards goals with more dedicated efforts. The gruelling efforts backed by this achievement take away full marks. DPS East has always organized seminars and workshops that are beneficial to the students. Today the meet was special. A matter of pride and honour to have with us Master Bharat Khandelwal, a Dpsite, a caloraxian who nailed his success at the All India Ranking for IIT Main with a stupendous 5th Rank surpassing over 12 lac candidates across India.

He shared his keys to success and quenched the thirst of knowledge for all the future aspirants for IIT. He also shared the amount of hard work and effort needs to be put in when we wish to achieve something remarkable. His humble and focused inspirational words enlightened the students and they were filled with motivation which was much evident through their interaction.

Wish to see some more such stars from team East too!

01thJuly, 2015.
Solo Dance Competition at DPS East

Fully loaded masti was witnessed at DPS East when our students banged the floor with their footwork and their dance performance. The students participated in Solo Dance Competition organised as a part of monthly activity. The rocking performance left the judges in tight spot. It was a pleasure watching them going musical, lyrical and of course magical!

01thJuly, 2015.
Calorx Pre - School Parent Orientation Sessions

In the month of June - Calorx Pre Schools had their parent orientation sessions. It was indeed a great exposure for the parents. Being a part of these orientation sessions; did enable every parent to involve in the classroom experience of their child. For the parents being a part of their child's educational journey was an overwhelming experience altogether.

30thJune, 2015.
Supreme Council of Juniors & Seniors at DPS East

In pursuit with excellence, the little wonders as well as the encouraging seniors put up their views and contested to be a part of the Supreme Council for the academic year 2015-16. The new team is ready to form a strong bond to take up new ventures with confidence and grit. The most important attribute of India is its democracy and today the students could feel the same power within them as they learnt to decide for the best and cast their powerful vote for the benefit of the students and school. The council will be formed comprising of juniors and seniors. Where the juniors had great enthusiasm irrespective of their age, the seniors showed great dedication and responsibility in their words. That’s what DPS East moulds ones personality into; a confident person, a motivating leader and above all an approachable visionary.

All the best to all the contestants

29thJune, 2015.
One Minute activities at DPS East

Tick tock rings the bell hurry up or you may fail…Yes with the tick tock of the watch the students of DPS East came upon with some really wondrous and fun filled one minute activities. The event was as a part of the monthly activity. The students enjoyed the event and it was also quite entertaining for the audience to see them juggle up with the tasks to earn a win for their house.

26thJune, 2015.
Visitor of Week – Mr. Avneesh nath Sharma – Vice President Alembic group

Mr. Avaneesh Nath Sharma, Vice President- Alchemy Real Estate (Alembic Group) visited DPS BOPAL on 26th June 2015 as the Visitor of the Week. He has a vast experience in the field of Real Estate. After a traditional welcome by the students he was taken for a school tour. He was briefed about the various aspects of the school and its functioning like infrastructure, teaching methodology, sports, curricular activities, usage of portal etc. He had a brief interaction with the Headmistress, Sr.Vice Principal and the Principal. As a token of remembrance he was presented with a Yali mug and a card. Touched by the hospitality, he mentioned that it is going to be a memorable day for him.

24thJune, 2015.
Happy Father’s Day at DPS East

Any day is special for parents, when kids show their gratitude and love towards them. Students of Class 2 busy with their creativity to surprise their DAD. Kids at DPS East wish all fathers very Happy Father's Day. Isn't it beautiful? Keep it up kids. Preparing for their loving, caring fathers. Dad will be proud of them

24thJune, 2015.
Unravelling the mysteries of imaginations" at DPS Bopal

Class I was a spectacle of colours on 24th June when our budding artists worked wonders playing with glazed fluorescent papers and creatively sticking them on different pictures. DPS Bopal held collage Competition with the objective to give them first - hand experience of touching, feeling, sticking and creating a collage masterpiece. It unraveled the mysteries of the imaginations of their own world of colours. The young talents made the event a grand success by creating masterpieces of art when they joined hands to stick bits of paper on the given pictures. The innocent smile of satisfaction after completing the Collage truly described their fascination for art.


S No Class Section Name


S No Class Section Name

24thJune, 2015.
Splash Activity –Pre Primary activity at DPS Bopal

Cool, Cool. Oh! What fun to play in the pool! Before the onset of monsoon, Prep kids had a real aqua fun when they all took a dip in the colourful child friendly splash pool. Their enthusiasm and happiness was quite obvious as they frolicked and splashed water on each other. It was a treat to the eye to see the little angels laughing and having loads of fun!!!

22thJune, 2015.
Intra Class Hindi Handwriting Competition at DPS Bopal

‘Handwriting is what registers our individuality.’ It has been seen as the unknowing key to our souls and our innermost nature and has been regarded as a sign of our health, of our intelligence and as an object of simplicity, grace, fantasy and beauty in its own right. A neat and beautiful handwriting always seeks the attention of others. To develop awareness and passion for good handwriting and to assess the handwriting skills of the students, an Intra Class Hindi Handwriting Competition was conducted on 17.6.15 for classes IV and V and on 22.6.15 for class III respectively. All the students participated enthusiastically and put in their best. The competition was a remarkable experience for them to cherish. One student from each section was adjudged a winner.

Winners of the competition :


22thJune, 2015.
Parents workshop for Grade I & II at DPS Bopal

Post summer break the session takes off with an apparent seriousness on the academic part. With the commencement of weekly tests the students have seemingly settled well in their new classes and their teachers and parents seem to be focusing solely on the enhancement of their academic performance. To help the parents of grade I and II with the term specific curriculum, its objectives and methodology, DPS Bopal conducted its I Parents’ Workshop of the academic session 2015-16 on Saturday, 20th June’15. Apart from discussing the syllabus and the related activities to be carried out during the First Term, the teachers went a step ahead by providing customized guidelines to the seeking parents to help upgrade the performance of their wards. The teachers poised to produce the desired results and every single parent willing to extend co-operation…together we look forward to a successful term ahead!!

21thJune, 2015.
International Yoga Day celebrated by CPS Bhavnagar

Yali Ho!!!

Pleased to share that there was organized Yoga session for an hour observing the first International Yoga Day at CPS Bhavnagar on 21st June 2015.

There was also organized Coloring & Drawing Competition on the Yoga theme in which 168 students participated.All the participants were awarded with the participating certificate of appreciation and the position holders were awarded with certificates and prizes sponsored by Nishagopchar Yoga Manav Unthan Charitable Trust.

21thJune, 2015.
International Yoga Day celebrated by DPS Bopal

International Yoga Day was celebrated in the School Campus among students, parents, staff members, and other enthusiastic crowd.

The session started with a warm up, followed by aasans, stressing the importance of each.

Principal Mr. Sachdeva also spoke inspiring words and encouraged everybody to maintain the practice of Yoga or any kind of exercise every day .

The session was concluded with a pledge by everybody towards fulfilling one's duties towards self and institution and by creating a healthy society.

20thJune, 2015.
New Library Building Inaugurated by Darshan Jariwala at DPS Bopal

To build up a library is to create a life. It’s never just a random collection of books.’ You learn to read by reading and if you read because you want to, you read well. In order to entice our students to ‘want to read’, Delhi Public School Bopal has upgraded its Junior Library, ‘Readers’ Den’ with far more advanced features. Inauguration of the same was held on the 20th June 2015, Saturday by eminent luminaries Mr Darshan Zariwala, a National Film awardee , a renowned actor and Ms Anahita Italia, a notable theatre personality in the presence of Mr Hiten Vasant, Director CERF and our Principal Mr Surender Sachdeva along with the entire DPS Bopal family. Parent fraternity was represented by the Parent Reps. of grade I and IV. The newly designed library has been automated to have an online access through portal. It has been aesthetically refurbished to create a child friendly ambience to make reading more pleasurable. The library has an open access, its dimension and management allow for individual, group or class work. With this, Junior Dipsites embark on a journey of a lifetime starting with the turning of a new page.

20thJune, 2015.
Visitor of Week – Mr. Harish Pandey, Associate Vice President of Adani Power Ltd at DPS Bopal.

On 20th June 2015 Mr Harish Pandey Associate Vice President of Adani Power Ltd visited DPS Bopal as visitor of the week. After a warm and traditional welcome he was taken on a school tour and made familiar with the various academic blocks, Kridangan, Skating Rink etc. On the sports ground he was greeted by the sports department. He interacted with the students of class II B where he witnessed impromptu dance performance from the tiny angels. He met the Headmistress and had an interactive session with the Principal. He was presented with a Yali mug as a souvenir.

20thJune, 2015.
International Yoga Day celebrated by DPS East

It was a lovely and an encouraging sight to see students, parents, teachers and the open public participating in the celebration of International Yoga Day at Vyayamshala campus organised by Dps East. Yoga guru shri Ratnakar Padh (gold medalist- yoga, Gujarat Vidhyapith) guided everyone and explored the basic yet important rules for performing yoga. Emphasising the use of correct breathing and correct steps of suryanamaskar he created a great atmosphere at the campus. Parents appreciated the initiative as a step towards creating health awareness among the society and students. Our parents Ms. Beena Gajjar and Ms. Deepti Patel appreciated the school effort and congratulate honourable Principal Mr. Hitesh Puri for organising this event and also said that they are looking forward for more such initiatives. We are thankful to Mr Pravinbhai Patel, Chairman - Standing Committee (Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation) for extending support to the event. A healthy body will always deliver creative thoughts!

Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation has uploaded our School event photographs on their official Facebook page and also given positive review for the same. Its a proud moment for all of us....

19thJune, 2015.
Workshop report on “ Competitive Exam and the Secret to Crack them” at DPS Bopal

CLASSES ATTENDED: 12A & 12B(Science Section)
Conducted By: Mr. Shrikant Acharya

The session was very informative and focussed on creating awareness about various competitive examinations and the strategies for cracking them. It also emphasized on the various options succeeding these examinations. The resource person also briefed the students about the various professional colleges including IITs, medical colleges...etc. He also explained with examples the difference between attempting class XII CBSE Board examination and a Competitive examination. He also gave the students a brief idea about the strategies to be developed to tackle the competitive examinations. The resource person also made an effort in motivating students as well as sharing a few tips about being successful in every exam.


It was a very informative session. I came to know about the difference in approach required for a competitive exam and board exam

Ms.Anmol Bhatia, ClassXII-B
Mr.Shrikant’s session was good and it stimulated us to be ambitious. But his talk was mainly confined to engineering and medical. It would have been better if he could have given us exposure about various other career fields also.
Ms. Chaitya Shah, Class XII-B
The session gave us useful tips to tackle the exam and exam pressure. I found the session quite good.
Ms.Anagha Chacko, Class XII –A
The session was too engineering oriented. Career in the field of architecture, design, air force… etc was not discussed. The workshop must cater to students aspiring for other career options too. But I liked the tips given by him to prepare for board exam and competitive exam.
Ms.Vrinda Mehta, Class XII-A

18thJune, 2015.
Cartoon Day celebrated at DPS Bopal

With the aim to enhance our students' learning of the vast field of Environmental Education in general and to expand their knowledge towards the origin and creators of cartoon characters, Cartoon Day was celebrated in grade I on 18th of June 2015. The event gave wings to the wonderful world of cartoons, which every child dreams to be and provided them with a platform to express their imaginations - Micky Mouse, Goldylocks, Cindrella, Nobita, Doremo, name it and it's there for you to not only see but experience as well. The students left no stone unturned to live up to their favourite cartoons. DPS Bopal campus looked no less than the Disney Land with the likes of Chacha Chaudharys giving it an Indian touch with their guest appearances.

18thJune, 2015.
Bharat Khandelwal secured 5th AIR in IIT –JEE advanced of DPS Bopal

Yali Ho!

It is a proud moment for DPS again as we acclaim Dipsite Bharat Khandelwal of class XII 2015 batch for his success in JEE Advanced,IIT scoring AIR 5. Congratulations

16thJune, 2015.
Sitare Awards at DPS East

The hard efforts of the students were acknowledged at the East Sitare Awards! The three day function wrapped up with its first batch today! The gathering was addressed by honourable principal Sir Mr. Hitesh Puri. The performance of the students added charm to the event. It was just amazing to see that twinkle in the little eyes that were full of confidence. Congratulations everyone!

16thJune, 2015.
Celebrating 7th Birthday by DPS East

Its celebration time at East as the growing school D.P.S East completed lucky 7 years of life, knowledge, joy and learning today and stepped into another progressive and a promising year. The proud principal of the school,our dynamic and loved by all kids, Mr. Hitesh Puri addressed the students with his motivational words!!

Once again Happy Birthday East!!

15thJune, 2015.
Welcome Back to School of Tiny toddlers at DPS Bopal

The buzzing and bubbling of kids brought life back to the school campus as the little angels came to school after the summer break.

They were welcomed with bookmarks given as a token of love and to encourage the habit of reading. Despite it being the first day, kids were enthusiastic to join school and readily participated in the activities planned for them. They were happy to meet their friends, old and new. The children were eager to share stories about the places they visited during the vacation.

All in all, it was a fun-filled and exciting day!

13thJune, 2015.
Workshop on Mathematics – Logical Thinking at DPS Bopal

A workshop on Mathematics – Logical Thinking was held at DPS Bopal , Ahmedabad on 13-06-15 by Dr. U.M Prajapati working in St. Xavier’s college Ahmedabad. Workshop started with a welcome address by HOD R Umamaheswari. Dr. Prajapati explained how decimal numbers can be converted into binary operations through various examples. Various puzzles were given by resource person to the teachers which required logical thinking. Teachers were totally involved in solving the puzzles. Workshop was interactive and effective.

13thJune, 2015.
3 SRB techniques, Laws of attraction by Ajitsinh Solanki at DPS Bopal

The content of the workshop related to the 3 Step Rhythmic Breathing , useful for diseases related to the heart , diabetes , ENT etc . The session which was for one hour was highly interactive, productive and effective in which live demonstrations of different exercises to increase the level of concentration, reduce stress and get a felling of calmness and satisfaction with one self were highlighted. The second part of the workshop focussed on the different techniques of preserving currency notes by the following three steps:

  • Always store currency in a proper place
  • Avoid folding currency notes.
  • Respect and love money never take it for granted.

To conclude both the sessions were highly enriching and rejuvenating.

12thJune, 2015.
DPS Bopal participated in Warrior State Level Skating Tournament at Ahmedabad

Delhi Public School, Bopal, Ahmedabad is proud to share that our students participated in Warrior State Level Skating Tournament held at Pritamnagar Skating Rink, Ahmedabad on 6th & 7th june 2015. Our total medal tally was two gold , eight silver and 8 bronze medals. Congratulations..Keep it Up !

Rudra gol II G 2 bronze
Santnav prabat I 2 silver & 1 bronze
Karman soni III E 1 silver
Jahan bhavsar IV G 3 bronze
Tanay shah VI H 1 gold, 1 silver 7 1 bronze
Vrund patel VI E 1 gold & 2 silver
Ayush patel VIII H 2 silver
Abhishek patel XII E 1 bronze

12thJune, 2015.
DPS Bopal welcome Mr. Kandarp Mehta – Director, Ahuraz Shipping and Clearing Co.Pvt. Ltd.

DPS Bopal warmly received its visitor-of-the-week, Mr. Kandarp Mehta, Director- Ahuraz Shipping and Clearing Co. Pvt. Ltd. on the 12th of June 2015. A traditional welcome by the students was followed by an elaborate tour of the school campus. Mr. Mehta was extremely pleased on being briefed up about the organization, its infrastructure, methodology, sports and other co-curricular activities and he tremendously appreciated the institute, its policies and the faculty. He was immensely impressed by the functioning of the school and was amazed to know, how it takes responsibility of every single child on its campus. Post a very fulfilling conversation with the Senior Vice Principal, he met the Principal and the Headmistress and was presented a token-of-remembrance. Overwhelmed by the hospitality, Mr. Mehta shared that this visit is going to be a memorable one for him forever.

12thJune, 2015.
Workshop on Remote Sensing and its Applications –DPS Bopal

Department of Social Science organised a workshop on Remote Sensing and its applications, which was conducted by Mrs. Anuja Sharma (Sr.Scientist, SF, ISRO). She is currently working for Radar Imaging Satellite, Scatter meter and worked in Chandrayan 2. She has presently participated in the NASA-ISRO SAR which will complete in 2020. The workshop enriched the entire department with ample information about the concept of remote sensing, its platforms, and types of orbits, sensor calibration & ISRO’S upcoming projects.

10thJune, 2015.
NCERT books available online

NCERT books are available online through a link as follows,

5thJune, 2015.
Celebration of World Environment Day at DPS Bopal

Free the Trees: Stop nailing them.

DPS, Bopal takes initiative of un nailing of trees on the path of Green Economy on 'World Environment Day'. Students as well as teachers have clicked photographs of different localities where trees have been used for nailing advertisements. Let’s free the trees of the pain and damage of nailing advertisements on trees. DPS Bopal, pledges to save birds by providing water pots in the campus with the rising temperature and noticeable impact on birds, the provision of Water pots for birds this summer provides relief.

5thJune, 2015.
Celebration of World Environment Day

The theme of this year’s World Environment Day is “Seven Billion Dreams. One Planet. Consume with Care”.

The goal of sustainable development is to increase the quality of life for all people without increasing environmental degradation, and without compromising the resource needs of future generations. We can do this by shifting our consumption patterns towards goods that use less energy, water and other resources, and by wasting less food.

In this year of transformation, when we hope to see great advances on sustainable development and climate change, let us celebrate World Environment Day by becoming more conscious of our ecological impact. Let us think about the environmental consequences of the choices we make. Let us become better stewards of our planet –

See more at:

4thJune, 2015.
Celebration of World Environment Day at DPS East.

D.P.S East celebrated World Environment Day welcoming the global celebration that takes place on June 5 every year. The students and the parents along with our honourable Principal Mr. Hitesh Puri planted saplings in the school campus and the surroundings. We are thankful to our parents who participated enthusiastically in the plantation drive along with the students. The school will observe the celebration for the whole month of June. Visitors will be given Tulsi saplings with an aim to encourage the plantation and conservation of environment. The students along with teachers also unnailed the trees that carried advertisement posters. With a feeling of making the tree free from the pain of the nails, the students carried out this activity and also pledged to carry out the same in their surroundings.
We took one more step in the direction of going green and being eco friendly with your co operation. We will come up with more noble causes and feel the satisfaction of contributing in it.

28thMay, 2015.
X result CBSE of CPS Ghatlodia

Class X 2014-15 Result Summary CPS Ghatlodia

Students appeared in Class X Examination: 10     Passed: 10 (ALL)
Students Securing CGPA between 9 & 9.9   : 01
Students Securing CGPA between 8 & 8.9   : 04
Students Securing CGPA between 7 & 7.9   : 03
Students Securing CGPA below 7   : 02

28thMay, 2015.
X result CBSE of DPS East

Working hard with all your self Not looking back at any failure Hard work pays and brings cheer With victory bells chiming loud!!

Perseverance and a dedicated attitude of our students have fetched the glory to the school.

We at East family are proud to share that the school has achieved a remarkable 100% results at class X board for the year 2014-15. The stars of our school have shone dazzlingly at the boards.
This success is a team work backed up by all the efforts of students, their family, teachers, School and of course the Calorx Management. D.P.S. East has left no stone to deliver the best to cater the academic needs of our students. And the results itself heralds the victory where the efforts seems to be perfectly justified. We once again are proud of our students and congratulate them on this tremendous victory. We are sure that our students will keep on adding feathers in the glorious cap of the school.

Class X 2014-15 Result Summary

Students appeared in Class X Examination: 40     Passed: 40 (100%)
Students Securing CGPA 10   : 04
Students Securing CGPA between 9 & 9.9   : 04
Students Securing CGPA between 8 & 8.9   : 07
Students Securing CGPA below 8   : 25

28thMay, 2015.
X result CBSE of CPS Mundra

Exams and grades are temporary, but education is permanent.

Our CPS students have shown remarkable performance.

It doesn't matter whether they want to become a lawyer, doctor, astronaut, engineer, dancer, CEO or any other professional. What matters is that by passing these exams, they have proved that they have the ability and talent to become anyone they want to be.

Class X 2014-15 Result Summary

Students appeared in Class X Examination: 16     Passed: 16 (100%)
Students Securing CGPA 10   : 04
Students Securing CGPA between 9 & 9.9   : 04
Students Securing CGPA between 8 & 8.9   : 05
Students Securing CGPA below 8   : 03

28thMay, 2015.
X result CBSE of DPS Bopal

Congratulations to class 10th, 2015 for the best best CBSE Results. The legacy of success continues at DPS Bopal.

DPS Bopal students celebrates their great result with a large number of achieving A1 and A2.

The streak of celebration continues as the school secures 100% result. Many students have progressed well above their target grades and this is testament to the hard work by students and teachers.

Highlights are as follows

# 163 out of 389 students have achieved overall grade A1 or A2 which is 42% of students.
# 44 students secured perfect 10 CGPA out of 389 compare to 41/401.
# The Average CGPA is 8.41
Parent and staff should be very proud of this fantastic result!! Congratulations to all for a great year.

25thMay, 2015.
XII result CBSE of VBPS Indore

VBPS, Indore (Managed by Calorx), has successfully proved its mettle by scoring a whopping aggregate of 82.10% in Science Stream for 22 students in CBSE 2015 results for Class 12 and 72.83% in Commerce Stream.

The topper for Science stream being Kaustubh Mundra with 95.2 % and for commerce stream, Chinmay Garde with 94.0 % .

The Principal and staff enthusiastically congratulate the students for their excellent performance and wish them a bright future.

25thMay, 2015.
VEDIC Students appeared for IIT JEE Advanced

We are pleased to share that, following 03 (three) VEDIC students (Batch2013) qualified (SC & SEBC Category) for IIT JEE Advanced and appeared yesterday for the same.

1. Ms. Viral Desai - JEE Main Score - 112 - Background (Father working as Driver)

2. Ms. Gayatri Parmar - JEE Main Score - 57 -(Background : Father working as a Peon in Pvt. Co.)

3. Mr. Chetan B. Chaudhary - JEE Main Score - 80 (Background : Father working as labourer : Daily Wager)

25thMay, 2015.
XII result CBSE of DPS Bopal

DPS Bopal, the avant-garde among the premium institutes in Ahmedabad, has successfully proved its mettle by scoring a whopping aggregate of 84.99% for 279 students in CBSE 2015 results for Class 12.

Students of DPS Bopal have come out with flying colours in all the three streams with the toppers being Aanchal Sharma 97.8 % (Humanities) – Ahmedabad City Topper, Bharat Khandelwal 97.2% (Science) and Sayanika Roy 97.0 % (Commerce).

Moreover, many students have scored full marks (100) in subjects like Chemistry, Psychology, Economics and Political Science. Going beyond the toppers, the overall staggering performance is evident from the fact that the average aggregates of Science, Commerce and Humanities are 84.78%, 84.26% and 84.28% consecutively. 88 students have secured 90% and above marks in aggregate.

6thMay, 2015.
Award Ceremony and Launch of simply English – CPS Bhavnagar

Calorx Public School Bhavnagar, are extremely happy to share that there was organized Award Ceremony, Launch of Simply English and seminar on Spring of Inspiration by International Mind Trainer Dr.Jitendra Adhia on 6th May 2015 at Yashwantray Hall, Bhavnagar.

On this occasion, Dr.Jitender Adhia, Maharani Samyukta Devi, Yuvaraj Saheb,Bhavnagar, District Collector Mr.Pani, Dr.Suchak, JCI Rupesh Barad, Mr.Narendra Panara, Dr.K.C.Pathak( Scientist Nirma Co.Ltd.) a few industrialists presided over the function as dignitaries.

Dr.Jitendra Adhia presented the mind power with power presentation.

5thMay, 2015.
Language Workshop “Xpress Your Self” at DPS Bopal

Summer time is at time for relaxation and fun. It is the time when time comes to a standstill and we can indulge ourselves in hours of play and entertainment. But this time which is completely our own, hangs heavy on our hands when it is not sprinkled with some measure of fruitful activity. At the summer workshop, students find that they can learn some sport like cricket, basketball, skating or soccer. Enhancing their drawing skills for a short period every day becomes easy at the Art Workshop. To take a picture perfect, many have joined Photography workshop. Making robots cannot be an easy task but it certainly seems so at the Robotics workshop at DPS. Budding authors and poets could enhance their writing skills by attending the language workshop 'Xpress Yourself'. All in all students enjoy themselves doing something which does not fit into their school routine.

2ndMay, 2015.
Workshop on blogging at DPS Bopal

A workshop on Blogging was organized by ‘Satori- Let’s Not Yawn’, a community of literature lovers of the city for the first time at Ahmedabad National Book fair 2015 on May 1. About 12 students from DPS attended the workshop. The workshop started with the basics of how to create a blog and write posts for novices and went on to explain how the blog can be a vehicle of expression and communication. Different types of blogs and what made them appealing to an audience were discussed. The workshop also showed bloggers how they could earn a modest amount through regular blogging. Content writing as a profession was also touched upon.

According to the organizers, a blog was 'a space to call your own' in the virtual world where you were free to state your views and discuss any topic of your interest or even write a diary. Blogging was also a medium to connect with like minded people and 'express yourself' as observed by Antara Patel, who already writes a regular blog. The issue of copyright and mentioning sources for borrowed material was also addressed. The importance of the correct use of keywords and labels as well as attractive titles was emphasized. Later, the students who also happened to be avid readers and book lovers, took the opportunity to browse through the book stores and pick up a few books that caught their fancy! Prior to the workshop, the students were interviewed by 94.3 My FM where they voiced their opinions on the Book fair in general and the workshop in particular. The city's mayor Respected Smt. Meenakshi Patel also graced the occasion and interacted with the students.

2ndMay, 2015.
Guest speakers: Mr. Jeevan D Chuna and Ms. Shikha

An orientation programme by Global Education Solutions was conducted at DPS, Bopal. It is a known fact that apart from academic, life skills and career mapping is also an important aspect in teenager’s life. We always consider giving best to our students. To maintain our philosophy, in collaboration with GES we have introduced mykensho programme for students of grade 7 to 9. This will be added as a part of their paid hobbies in academic year 2015-2016.

29thApril, 2015.
Colour Play on Paint Day – DPS Bopal

‘The essence in the colours evokes an everlasting impression in young minds.’ Colours elicit happiness and comfort, can stimulate the mind and have an energizing effect on mind and soul. Painting in early education is a part of its natural landscape. We can see the easel filled with an array of vivid colours just waiting to be explored. To provide a platform to our young artists to engrain the vivacity of colours, Delhi Public School, Bopal feted Paint Day on 27th April 2015 for grade I and II and on 28th April 2015 for grade III to V. The students enwrapped themselves in varied colours and conveyed their ideas, expressed their emotions while exploring various techniques of painting namely - vegetable, hand, bud, spray and wax painting. The students had aesthetically pleasing moments along with their nurturing teachers as they were incessantly steered through the activity. The event provided a sanctuary for children to look at the world beyond a simple picture. Every child seemed to be a Michelangelo in making, completely engrossed in creating his/her own masterpiece. All the students joyously carried home a souvenir of their own to have an everlasting memory of the jubilant celebration.

29thApril, 2015.
Pre–Primary School Activities - Paint Day –Prep, Jr. Kg & Sr. Kg at DPS Bopal

y portrait that is painted with feelings is the portrait of the artist not the sitter” – Oscar Wilde. How well was this quotation experienced by the little Dip sites of D.P.S Pre-Primary as they welcomed the Paint Day with full interest and enthusiasm!

Jr. Kg had their Paint Day on 24th, Sr. Kg on 28th and Prep on the 29th of April, 2015. Splashing paint on their paper canvas was pleasurable and creative! They painted on art sheets delightfully

smearing paints. Interesting designs created by them were a treat to the eyes!

Painting is an important part of our little ones’ early education and it appeals to children of all ages. It is full of fun, enhances ingenuity and helps to develop both physical and social skills.

28thApril, 2015.
Bharat Khandelwal of DPS Bopal qualified for JEE Advanced

Yali Ho!
DPS Bopal congratulates all the students who have qualified for JEE Advanced. All the best for Advanced on May 24. We are proud to share that Bharat Khandelwal XII Z has topped JEE (Mains) in Gujarat state with a score of Physics 105, Chemistry-100, Math 115, total score 320/360.

24thApril, 2015.
World Book Day celebration at DPS Bopal.

Books let us into their souls and lay open to us the secrets of our own’. World Book Day is a celebration! It’s a celebration of authors, illustrators, books and most importantly it’s a celebration of reading. In fact, it’s the biggest celebration of its kind, designated by UNESCO as a worldwide celebration of books and reading, and marked in over 100 countries all over the world.

The World Book Day was observed today by the primary section of Delhi Public School, Bopal in the memory of eminent author William Shakespeare. The main aim was to encourage children to explore the pleasure of books and reading. The students as well as the teachers of grade I to V engrossed themselves in narrating stories and reading books in their respective classrooms. It inculcated the value of reading among the children and developed awareness about the world famous author. The students of classes IV and V raised a step ahead to spread wisdom by donating books to the Visamo kids.

23rdApril, 2015.
Session on Stay Safe during summer – DPS Bopal

With the mercury soaring with each passing day and the rise in the cases of heat related illnesses, the thought of ‘how to stay safe during summer’ seems to be weighing heavy on every one’s mind. To equip its team to be able to sail through this harsh summer weather, DPS Bopal invited Dr. Amrata K Thakkar, Pediatric , Columbia Asia Hospital on 23rd April 2015, to conduct a session on Staying Safe During Summer. Dr Thakkar shared innumerable useful tips on prevention and insisted on more hydration breaks and restriction of activity while dealing with such cases in the class. The doctor shared that heat strokes happen due to imbalance between heat load and heat loss and that young children suffer from classic type of heat illnesses where as adolescents are prone to exertion related problems during severe heat. How to prevent severity in the situations when one is not well-equipped, were the high lights of this interactive session, which has been successful to a great deal in putting the teachers’ worries for their students to rest and in boosting their confidence to handle any severity related to heat this summer.

22ndApril, 2015.

Each one of us is a part of the Earth and its through her great generosity that we are nurtured and nourished, eating her food, drinking her waters, clothed in her fabric. Even as we deplete her, she continues to give and give. Her generosity is a lesson for us all. To enlighten our students and sensitize them to aspire to be amenable young citizens of the globe, Delhi Public School, Bopal observed Earth Day on 22nd April 2015 . The students of grade I to V devoted their day to Mother Earth by watching motivational Eath Day songs, videos and doing various activities like poster making, slogan writing etc. all on the theme of the day. The enthusiastic primary grade students made the event successful with their pledged to keep their planet clean and green by being responsible members and learned the importance of doing their bit to conserve and preserve what the mother has given us in abundance. The Earth Day message has gone deep down today with every heart beat whispering Let’s Go Green, before the Green Goes!!

21thApril, 2015.
"EARTH DAY" Celebration at DPS Bopal

Earth Day celebration was initiated with a special assembly on 21 April 2015. The event began with a brief article about Earth Day as conceived by Gaylord Nelson from Wisconsin, USA, to make people aware about the importance of keeping our planet healthy and clean, which marked the beginning of Modern Environment Revolution. It was also emphasized that the world leaders will pass a binding Climate Change Treaty this year with the message that economic growth can go hand in hand with sustainability. Principal, Mr. Surender P. Sachdeva, administered the Green Pledge to the students with a promise to uphold the theme of Earth Day 2015, ‘It’s our time to lead’.

On 22 April 2015, Earth Day, posters were put up in the campus with different messages on the need to save our planet. Students were shown videos initiated by the Green School teachers along with discussions on environmental practices toward saving Earth. Students from classes V- X participated in different competitions like slogan writing, project for exhibition and painting competition organized by CEE.

21thApril, 2015.
Painting Workshop by SPICMACAY at DPS Bopal

Students of Fine Arts are attending a paimting workshop in DPS Bopal by artists from Warli organised by SPICMACAY

The Warlis or Varlis are an indigenous tribe or Adivasis, living in mountainous as well as coastal areas of Maharashtra-Gujarat border and surrounding areas.

Their extremely rudimentary wall paintings use a very basic graphic vocabulary: a circle, a triangle and a square.Their paintings were monosyllabic. The circle and triangle come from their observation of nature, the circle representing the sun and the moon, the triangle derived from mountains and pointed trees. Only the square seems to obey a different logic and seems to be a human invention, indicating a sacred enclosure or a piece of land. So the central motive in each ritual painting is the square, known as the "chauk" or "chaukat", mostly of two types:

21thApril, 2015.
Career Counselling Workshop at DPS Bopal

RESOURCE PERSON: Professors from OP Jindal University, Global affairs
The session was very enriching and useful for the students as they are in the path of choosing their career. The session was clearly focused on commerce students. The students were given a brief idea of various subjects offered by the university. The wide ranges of subjects offered are sociology, history basic mathematics, behavioral science, psychology, economic literacy, liberal arts...etc. The students got to know about the summer and winter internship programs which are part of the university’s curriculum. The students also got an understanding about the admission procedure of the university. It was indeed an informative session.

21thApril, 2015.
Career counselling workshop at DPS Bopal
RESOURCE PERSON : Ms.Soumya Harsha ( DPS Alumni)

"Think about it "was a session conducted by Ms. Soumya Harsha Alumni of DPS Bopal who is currently working as a chartered accountant. Students were enamoured by her motivating and interacting skills. She easily became part of the students and understood them well as she herself had faced the similar situation about choosing her career in her student days. She motivated the students to think about what they want from life and start working hard for achieving them. She quoted her own life experience and interacted with them which helped the students to understand her ideas better. The students enjoyed her session and wished they had some more time to spend with her.

21thApril, 2015.
Summer Internship Program at DPS Bopal

The students of 12th Commerce and Humanities were recently addressed by Mr Maulik Bhatt, a lawyer and Mr Sajid, a chartered accountant, regarding the upcoming summer internship programme.

Mr Bhatt spoke about the immense scope involved in the field of law. He highlighted the importance of making career decisions during this crucial stage and the persisting and persevering to translate these choices into professions. He further emphasized the importance of a good law university and how a good education leads to a top notch position in a law firm.

Mr Sajid spoke about the fierce competition present in Chartered Accountancy. While a lot of people are aiming for the top most spot only a selected few actually reach there. The various trials and tribulations involved in Ca were also highlighted by Mr Sajid. However Mr Sajid made sure he presented a true picture to the students and elaborated on how a sea of students from Ahmedabad makes the cut.

A common keynote upon which both the speakers enhanced were the prerequisites for each field. A good university and most importantly qualities like hard work and diligence are crucial to each field. Without them it is impossible to reach to the top.

20thApril, 2015.
Parents’ Workshop Grade III – V at DPS Bopal

Parents are powerful models, and can play a vital role and exert a great deal of influence on the children for the outcome to be pretty much as expected. To allow the parents to be able to play their part smoothly coupled with the aim to enhance the students' efficiency and to maximize their academic excellence, Delhi Public School, Bopal organized a workshop on 18th April 2015, Saturday for the parents of grade 3 to 5, to get acquainted with the curriculum, teaching methodology, assessment pattern and examination system (classes IV and V). Various general points that would be further facilitative for smooth transition of the students into their respective new academic session were also discussed through this interactive session. The parents enthusiastically made their presence felt while our team of educators steered as a guiding force in accomplishing the role of facilitators. The workshop is bound to prove a striking ladder in leading our pupils to execute and fulfil their aspirations for the current session.

18thApril, 2015.
Pre–Primary School Activities
Horse Cart –Prep, Jr. Kg, Sr. Kg (16th – 17th April, 2015)  - “Lakadi ki kathi, kathi pe ghoda….” At DPS Bopal

Children have always rejoiced swinging on wooden toy horse cart and singing away to glory! In DPS, Bopal Preschool, fun was at its peak when children got to ride on a real horse cart! Watching children in this fun and frolic mood, the teachers went down their memory lane, remembering their childhood days.

Altogether, the days were full of excitement and loads of fun!!! She received the award from Rahul Dravid (former India cricketer) & Professor Jane Den Hollander, Vice Chancellor & President of Deakin University, Australia.

13thApril, 2015.
DPS Bopal - Student of class XII Shifa Shaikh has been awarded the prestigious Deakin University (Melbourne, Australia)

We have great pleasure in sharing with you that our student of class XII Shifa Shaikh has been awarded the prestigious Deakin University (Melbourne, Australia) Vice Chancellor's Meritorious Scholarship. The scholarship carries an award of AUD 50,800. She was awarded at a function organized by Deakin University & Rajasthan Royals at Hotel Courtyard by Marriot, Pune, on 9th April, 2015.

She received the award from Rahul Dravid (former India cricketer) & Professor Jane Den Hollander, Vice Chancellor & President of Deakin University, Australia.

13thApril, 2015.
GUEST SPEAKER: Mr. Debashis Raha, Phd, DSc (Australia)

The session was conducted on 10 April 2015, from 8:00 am to 9:00 am, under the Green and Global Practices. The main aim of this programme was to bring awareness about the impact of global warming on the climate. He talked about climate change and its far reaching impact on health, wealth and well-being of the people globally. He also emphasized about energy efficiency measures and techniques at micro and macro level. The students gave innovative and collective responses to climate change and a hope for a more climate resilient green economy. The session was full of vital information and was very interactive. The students also added to their subject knowledge by getting answers to their queries.

13thApril, 2015.
“Puppet Show-Prep, Jr. Kg, Sr. Kg- (6th April - 10th April, 2015)

The long-standing adage is evergreen, “Old is gold!”

No matter how ancient the art of Puppetry, we cannot discount on the element of entertainment it carries for the little kids. Puppet shows have the ability to captivate children for long durations making them giggle and enthuse aloud!

It was indeed an enchanted experience for our little ones to watch the puppet show organized and showcased by a group of endowed teachers becoming puppeteers, entertaining them with their voice modulations and becoming the mouthpieces of the puppets.

Students of Prep saw the show on the story, “The Hare and the Tortoise”. “The Lion King” was watched by Jr. Kg and “The Little Red Riding Hood” was showcased for the students of Sr. Kg. The classics came alive with the puppets doing an inordinate job!

9thApril, 2015.
World Health Day celebrated at CPS Ghatlodia on “Healthy Child – Healthy Education”

CPS Ghatlodia conducted a seminar on ‘FOOD & NUTRITION”. The session was addressed by the renowned physician Dr. Arun Saxena who has rendered his services in almost all the major hospitals in Ahmedabad. The event started at 8.30 am as scheduled. It was attended by the parents as well as the students from grade VI to X. The HM of the school welcomed the guests & highlighted the need of healthy food habit in day to day life. Then Dr. Saxena shared invaluable tips on how to maintain good health & laid emphasis on following strict health regime. He made a point that children should strictly prefer homemade foods, fresh vegetables and fruits rather than their craving for fast food or instant food. Physical activity along with healthy food habit is the mantra to prevent from fast spreading diseases like diabetes. The interaction session with the parents and students was quite noteworthy. Dr. Saxena also answered questions put up by the students and parents. It was certainly a very conducive session. The sole purpose of health awareness through this session was achieved successfully. The day ended with vote of thanks by the principal and with the hope that everyone follows healthy habit to avoid health hazards.

8thApril, 2015.
Self Defence training for 12 Std. Girls at DPS Bopal

The self defence training for grade 12 girls was conducted successfully. Even the girls also responded well by learning the tricks to self defend themselves. Presentation on self defence techniques such as eye poke, nose smash, throat grab, ear slap, hair grab, knife hand to neck, finger thrust to jugular notch etc. And also taught them how to react in different circumstances, how to use the available thing as a weapon for protecting own self. And also shown the sensitive body parts where you can attack to protect own self.

7thApril, 2015.
Special assembly for celebrating safety week at DPS Bopal

On 7th April, 2015 Special Assembly was conducted by classes VIII E and VIII F. The theme of the Assembly was Safety & Security as the school is celebrating Safety Week.

The Assembly started with Saraswati Vandana and Prayer, followed by the Thought for the day. The students read an Article on Importance of Safety & Security in various areas in our day to day life. An interesting Skit was enacted by the students of VIII E that depicted the importance of obeying Traffic Rules in our daily life. The Skit was informative as it reflected default of Safety Rules by elders inculcate a wrong habit in small children and thus make their life miserable.

In today’s Assembly, we had a special guest-Ms. Ruzan Khambatta. Ruzan Khambatta stands apart as a serial entrepreneur in Gujarat. Recently Ms.Ruzan has launched a very unique service called Police HEART (Help Emergency Alert Rescue Terminal) in association with Gujarat Home and Police Department to rescue women in emergency situation by just giving a missed call.

Addressing the Assembly our Principal Mr. Sachdeva reflectd two instances which he came across few days back where elderly people and small children on the road are not taken care of by the vehicle riders. Sir appreciated the work done by Ms.Khambatta for the women and thanked her for visiting our school The Assembly was concluded by National Anthem.

3rdApril, 2015.
Celebrated Safety week at DPS Bopal

‘You are the key to your safety’…To sensitize our students to the significance of being safe and secure and to enhance their alertness towards their personal safety and security, DPS Bopal celebrated Safety Week from 30th of March to 1st of April 2015. The students, through different activities and presentations, were made to realize the essentiality to exert safety measure in their day to day living to ensure their own well being. The enthusiastic students of grade 4 and 5 conveyed their thoughts and understanding on Safety , creatively through Slogan Writing ad Poster Making Competitions respectively. The event successfully underlined the importance of ensuring safety through being alert and informed. Indeed, the week concluded with all the students endorsing…Think Safe, Be Safe!!

3rdApril, 2015.
A workshop ‘Whale Done’ at DPS Bopal

‘Consistent positive reinforcement is the fuel that keeps the fire burning long enough to achieve any change you desire’... To reinstate the power of positive appreciation, a workshop named ‘Whale Done’ was conducted by the in-house counsellors Ms. Divya and Ms Eve for the faculty of the Primary Section on 3rd April 2015 at DPS Bopal,. The interactive session was broadly based on Ken Blanchard’s famous book ‘Whale done’ that shows how to make, ‘accentuating the positive reinforcement’ and ‘redirecting the negatives’ the best tools to increase productivity. The techniques are remarkably easy to master and can be applied equally well in our day to day schooling to yield the best